Beautiful Day

I finished book three, Bondage Wedding, today! If you’ve been following my blog, you know I love these two characters. I’ve smiled ’till my jaws ached and spilled a few tears along their journey. No doubt, I will miss James and Amanda.

It is such a wonderful feeling to complete a book, especially one you’re very proud of. And to think, it’s my birthday too! Definitely a great day.


Bondage Anniversary is finished! After completing the edits, I was so excited I called a dear friend of mine and shared the news. She asked me if I felt a sense of sadness to have worked so hard to bring these characters to life and now have to move on to another story. Honestly, I felt quite a few emotions, but sadness sure wasn’t one of them.

I understand where she was coming from, though. Think about the holidays. So much planning and energy goes into making the event as perfect as possible — then poof! it’s over. No matter how great it was, there is still a sense of the doldrums that it’s over.

Thankfully, I’m still riding a crest of excitement. I’ve finished the rough draft for book two (tentative title Bondage Celebration) and I’m working the kinks 😉 out of book three (tentative title Bondage Wedding). I suspect when the series is finished, I may feel the sense of sadness my friend predicted. For the moment — life is good!