Hot Dom Reassures You | ASMR


The Hot Dom you’ve fantasized about for months gives you a job in his BDSM club. After an amazing scene on a St. Andrew’s Cross is cut short, he takes you to lunch and explains that he wants much more from you than just your bartending skills. Since he’s so much more experienced than you, the idea of scening with him again freaks you out. He reassures you and explains his intentions. If you’d like to listen, click here.


I will admit I’m cautious about reading reviews. My ego has taken more than a few hits and I’m a bit gun shy. I try to not take what people say personally, but each book expresses a little bit of myself and it’s hard, very hard, to stay objective. When my editor sent me an email concerning a review, I took my time opening it. Life has been crazier than usual and I didn’t need another ‘hit’ right now. Somewhere along the way, I found the courage to open it and read the review. Man, am I glad I did.

If you have a few moments, please check it out.


Release Date!

I have the release date for The One and Only. This story is about Sean, the owner of the BDSM club, Cat Tails and his soulmate, Michelle. I’ve written about this one often. It’s set in Hilton Head and the club is a giant warehouse Sean converted into an arboretum. It’s a new story line with all new characters and published through Ellora’s Cave. I am so excited. I can’t wait until April 23rd and I can share it with you.