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The Hot Dom you’ve fantasized about for months gives you a job in his BDSM club. After an amazing scene on a St. Andrew’s Cross is cut short, he takes you to lunch and explains that he wants much more from you than just your bartending skills. Since he’s so much more experienced than you, the idea of scening with him again freaks you out. He reassures you and explains his intentions. If you’d like to listen, click here.

What Does Love Look Like To You?

My husband is a total gear-head. If you cut him he’s more likely to bleed motor oil than blood. He loves American Muscle. Large cubic inch V-8s, lots of torque, two doors, ostentatious colors and loud stripes, get his heart pumping.

Fast, sleek, sporty, closed-bow boats do it for him too.

If he doesn’t have grease or paint under his fingernails, he just isn’t happy. Currently, he owns one car that is officially done, one he’s working on and one project waiting its turn in the wings. To say he stays busy would be an understatement.

When the kids were at home, he had to curb his tastes to fit within the family constraints. Our family ride was a limited edition, sporty, four door truck. Not so bad, right? Well, it almost killed him. The only thing that made it tolerable was the hemi and cool go-mango paint. Our boat was a compromise too. He called it a ‘soccer mom boat’ and there was some truth to that. It had a large sun lounge that we could snuggle on, a stow and go table we could use as a family, and a walk-through, open bow. It was convenient. And he hated it.

After our kids had graduated college and moved on with their life, my husband ran across his dream boat while surfing the internet one day. It was a smidgen expensive, but knowing we could easily sell the ‘soccer mom boat’ and recoup most the money – we sprang for it. I wish you could have seen the smile on his face as we pulled that rundown speed boat into the drive.

He spent that entire off season reconditioning the boat. He completely restored both the interior and exterior. It was drop dead gorgeous. We used it frequently that summer. One evening while we were enjoying a sunset out on the lake, he asked me what I thought of the boat. I told him it was beautiful and that he had out-done himself.

After spending thirty plus years with me, he knew I was hedging. Being the dominant that he is, he didn’t let my half answer ride. I didn’t want to hurt his feelings. He had turned an old rundown boat into a show-piece. It was a great boat if all you wanted to do was cruise the lake and ski. If you wanted to snuggle, you were out of luck though. Eventually, I told him so.

That winter he told me we were selling the boat. I felt horrible. This was his dream boat, the one he’d drooled over as a teen. He’d worked his butt off restoring it and now he wanted to sell it. I told him I wasn’t comfortable with that decision and I really thought he would come to regret it. They are fairly rare and it wouldn’t be possible for him to just buy another. In our household, decisions are made by him. He listens to my input, but ultimately, it’s his decision. All I could do was sit back and wait. And hope.

A few weeks went by before we discussed it again. He told me he’d been thinking about what I said and he’d come up with a compromise. The boat was actually longer than our previous boat, but the cabin design made it feel cramped. His plan was to completely redesign the cabin area. He wanted to literally take a saw and cut away a portion of the aft-deck to enlarge the space. With the added room, he would be able to duplicate the wrap around seating and sun lounge area of our previous boat.

The project he was proposing was huge. All the work he’d previously done on the upholstery would be for nothing. He’d have to re-engineer the rear seating area, fabricate and re-gelcoat a significant portion of the rear area of the boat – all because I missed snuggling with him.

What does love look like to me? It looks like my husband spending hour after hour working to make his dream boat, our dream boat. It looks like my husband putting his car projects on hold while he spends months making sure our alone time on the lake is as special as it can be.

I asked my husband what love looked like to him. His answer was immediate – my woman having faith and confidence in me.

What does love look like to you?

Let the adventure begin!

I had lunch with an old boss, turned friend earlier this week. She caught me up on all the changes that have taken place since I lost my good sense and walked out. We had a wonderful time. I haven’t laughed so much in a long, long time. On the way home, I stopped by the organization I worked at for seven years. I’ve been very negligent about keeping in touch. I decided to tell them about the books. After a few moments of bulging eyeballs as they looked at the covers and read the plot lines, they were very supportive.I missed those ladies and I’m glad I decided to share my new world with them.

While surfing the publisher’s website with them, I noticed Bondage Celebration had appeared on the Coming Soon carousel.I In a few weeks my son’s first book Night will be there too. Right after that, Bondage Wedding will appear.It really seems too much to wrap my mind around. When this whole adventure began, I never dreamed it would grow wings and take off like this. The fact that my son is on the ride beside me makes it beyond comprehension. While 2013 has been an amazing year, I’m really looking forward to 2014.


Release dates for Bondage Seduction

Master Ted tried to keep it purely sexual. He said he didn’t want a relationship, but Meri had other plans…

Even in a room full of friends, Ted often feels alone. As the black sheep of the family, he’s never measured up to the expectations of others so he’s stopped trying. Expecting to and okay with, spending the rest of his life alone, he’s thrown himself into his business. He spends his days managing the sex toy division of DiscipliNation and his evenings in the kink club.

Meri is a home grown girl and plans to stay that way. While she tries to please those around her, she refuses to be pressured into anything she doesn’t want to do. After an ego devastating divorce, she discovers a passion for BDSM. She’s ready to start again.

Although fireworks erupt at their very first meeting, Ted knows better than to give his heart to an overachiever like Meri. He valiantly tries to keep his distance, but her allure goes deeper than a purely sexual attraction. Meri ignites his passion and yet in her company he experiences a peace he’s never enjoyed before.

Ted sets Meri’s panties on fire until he orders her to stop wearing them. Meri falls hard and fast for the tall, dark Dom.  He tells her up front that a relationship isn’t part of his plans, but Meri has her own agenda.


Bondage Anniversary will be available for download on Friday. I’m so nervous. While the book is far from autobiographical there is plenty of me on every page. If it isn’t well received, I will definitely feel the blow. Part of me wishes the day would never come and I could stay in my dream world of what ifs. If one of my characters was second guessing herself, her Dom would definitely have a discipline or two designed to shift her focus. Perhaps I’d better keep these thoughts to myself…

However it turns out, I’ve been given an amazing opportunity and I’m truly grateful.

Bondage Seduction-First Draft

The first draft of Bondage Seduction was completed today. Ted, the hero, was a tough character. He really didn’t want to talk to me. Luckily, Meri was a little more forthcoming. She had a few tricks up her sleeve and with her help, he finally consented to tell me his story.

This is only step one of a long process. Now, my husband and I will read through the book together. His input is integral. Without him, the books would have never been picked up by the publisher. His willingness to share technical points and his male perspective, allowed me to write a much better book than I could have alone.

It is second nature to describe the submissive mindset, but I don’t always understand what goes through the Dom’s head before, during, or after a scene. Safety is another area where I depend on him. As a writer, I need to include all the prep work, things a submissive may take for granted.

Many times, I’ll finish a scene or even an entire book and like Ralphie in Christmas Story, I’ll think it is perfect and deserving of high praise 🙂 only to have him tell me ‘you can’t do that’, ‘it doesn’t work that way’, ‘that’s not safe’, and other phrases I dread hearing. Thankfully, he is patient, even when I’m not, and helps me work through it.

After we finish it to the best of our ability, it goes to the content editor. She is a wonderful lady who is always generous with her expertise. I’m very grateful for all her help. Once she has helped me polish the manuscript, it goes to the line editors…three of them. They make sure every comma is in its place and grammatically the book is correct. During the final stage, it comes back to me for one more read through.

All in all, my name is on the cover, but it is definitely a group effort. As always, I’ll keep you posted as we move through the process.