Easy way…

“Come to me,” he ordered.

She shook her head, gearing for a fight. “I’ve got too much to do.”

He said nothing, simply raised an eyebrow and tossed a throw pillow on the ground at his feet.

Shit! She looked at the floor that was in desperate need of a broom and a mop. The dinner dishes were still soaking and she was damn tired. Screw it, she turned her back on him and began to sweep the floor.

He chuckled. “Oh, we’re going to do this the hard way? I see.”

Her stomach clenched and she readied for the inevitable swat on the ass. Fine. Whatever. She had shit to do and wasn’t in the mood for romance.

He ripped the broom from her hand and tossed her over his shoulder in a fireman’s carry.

“Hey, put me down. This isn’t funny.” She beat on his back.

He gave her five resounding swats on her ass. “No, it isn’t funny. You disobeyed a direct order. We aren’t having that.”

Tears sprang to her eyes as her ass lit on fire. He wasn’t playing around. If she hadn’t been so up in her own head, she would have gauged his mood better. Work and the daily grind had her so stressed out she couldn’t even sleep these days.

“I’m sorry, Master. I just have too much to do to scene right now,” she managed to spit out in a placating tone.

“I had intended to ask you how I could help, but you didn’t want the easy way. Your defiance showed me that.” He tossed her, belly first, onto the bed then held her in place with one hand while he reached into the toy cabinet for a bundle of rope.

His manhandling had the usual effect, but at the moment the wetness between her legs only pissed her off. He knew exactly how to send her body zinging, but her mind was on overload. The stress she’d endured the last few weeks had her emotional walls built tall and strong.

While he was distracted by his search, she brought her knees up to scramble off the bed. In one smooth motion, he flattened her to the mattress and climbed up beside her. He grabbed her hands and slid his body over her thighs. In no time, he had her hands tied.

“Now behave or I’ll hog tie you.”

With a sigh, she lay still knowing she couldn’t possibly escape with him laying on her. She was only grateful he’d tied her hands above her instead of behind her back.

“Clearly, you need a heavy hand tonight.” He pulled a paddle from the shelf and without any preamble he began to strike her already red ass cheeks. “You need a lesson in enemy recognition.” His melodic voice was calm as he delivered blow after blow to her sore butt.

“We’re a team, you and I. Us against the world. You will not block me out. I’m here to help you whether it’s with chores or to let off some steam.”

Her ass fucking hurt and the tears started to flow. She cried as if her tear damn had burst and there was no way to stop it. The iceberg that she seemed to live in these days began to melt away. Days of frustration were washed away along with her emotional barriers.

Why had she taken it out on him? He wasn’t the problem.

“We’re stronger together sweetheart. I understand why you need your walls up at work. You’re in a rough spot right now. But here, between the two of us, there will be no walls. “Do you understand me?”

She sniffled and wiped her tears on the bed sheets. “Yes, Master.”

“Good.” He slid the paddle back into the toy cabinet. He took her by the arm and helped her stand. “Stay here,” he ordered.

She obeyed, without a single thought of defiance.

He returned with a wet washrag. He washed her face and kissed her forehead. “Take your spot and kneel toward the kitchen.”

In the great room, she took her place on the pillow he’d tossed on the floor. Instead of facing his chair, as usual, she turned slightly so she could see all the things that only moments ago had seemed so terribly important.

“Good girl,” he praised her as he walked into the kitchen and retrieved the broom. “You’re going to stay there and watch.”

Her stomach dropped. Her Master never swept. It wasn’t that he was lazy or anything. He simply did other things, things she couldn’t do or hated to do.

“You don’t need to sweep. I can do that later.” At the moment, she didn’t care if the floor ever got cleaned. The heat from her ass had migrated to her pussy and she needed attention.

“I’m capable of helping with the cleaning, my angel.” He ignored her protests and continued to sweep.

Tears began to flow again. “I know.”

He bent down and scooped the pile into the dust pan and threw it away. “If you need help, ask.”

She bowed her head. She’d never doubted that he’d help, she just hadn’t considered asking him. “Yes, Master.”

He walked to the couch and spun her around to face him. Her eyes grew wide when she noticed he still had the broom. This wasn’t going to bode well for her.

Her Master took the broom in both hands and broke it over his knee. He tossed the bristle end toward the garage and slid the remaining portion between the crook of her arms. The position forced her to arch her back and thrust her breasts forward.

His casual display of strength set her heart pounding.

“What else do you need to do tonight?” he asked, running his finger along her jaw.

“Serve my Master.”

He smiled down at her. “Good answer, my angel, but you know that’s not what I meant.”

“I don’t want to think about chores right now,” she complained.

“And that is the best answer.” He kissed her soundly. He put his hands on her shoulders to steady her. “Stand up. We’re headed to the playroom.”

Terrible, yet wonderful, things happened in his private dungeon. Her legs felt shaky as he led her down the hallway. As soon as she entered the room she knew he had a plan. Ropes dangled from a pulley attached to the ceiling. He placed her underneath them. “Kneel here.”

He took a set of cuffs from the closet and attached them to her ankles. The familiar warmth did little to calm her runaway heart. She heard the turn of the pulley and felt tugging along the broom handle and at her feet. Oh God!

“Now I know you won’t be going anywhere.” He caressed the curve of her breast. “I do love what this position does to your tits. I believe some jewelry is in order.”

She hoped he chose a pair of nooses. Of the choices they owned, they were definitely the most comfortable. As soon as she heard the jangle of chains, she knew she was screwed.

“Since you want the hard way tonight, we’ll go with clover clamps.” He bent down and rolled her nipples. He pulled and tugged until she moaned. Her eyes closed and she willed herself to relax as he set the clamps. The bite of the clover edge dug into her tender flesh and she took several deep breaths as her body adjusted to the discomfort.

He went to the closet, grabbed the Hitachi stand and placed it between her legs. “This isn’t what I had envisioned for tonight, but I’m willing to adapt to your needs, my angel. We’re going to play a little game.”

Considering her position and the toys he’d brought out, she knew the game was likely to entail forced orgasms. While one orgasm was great and even two was good, more than that and it turned into it’s own form of torture. She began to wish she hadn’t ignored his first command.

“Am I going to like this game, Master?” she asked, cautiously.

“Probably not.” He chuckled. “You’re going to suck me off while the Hitachi sits on your clit. Each time you come, I’m going to tighten the clamps so keep that in mind.”

She knew better than to argue. He wouldn’t change his mind and he’d likely make it even harder on her.

He pulled his shirt over his head then toed off his shoes, removed his socks and dropped his pants. “Are you comfortable, my love?”

She chuckled. “No.”

“I’m so glad.”

She groaned. His casual acceptance of his sadistic streak hit her straight in the pussy.  He was going to kill her. She was already primed and in desperate need of release, but knowing he planned to tighten the clamps added a layer of anxiety – which, honestly, fueled her desire even further.

He fisted her hair and directed her mouth to his cock as he used the foot peddle to activate the vibrator. Each time he pulled her forward the chain between the clamps swung sending fire directly to her clit.

Devil device. That was her nickname for the damn Hitachi. It was surely created by Satan himself. She focused on her Master’s cock, determined to drive him to distraction as fast as humanly possible. But try as she might to keep her mind off her own spiraling need, her body refused to shut it out.

Seconds turned to minutes and her muscles tensed as the explosion grew imminent. The ropes and pulley were the only thing keeping her from losing her balance as the orgasm hit her like a tidal wave.

Her release was heavenly, but as the haze of bliss began to clear, the vibration on her clit was way too strong. She tried to wiggle away, yet it was impossible. Her range of movement was confined by the broken broom handle and ropes.

“Focus, angel,” he said, sternly. “I want your sensitive clit to be tortured. Feel how hard I am? That’s all you, baby girl. Knowing you’ll be especially tender tomorrow feeds my desire.”

Damn him. He knew exactly what to say to send her back into the zone.

“It’s building again, isn’t it?” He chuckled, arrogantly. “Looks like it’s time to tighten these clamps.”

She’d had a fleeting hope that he’d forget. She should have known better. When it came to scening with her, he never forgot a single thing.

She heard the foot peddle click ratcheting the vibrator to the next level as he turned the dial on first one clamp and then the other. The excruciating bite took her breath away and took her that much closer to her next orgasm. No way. She was going to make him come first.

Swirling her tongue around the head of his cock and sucking hard she elicited a moan from him and her ego soared. She loved stealing a bit of his control. Knowing that she could bring him such pleasure was a point of pride for her. He certainly knew exactly what she needed.

“Oh, you little minx. I see you enjoy testing my staying power.” He sounded like he was speaking between clenched jaws.

Even as hope rose, so did her excitement. Her back muscles were straining which served to remind her she was bound. Her ass had turned into a powerful heat that fed her ever growing need. Her nipples throbbed in time to the rhythm he set and her clit was on a collision course with disaster. She wanted to come, but she knew how intense the sensations would become afterward and since she couldn’t avoid them a feeling of dread formed somewhere near her G spot.

She was going to lose the battle. She was already so close there was no way to avoid it. A trickle of fear skirted down her spine. Oh, God, he’ll tighten the clamps even further. She glanced down and saw her normally pink nipples a dark red and fully engorged. The sight forced her into another orgasm. She screamed around his cock and tried to rock her hips only to find her movements were no longer her own. She was completely at his mercy. Her waning release was suddenly kicked back into high gear as another orgasm tore through her.

From somewhere far away, she heard her Master groan and a sense of satisfaction settled over her as jets of cum shot into her mouth. She gagged slightly as she struggled to swallow his gift.

As awareness began to push through the clouds, she realized he’d kicked the Hitachi away from her pussy and pulled the broom handle from the crook of her arms. The only thing holding her up was the taut ropes at her wrists and ankles.

“I think I’m going to keep your hands restrained while I remove the clamps, my sweet angel. I wouldn’t want you to take my head off.”

The bastard was laughing at her situation proving once again he had a sadistic streak a mile wide.

He removed the first one and blood came rushing back into the tortured peak sending tears to her eyes.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!”

He chuckled. “Settle down, angel. You know that potty mouth of yours gets me hard. You can’t take another session right now.” He massaged her aching nipple as removed the remaining clamp. Before she could let go with another string of obscenities, he settled his mouth over the battered peak and eased the discomfort to a manageable level. In no time at all he had her untied and cradled in his arms.

“You never cease to amaze me, baby girl,” he told her as he carried her back to their bed.

She was so exhausted she was asleep by the time her head hit the pillow.

As the alarm blared, she noticed the sunshine filling the room. She glanced at the clock and realized she’d slept through the night for the first time in weeks. She gave her Master a kiss on the cheek. Damn, she loved that man.

She walked into the kitchen to make coffee and was stunned to find the dishes washed and put away. She flicked the coffee pot on and headed back to the bedroom. Though she knew it was too much to hope for, she cracked open the door to the laundry and took a quick look inside. Tears sprang to her eyes as she saw the bins empty. He’d stay up and taken care of all of her chores.

She ran to the bedroom and jumped onto the bed. She climbed on top of him and showered him with kisses. “What did I do to deserve you, Master? You’re the most wonderful man in the world.”

“Me? I thought I was a mean, old Dom who took sadistic pleasure in torturing his subbie.”

She loved hearing his arrogant amusement in the tone of voice. “Well, yeah,” she teased, “but I wouldn’t have it any other way.”


Miscalculation or Bonding Moment?

My Love came up with a new idea he wanted to try. He was very excited about it. Friday he’d texted me several times teasing me unmercifully. As so often happens, life got in the way and by the time we were home we practically fell asleep before our heads hit the pillow. Saturday was a full day as well, but fate gave us a break and we were able to eek out a few hours of alone time that evening.

He had the ropes out and ready. A towel covered an assortment of torture toys as I like to call them. My heart was pounding in anticipation as I presented for him.

His first instruction was something I couldn’t do. I tried to get into the position he wanted. It wasn’t difficult, but my ankles said no. He made several consolations for me. We tried it with towels and even a pillow, but I couldn’t manage the position. All I could think about was how I’d ruined his plans. He’d gone to so much trouble. He planned it all out. He was excited about living out a fantasy and now I’d shot holes all through it.

I can’t put a finger on the emotion that filled me – shame? embarrassment? I don’t know. It wasn’t positive that much is for sure. Frustration was a alive and well in me, but My Love was taking it in stride. He remained calm and acted like it was no big deal. I might have believed him if we hadn’t been looking forward to this for days.

rope bundleHe picked up a bundle of rope and tossed it aside. As he bound my hands and fashioned a crotch rope that other bundle sat there unused. It stared at me and called me names the entire time. Failure. Wimp. You’re getting too old. You’re out of shape. This is your fault. If he’s stuck with you the rest of his life, he’ll never get to live out his true fantasies. Yeah, that rope was on a roll. It was loud and hard to ignore.


Once My Love cinched the crotch rope, the bundle finally gave up. As the scene progressed and clamps we added and tightened, even the echos of the self-doubt caused by the bundle were pushed away. I was definitely living in the moment and giving My Love the undivided attention he deserved.

Phase two of the scene included a change of position. I tried to go with it. I really did. I’d already ruined his plans and forced him to make concessions, but I couldn’t continue. The pain wasn’t of the good variety. I had to use our caution safeword.

Because he’s a good guy, his first and only concern to was to my safety and happiness. Again, he was able to think on his feet and change to situation to meet my needs.

I barely managed to keep the tears from clouding my eyes. I didn’t need that bundle of rope to add cry baby to my list of sins.

In a matter of moments, the discomfort was gone and pleasure took its place. So much pleasure all thinking was pushed aside. My first orgasm was mind blowing, the second and third shook my world off its axis.

Once my brain came back on line, I realized he hadn’t released yet. I asked him what was wrong. He’d rocked my world eight ways of Sunday and he hadn’t come. He kissed my cheek and said, “it was all good. I’m not done with you yet.”

Then I knew. We’ve been married for thirty plus years, I know his tells. All the adjustments he’d had to make had taken him out of Dom space. He wasn’t in the moment. He was hard and more than getting the job done, but he wasn’t finding his own pleasure.

The rope bundle was laughing his nasty ass off now. I flipped it my middle finger. My Love needed me to think of him not shrink into myself and hide. “Use me Master. Let me be your fuck toy.”

His smile was filled with a mix of emotions, but the growl he gave me set my heart pounding all over again.He changed positions again and took me like a man possessed. At the end of the evening, we were both sated. And sore. 🙂

As we laid together, I was trying to get a grip on my emotions and get my talk track ready. I would not cry. I would apologize for ruining his plans. I would tell him I’ll find some exercises to strengthen my ankles. I wouldn’t let my weaknesses keep us for fulfilling his fantasies. Give me time and I’ll get there.

Before I could start my diatribe, he brushed his hand down my cheek. “Thank you for having patience with me, Angel. I’m sorry it didn’t work the way I’d planned.”

What? I couldn’t quite wrap my head around his words. Had he just apologized? But this was my fault. My failure.

“Your patience means more to me than you could possibly know.” His touch was tender, his kisses sweet. Such a departure from only a few minutes before.

“But, I’m the one who messed up your plans. I’m sorry I was such a pain in the neck.” I had to let him off the hook. He was taking the blame, when it was really mine.

He kissed my forehead. “Silly subbie, you did nothing wrong. You were perfect. When we try something new, you have to give me constant feedback. How else will I be able to make it right for us? Your confidence and faith in me allows me to try new things. If you got frustrated and called me an imbecile or a dumbass who couldn’t even plan a scene properly, I’d never be able to break out of the ordinary.

I looked over at the rope bundle with an evil glint in my eye. Apparently, it was an equal opportunity berate(r). It was yelling at my wonderful husband with as much venom as it had been yelling at me. Thank goodness, we hadn’t let it ruin our evening.

I learned something last night. My big bad Dom has a few insecurities too. Of course, I knew that, but damn it’s easy to forget. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in my own head and forget he’s human too – that he needs me as much as I need him.

He drew us a warm bath and we discussed what worked and what didn’t. We discussed our insecurities too. Talking about them, took away some of their power and strengthened our bond. I’d say the evening was absolutely perfect.



What constitutes sex?

With the new year and all, it was time to visit the doctor for all the basic annual exams. Apparently, I hit some milestone or something because I never remember answering so many invasive questions before. There’s nothing wrong with me. I went because…well, you’re supposed to. You know it’s part of life, you take your vitamins, you pay your taxes and you have your yearly exam. Done. Not this time.

So, I’m in the little room, dressed only in a paper robe, feeling cold and uncomfortable, when a nice looking gentleman comes in. Now, I’ve been seeing this doctor for years upon years. They normally have frumpy, sort of prison warden type nurses and I’m good with that. They take their job seriously and I can respect that. I wasn’t expecting a man or a reasonably handsome one, so I’m a little off balance.

Then the questions start. It began easy enough with simple family history and past illnesses. Next, comes the personal stuff. “Are you sexually active?”

“Yes.” I feel the heat rising. I shouldn’t I’m a grown woman. I’ve been married probably as long as this man has been potty trained. Yeah, awkward…

“Approximately, how many times a month do you have sex?”

What? How the heck should I know? What do you want me to do, keep a running tally? Fuck! Not sure, I can count that high… Well I guess I can figure out per week and then multiply it…Math on the run, not my forte. Okay, we can’t use this week it’s only Wednesday. Last week, what did we do last Sunday? Oh God, now I’m really blushing. 

“It’s not that hard of a question, ma’am. Once, twice.” The little smirk on his face tells me, he is enjoying watching me squirm.

I start biting my lip to keep from laughing. “For the purposes of this question…what constitutes sex? Are we talking orgasms or penetration?”

Now he starts to blush

“It’s not that hard of a question, sir. I just want to answer it correctly.”Is it how many times, I orgasm, my husband orgasms, the combination of us both or just the number of times he penetrates me. But see that question can get messy too…”

“Uhm…let’s skip that one and I’ll get further clarification.”

“Thank you.”

Non-stop Sex

I was reading through Bondage Seduction, the current book I’m writing for Total-E-Bound, this morning. It is pretty much non-stop sex. In that respect it is very similar to my first book, Bondage Anniversary. The similarities end there, but both have been a lot of fun to write.

It is funny how the sex is so different in each one. Bondage Anniversary and Bondage Celebration were really hot and kinky.  Bondage Wedding was a little more tame. I suspect many readers will think it was written first. It wasn’t, but I could understand how they might think that. The love scenes are a little more soft, a little more tender. Of course, Amanda thinks BDSM is abuse so it takes James a while to cut through the bullshit and show Amanda what it’s really about.

In Bondage Seduction, the characters meet at DiscipliNation. Ted, a reoccurring character throughout the series, finally meets his true love. Unfortunately, he’s fighting it every step of the way.

Meri likes it rough and she isn’t above stretching the rules to get the Dom of her dreams. I have little doubt she will get her wish, but Ted has pulled this story in a few directions I hadn’t planned on…so I guess, I’ll have to wait until the end to be sure.