Beautiful Day

I finished book three, Bondage Wedding, today! If you’ve been following my blog, you know I love these two characters. I’ve smiled ’till my jaws ached and spilled a few tears along their journey. No doubt, I will miss James and Amanda.

It is such a wonderful feeling to complete a book, especially one you’re very proud of. And to think, it’s my birthday too! Definitely a great day.


After my publisher accepted Bondage Anniversary, I started discussing the possibility of writing a series with my editor. She asked me to submit a proposal and she would let me know. To my absolute astonishment they not only liked the five books I had submitted, but asked me if I thought I could write a sixth. After I picked myself up off the ground, I hastily agreed.

The first two were no problem and the characters in book three were waking me up at night wanting me to hurry up and write their story.  I do so love, James and Amanda! But as their story comes to end, I started worrying because the next couple had been silent. They haven’t invaded my showers (one of the best places to think through plot challenges) or my dreams.

Finally, while driving to the store it hit me–I was looking to the wrong character for help. Ted had no intentions of speaking to me. He isn’t looking for love. It’s Meri who is the force driving this relationship. She is such a schemer and poor Ted doesn’t know what’s about to hit him…


A question has been swirling around in my head today…Is obsession always a bad thing? The strict definition of the word contains the phrase ‘unwanted emotion or idea’. In the past, I’ve become, what I would consider, obsessed with a story from one of my favorite authors. I’ve been unable–or perhaps unwilling is more accurate–to put the books down. And I freely admit I hope my readers feel the same ‘obsession’ with my Desired Discipline series, once it becomes available. So, I wonder if obsession is necessarily bad…

Writers will often describe their characters as ‘obsessed’ with their partner’s touch or kiss. I suppose if the feelings are not mutual, it could lead down a painful path. But what about when the feelings are mutual? Is it bad then as well? When two people can’t keep their hands off each other, they can’t wait to be with each other, or when their thoughts consistently return to their partner–is that obsession and if so, is that always bad?