Slow Hand and Complete Focus


that’s what I want from my man. I want someone who will push the distractions aside and focus their full attention on just one thing.

Recently a friend and I had a discussion on speed dating. My advice to her was ask if he prefers reading or pod casts. If his answer is pod casts, walk away. He’ll suck in bed.

Before you decide I’m a techno-phobe and discount my theory, let me explain. I have nothing against pod casts. I listen to them myself. If I’m doing something monotonous, housework or such, then I’ll slip one on and let my mind take a little vacation. I often listen to court trials or TED talks. I even enjoy listening to a few sex blog pod casts while I get ready for work. The benefit to audio is you only have to dedicate part of your attention to it. You’re free to drive, clean, or otherwise occupy your time.

My hard limit is a man who is incapable of sitting down and picking up a book or E-reader and devoting the energy and focus needed to get lost in a story. A man who only  ‘reads’ audio books need not apply. I want a man who is willing to take the slow road, who enjoys engaging his imagination and wants the tactile feel of progressing through a story.

I want a man who will read for understanding and not just skim along the surface because I’m not an easy read. I have kinks and curves and I want a man who is willing to take the time to learn and understand them all.

Is my theory fool proof? No, of course not. Speed dating doesn’t allow for in depth discussions. Just food for thought.


Big Author in a Small Kindle

I’m an avid reader. From middle school on I was never far away from a book. Mystery, historical fiction, crime drama, sci-fi and more recently romance stories have been my faithful companions throughout the years. I always had at least one stashed in my purse, just in case I found a few minutes and could drift away to some exciting world. The advent of e-readers has made this so much easier. I absolutely love being able to carry my entire–and quite extensive–library around at all times. I don’t have to pick and choose anymore, I just bring them all. I love it!

After book two, Bondage Celebration, completed the editing process and was submitted the final time, my editor asked what I was looking forward to most. I didn’t even have to think about that…I can’t wait to see it on my Kindle along with all my favorite authors. Just the thought of it brings tears to my eyes. To see my books along side of Christine Feehan, Lexi Blake, Kally Masters, and Sierra Cartwright, just to name a few is intoxicating. I may never reach their popularity, or sales goals, but at least in my little world, on my Kindle I’ll be right there with them 🙂