Happy Dancing all over the house!

It’s time. There were days when I wondered if it would ever happen again. The One and Only is available for sale. After an incredibly long dispute with the original publisher, I own the rights again. I also put the book back to the way I had wanted it in the first place.

I’m done with editors who don’t understand a single thing about the lifestyle telling me how to ‘correct’ my story. I could write a 10k page book on some of the absurd changes I’ve been told to make over the years. My family and friends duck for cover when it’s editing time. I’ll stare my computer and scream random phrases – What do you mean that’s impossible? Have you ever had sex before? Independent body part? Eff you! It’s written in her POV for heaven’s sake. On and on it goes until ‘my editor’ is as frustrated with me as I am with them and then they turn me over to a group that is supposed to look for only the grammatical errors. Of course, you’ll get one or two of them that have to comment on the content and the fun starts all over again. By the time it’s done my head is ready to explode.

This one is all mine. For better or for worse.  amazon.com/author/toricarson


The cover was done by my soon to be son-in-law. I absolutely LOVE his work. If you’re publishing a book, please consider working with him. Unlike my previous art designers, he actually listens to my ideas. I wanted something elegant, romantic and a touch dark. I wanted the Dom to be the focal point. We discussed the story line and plot of each book. After that, I turned him loose and hoped for the best.

He came up with the series design and matched each cover to the individual stories. Small details, I hadn’t noticed at first, such as the type of plants that run along the top are specific to plot elements. I am very impressed with his work. The covers are amazing and I couldn’t be happier. He’s awesome. If you’re self publishing – give him a shot. You’ll love him.

Check out his website at katz-concepts.com or shoot him an email at ryan@katz-concepts.com




Bondage Seduction and Monster

It’s been a great day for my family. My son’s publisher gave him the release dates for his second book, Monster. It will be out May 16th.  While bouncing around like idiots with him, my phone dings. My editor said she loved Bondage Seduction and she sent me the paperwork to start the publication process on it.

Bondage Seduction is the fourth book in the Desired Discipline series. It was a tough one for me to write. The male lead, Ted, wasn’t talking to me for a large chunk of the story. He didn’t want a relationship and he fought it every step of the way.

Meri, the female lead, fell hard and fast. Knowing the attraction was mutual, she refused to give up. Smart girl.

This was also a book I wrote without much input from my husband. His work has been consuming his time lately.While we were in NY, he did read the final product and helped me edit it enough to submit to the publisher. I was relieved when he liked it and was hopeful that the publisher would as well. Getting confirmation that it is, in fact, good is as much a relief as it is exciting.

Now to get All Grown Up completed before the edits come through for Bondage Seduction. I’m almost there. The characters have figured out what the real problem is and are working to correct it. Wish me luck!


After my publisher accepted Bondage Anniversary, I started discussing the possibility of writing a series with my editor. She asked me to submit a proposal and she would let me know. To my absolute astonishment they not only liked the five books I had submitted, but asked me if I thought I could write a sixth. After I picked myself up off the ground, I hastily agreed.

The first two were no problem and the characters in book three were waking me up at night wanting me to hurry up and write their story.  I do so love, James and Amanda! But as their story comes to end, I started worrying because the next couple had been silent. They haven’t invaded my showers (one of the best places to think through plot challenges) or my dreams.

Finally, while driving to the store it hit me–I was looking to the wrong character for help. Ted had no intentions of speaking to me. He isn’t looking for love. It’s Meri who is the force driving this relationship. She is such a schemer and poor Ted doesn’t know what’s about to hit him…