Against the Odds Pre-order

Once their paths cross, their fates are sealed.


Sid is a master at solving cold cases. His mind thrives on the challenge. He has a knack for finding elusive clues and piecing the puzzle together, until he starts on the trail of a privileged teenage debutante who in a fit of rage burned down her design studio and brutally murdered her closest competitor.

As the years go by, the case becomes an obsession. Using age progression techniques, he knows the girl has grown into a beautiful woman. He wonders how many others have fallen into her web of deadly deceit.

Today’s the Day!

Such an exciting day. As many of you know, I’ve been on a three week trip to NY. I can honestly say, I never want to take another trip of this length ever again. I guess I’m a homebody.

Today we hop on a plane and make our journey home. And boy are we ready. It is also the day that¬†Bondage Anniversary¬†becomes available for pre-order on Totally Bound’s website. It is a total rush to see my book on the same carousel as some of my favorite authors. I feel truly privileged.