Finding the new norm

We lost our Great Dane a short time ago. He was my constant companion and I’m still devastated. We’re spending a ton of time with our one remaining pup, Duncan. He’s actually my son’s dog, but my son has moved on and Duncan is still here, so…

Duncan misses his big brother. He’s a corgi mix and loved to live underneath my Great Dane. I used to call them my high-boy and my low-boy. They were quite a pair.

We’re all adjusting. I’m throwing myself into training Duncan and writing. Since I regained the rights to my Master’s Touch series, I’ve been working on restoring them to the way I had wanted them. The first two are out – The One and Only and All Grown Up. I’m working on His To Own.

My soon to be son-in-law created the book covers. I love the design. He does such great work. If you’re in the market for web design, help with your brand or anything like that – check out his website at or shoot him an email at ryan@katz-concepts.comĀ IMG-20180602-WA0000

Once I’ve got His to Own finished, I’m going to start on a new project – Tyler Jones’s story. He first appeared in The One and Only and made a brief appearance in All Grown Up. He’s a police officer just beginning to explore the lifestyle. He meets his honey at the new member orientation for Cat Tails, an exclusive BDSM club. As they go through the classes together, their relationship builds. She’s a complicated lady, a good friend, but pretty naive. She trusts when she shouldn’t and definitely needs a lesson or two in enemy recognition. I’m excited to start writing!

When reality starts weighing too heavily on me, I always escape to a world of my own. It gives me time to find a way to deal with everything. Thankfully, my Love understands and encourages me.


Moving Forward

I don’t know about you, but I’m really glad to have Thanksgiving in my rear-view mirror. I hosted this year and for the first time ever, there were more strangers than family. Everyone seemed to have a few friends of friends with nowhere to go and of course we welcomed them. No one should be alone at the holidays. They’re tough enough to get through when you are surrounded by people you love. Going through this time alone is twice as tough.

Unfortunately, it didn’t go as well as I’d hoped. We live in a rural community and we have large dogs as house pets. Since my kids are adults and moved out, they’ve become my babies. And I love them. However, I won’t say they are the most well adjusted animals on the planet. They’ve never been around children, especially squealing, jump-on-the-furniture, type children.

When my 100+ pound pups took an interest in these poorly behaved mini humans, I left my post in the kitchen and spent the remainder of the dinner on the patio with my dogs. If I hadn’t, they would have barked non-stop and ruined everyone’s day.

My absolutely wonderful husband and kids took over. They finished the meal and served it as gracious hosts. I’m so proud of them. They handled everything beautifully.

My dad came out and visited. He shared that even my daughter’s boyfriend stepped up. He doesn’t know it, but it earned him plenty of brownie points.

Now that Thanksgiving is over and we’ve decorated the house for Christmas, it’s time to finish the edits for Against the Grain.