Busy Busy

You might have notices some changes with my website. Since the issue with my previous publisher is now completed, I decided to revamp the look and feel of things. I feel as if I’ve shed a heavy coat and walked into the sunshine. Hope you like it!

I spent yesterday with a houseful of people and being the introvert that I am, after a few hours of that, I needed to escape for a while. I pulled out my jewelry makings and got busy.  I figure making nipple nooses isn’t any different than whipping out your phone and scrolling through half a dozen messages, Facebook and so forth.

I was still able to chat and take part in the fun, but I was productive as well. 20180702_084826


Need More Cow Bell?

Of course, who doesn’t? Right? Well, it’s not what you think. When we decided to open up a naughty shop, to go along with the Desired Discipline book series, our goal was to have fun. We didn’t intend to take ourselves too seriously. So, in that vein, we added some lighthearted nooses to the store today. If you’re curious, please check it out.