Missed it!

Life decided to rear its ugly head this weekend. Our well went on strike and stopped pumping water. As soon as we handled that crisis, our hot water tank died. On top of that mess, and I do mean mess, I got sick. For the last forty-eight hours, I’ve barely been out of bed and not for any fun reasons either 😦

As you can imagine, money has flown out of my pockets for all the repairs and the doctor visit, getting sick sucked, yet what I regretted most was I hadn’t been able to work on my story. I’ve never had a job that I didn’t enjoy time away from. It was a shocker to feel the need to write, to miss not sitting in front of the computer for hours and hours putting the story together.

It made me realize I was part of that very small minority that actually loved their job. How cool is that? I guess it was a good weekend after all.