No time to smell the roses,

but we did find an hour or two to experience the thorns. When we were first married, we enjoyed a bit of kink. He always enjoyed tying me up, blindfolds, gags-that sort of thing, but it took a while before we realized the key to our fun was domination. And longer still before we started experimenting with pain.

Back in high school we were chatting, I don’t remember about what, but I uttered the phrase, ‘pain hurts’. Such a blonde comment, I know. I come by it naturally though. Tee he he. It was such a silly comment, he has teased me about it ever since.

As our D/s evolved, that one comment has come back to bite me in the butt many times. He likes to make me ask him for more. He’ll leave me hanging on the edge of an explosive orgasm-one or two pussy swats away. The pain exquisite and so needed in that moment, yet he stops and makes me ask him to strike me. It’s still hard to wrap my brain around why I like it-need it even. Asking is humiliating. It goes against all logic, yet it’s erotic as hell.rose-thorns