Christmas Comes Early

My love asked me what I wanted this year for Christmas and as usual I came up with nothing. He is very doting and if he knows I want something more often than not within a few days I have it. Yes, I’m spoiled rotten. I’ve also learned not to express an interest in something if I don’t really want it. With that in mind, I drew a blank when asked for gift ideas.

The only thing I really desire, is time with him. He’s been working six days a week, up to fifteen hours a day. When he’s home, he’s never far away from his Blackberry or laptop. I’m not complaining. I just miss him. Our recent trip to NY was as close as we’ve had to a vacation in over six months and except for the four days our son spent with us, it was all about work. Since returning, he’s been catching up on everything that he couldn’t do from NY.

So, very selfishly, I told him what I wanted most was a few days at home with my love. This morning he spent a few minutes on his computer then turned it off and shut down his Blackberry. He is giving me a whole week sans electronic leashes. I have no idea the last time that occurred. My guess is it was back in the 80’s 🙂 before the things were widely used. Right now, he’s on the roof hanging Christmas lights with our children (when my daughter heard the news, she decided to come home and make sure he was feeling all right).

I’m off to bake cookies and dance around the house like an idiot because I have my handsome hubby home with me for an entire week!