Erotic gifts?

Have a special event coming up? A Bondage Celebration perhaps?

Check out these gift options.

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Baskets include flogger(s), nipple nooses, bedazzled clothespins, clip-on belly button rings and some are available with silky soft, lace blindfolds.

Desired Discipline

I often receive questions from my readers about the toys I write about. Most often, they want to know where they can buy them. Some have suggested I should start my own line of toys.

Fast forward to my friend’s bridal shower and my bratty personality. I decided to make her a naughty basket. I had a ball putting it together. I based it off of one of her favorite books of mine, Bondage Seduction. bondageseduction_800 I included a purple flogger, nipple nooses, clothespins, blindfold and feather.

It was so much fun, I decided to take the plunge and open a naughty store on Etsy. I’m still adding to the line, but if you’re curious please check it out. Just click on the hyperlink. Sales are pretty good for only being open a week. Who knew there were so many naughty people out there?