Character’s Perspective for His to Own

Today we have with us Brett and Angela from the erotic romance novel His to Own.

If you could have changed one of your actions – just one – what would it be, and why?

Brett – I would have put my foot down before Angela scened with that wanna-be Dom.

Angela – I shouldn’t have judged Brett based on my ex-husband’s actions.

Excluding your own, what is your favorite book?

Brett – Although I wanted to pop Sean a few times, I still find his relationship with Michelle to be inspiring.

Angela – The One and Only was a good, but my favorite was All Grown Up. Brianna struggled with completely trusting Steven and I can relate to her.

Were you reluctant to have your story told?

Brett – I don’t enjoy the spotlight, but I hope it will encourage other Doms to act quicker than I did.

Angela – I made so many mistakes that I wish I could have kept hidden.

Brett – You didn’t do anything wrong, Angela. You protected your family and friends at the expense of your own happiness. That’s nothing to be ashamed of, sweetheart.

Put three items in a time capsule you will open in 25 years. What are your items?

Angela – A picture of the deerskin flogger he used on me when we were first exploring.

Brett – Just a picture? (He laughed.)

Angela – I’m not willing to give it up for 25 years. Are you?

Brett – You know the answer to that pretty girl.

Angela – A picture of the stainless steel, jeweled butt plug should go into the time capsule too. (She started to blush.)

Brett – That leather dress you wore that night at the club would have to be included as well.

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The One and Only is finally here!

I’ve been waiting for this for a long time. Many of you know I’ve been writing for close to twenty years, but mainly for my own pleasure. I’ve submitted several manuscripts in the past, but none were picked up. After I wrote Bondage Anniversary, my husband went nuts. He was so excited. He was sure this was the one. Turns out he was right.

I submitted the original manuscript to three publishers. While waiting to hear back, I wrote The One and Only. If Bondage Anniversary followed the same path as my other stories, I’d be starting from scratch here soon with a few more bruises on my ego.

Totally Bound was the first to answer. They wanted a few changes but were interested in Bondage Anniversary. I was absolutely ecstatic. I made the changes, crossed my fingers and waited some more. In the mean time, the second publisher came back with the familiar ‘thank you, but no thank you’.Instead of being devastated as every other time in the past, I took it in stride. Even if Totally Bound said no, I was making progress. Getting the opportunity to receive constructive criticism rather than the bland ‘you suck’ letter had my hopes up. During this waiting period, I began on Bondage Celebration. My wonderful editor came back after only a week or two and said, we love it We’ll take six.

After coming up for air, wiping away the tears of joy, and pinching myself to make sure I was really awake–not living in fantasy land, I accepted. The next month or so was a flurry of activity. The paperwork was a bit daunting and the reality of agreeing to write six books had my head spinning. When I learned the time table was one every three months, I almost went into panic mode.

About this time my son submitted his book and his pacing began. I knew where he was coming from and I felt a bit of tension for him. I didn’t want my son to ever feel the hurt and disappointment I felt every time I received the ‘your writing has merit, but not what we are looking for at this time’, letter.

My husband decided we needed to get away. The plans were set, reservations made and bags packed. The morning we were scheduled to leave, I heard back from the third publisher, Ellora’s Cave. They wanted to buy Bondage Anniversary. The letter she sent was the exact opposite of all those rejection letters I’d received in the past. She was bubbly and enthusiastic and I was devastated to have to tell her it was already going to print.

We arrived at the hotel and checked into our suite. It was gorgeous as always and very fitting. He’d booked the same room that I’d used as inspiration for Bondage Anniversary. I went out on the balcony, let my hair down and began to relax. From inside, I heard my phone ping letting me know I had an email. I ignored it for a few hours.Towards dinner time, I booted my laptop to download some pictures and remembered the email. It was Ellora’s Cave, again. 

Her email was sweet and asked that I keep her in mind for any new projects. I immediately thought of The One and Only. I still needed to fix a few things, but it was virtually done. After discussing it with my husband, we changed the focus of the weekend and turned it into a working holiday. We made the changes and submitted it. 

The wait was short this time. She’d made sure I could contact her personally and cut through the red tape. Not only did she buy it, she wanted two more.

In the middle of all this, my son’s story was picked up and they also wanted to turn it into a series. Having waded through the paperwork once already, we were able to wiz through his a little easier, but the emotional high was even better. Now, we both had someone to share our hurdles and milestones with. It’s been an exhilarating experience and I couldn’t be more thankful.

As this new series begins, I have butterflies in my tummy. Sean and Michelle talked to me as a writer and I hope you give it a look. 



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What’s new?

Wow, so much has been happening I don’t even know where to being.

My son’s second book, Monster, is available for early download beginning tomorrow! He is really hoping this one can take it one notch further than Night and hit Amazon’s top ten. Cresting at eleven was such a ‘so close’ moment.

Erik is all moved in to his new place. We visited him a few nights ago and only a couple of boxes remain. Considering the adventure in moving we all had, I’m impressed. But he always has great style. He showed off some phenomenal dance moves while he was carrying his desk out to the truck and a bull snake slithered out of a flower pot inches away from his knee. His sense of humor and drive have served him well.

It’s taking a bit of adjustment to get used to a quiet home. I realized just how large this ole house is now that it isn’t filled with college kids. I must say, I miss his friends too, but I am getting more sleep. 🙂 Their midnight baking binges were noisy affairs.

My husband and I have a lot more time as a couple. It’s been twenty-four years since we lived alone together. It’s nice to be able to have ‘deep personal’ conversations whenever the need or desire arises instead of having to schedule it. I won’t lie, the privacy is nice too 😉

With all the ‘new beginnings’ going on around here, I guess it’s fitting that the first book of my new series, Master’s Touch, will be out soon. In fact, it is already available for pre-order on Amazon. Click here to learn more. The One and Only is being published by Ellora’s Cave. To date, there are three books planned in the series. They are a little longer. All Grown Up, the second book, is waiting for the editing process to begin. The third book is finished and I will send it to them soon.

Speaking of done…Bondage Included, the fifth book in the Desired Discipline series, is almost there. I’m on the last chapter. I hope to finish it this week, go over it with my husband next week and off it will go. 

So, all in all, life is busy and ever changing, but life is good.


Release Date!

I have the release date for The One and Only. This story is about Sean, the owner of the BDSM club, Cat Tails and his soulmate, Michelle. I’ve written about this one often. It’s set in Hilton Head and the club is a giant warehouse Sean converted into an arboretum. It’s a new story line with all new characters and published through Ellora’s Cave. I am so excited. I can’t wait until April 23rd and I can share it with you.