Bondage Seduction-First Draft

The first draft of Bondage Seduction was completed today. Ted, the hero, was a tough character. He really didn’t want to talk to me. Luckily, Meri was a little more forthcoming. She had a few tricks up her sleeve and with her help, he finally consented to tell me his story.

This is only step one of a long process. Now, my husband and I will read through the book together. His input is integral. Without him, the books would have never been picked up by the publisher. His willingness to share technical points and his male perspective, allowed me to write a much better book than I could have alone.

It is second nature to describe the submissive mindset, but I don’t always understand what goes through the Dom’s head before, during, or after a scene. Safety is another area where I depend on him. As a writer, I need to include all the prep work, things a submissive may take for granted.

Many times, I’ll finish a scene or even an entire book and like Ralphie in Christmas Story, I’ll think it is perfect and deserving of high praise 🙂 only to have him tell me ‘you can’t do that’, ‘it doesn’t work that way’, ‘that’s not safe’, and other phrases I dread hearing. Thankfully, he is patient, even when I’m not, and helps me work through it.

After we finish it to the best of our ability, it goes to the content editor. She is a wonderful lady who is always generous with her expertise. I’m very grateful for all her help. Once she has helped me polish the manuscript, it goes to the line editors…three of them. They make sure every comma is in its place and grammatically the book is correct. During the final stage, it comes back to me for one more read through.

All in all, my name is on the cover, but it is definitely a group effort. As always, I’ll keep you posted as we move through the process.