Need More Cow Bell?

Of course, who doesn’t? Right? Well, it’s not what you think. When we decided to open up a naughty shop, to go along with the Desired Discipline book series, our goal was to have fun. We didn’t intend to take ourselves too seriously. So, in that vein, we added some lighthearted nooses to the store today. If you’re curious, please check it out.



Desired Discipline

I often receive questions from my readers about the toys I write about. Most often, they want to know where they can buy them. Some have suggested I should start my own line of toys.

Fast forward to my friend’s bridal shower and my bratty personality. I decided to make her a naughty basket. I had a ball putting it together. I based it off of one of her favorite books of mine, Bondage Seduction. bondageseduction_800 I included a purple flogger, nipple nooses, clothespins, blindfold and feather.

It was so much fun, I decided to take the plunge and open a naughty store on Etsy. I’m still adding to the line, but if you’re curious please check it out. Just click on the hyperlink. Sales are pretty good for only being open a week. Who knew there were so many naughty people out there?

Look Who is on ARe Cafe!

They say, no two people ever read the same book. I think there is a lot of truth in that. I doubt if two people ever see the same picture or event unfold either. For my blog on All Romance ebooks Cafe I discuss how this impacted the characters in my latest book, Bondage Included.


Making Progress

It’s been a really productive week. Today alone, I wrote a little over five thousand words. More importantly, I got past a scene that had been dogging me and the end is in sight.

Today, I also received the author copies of Desired Discipline Volume II, the paperback version of Bondage Wedding and Bondage Seduction. I was also notified that Totally Bound has included Bondage Anniversary in an upcoming promotion. They only chose three titles. I’m so excited that mine was included.


Release Dates

Bondage Included was accepted and they’ve sent me the release dates

Preorder: 3rd October 2014
Early download: 17th October 2014
General release: 14th November 2014

If I’m diligent, I can probably complete Bondage Unlimited in time to have it published this year. I’ve got my fingers crossed. The story is coming together well. I finished a pivotal scene on Tuesday, but unfortunately, I haven’t been able to work on it since. I’m hoping tomorrow can be devoted to writing.