February is the month of love…

February is one of my favorite months. We don’t usually do much for Valentine’s Day. My love has an issue with ‘made up’ holidays. He once told me he doesn’t need anyone to tell him when to express his love and appreciation.

We began dating February 28th, 1981. He approached me at lunch while I was sitting with my friends in the high school cafeteria. I felt a presence behind me and turned to see what was going on. I remember looking up, way up and seeing his deep blue eyes gazing down at me. He had an easy smile, beach blonde shaggy hair and a very fit body. His chest was thick and his arms were huge. It took some effort not to melt onto the litter strewn floor.

With supreme confidence, he asked me on a date for Saturday night. Little did we know that was the beginning of something really special.

By the time Valentine’s day rolled around on the calendar, I knew my love. I’d already been showered with cards and gifts – some he handmade, some purchased on a whim. He wrote me poetry and long letters during boring classes or at night when our parents were using the phone. (Our kids never had the torture of one phone line per household). When we discussed his dislike for ‘Hallmark’ holidays, I knew he wasn’t vying to get out of a special evening or purchasing a gift. Even at 16, my guy went his own way and didn’t give a damn about societal pressures.

After we’d graduated and we were choosing our wedding date, he bucked the norm again. He was adamant that we marry on the anniversary of our first date. By then it was 1984 and February 28th landed on a Tuesday. Tuesday is not the first day you think of for a wedding, but the date mattered to him. We were already catching flak from both families. Both of us had siblings that had married young and failed. Our loved ones didn’t want us to face the same fate. They argued, they bribed, but eventually they gave up and supported us. They even took off time from work to attend our Tuesday wedding.

This year we celebrate 32 married years together. Our love is stronger now than I ever imagined possible. And if you promise not to tell a soul, I’ll divulge a secret – our love is hotter too. Time hasn’t dampened the flame. Nor have we slipped into what others have described as a comfortable partnership. Oh, we are partners, no doubt about that, but the idea that marriage will evolve into a mostly celibate friendship is absolutely abhorrent to us. I need to be with my love intimately as often as our crazy life will allow.

Of course, his creativity and romantic nature always keeps it fresh and exciting. He was always a kinky guy who actively sought knowledge. About fifteen years ago, he learned about D/s. We’d been heading that way naturally, but now we had a name for it. A term to describe our emotions and tendencies.

The more he learned, the more we talked, the hotter sex became. I suppose it only makes sense that the stories I write are D/s. I’m happier than I thought possible and I want to share that with others. (Before the hate mail pours in – believe me I know D/s isn’t for everyone and I’d never suggest it is. It’s one of the reasons why I try to make sure the back cover of my books mention BDSM or D/s so consumers know what they’re getting if they read a story of mine.)

It’s crazy to think I now have three book series on the market. Eleven, hot, Dominant men who meet and eventually capture the hearts of their subbie. Six of the men are from the Desired Discipline series, three from Master’s Touch and two so far from the Bound for Justice series. They are available from most retailers, but you can find the entire collection easily at  amazon.com/author/toricarson

After being asked by several readers where they could buy nipple nooses with bells that tinkle and other fun toys, I guess it wasn’t a huge jump that we opened an erotic shop. We add new products all the time. If you’re so inclined, I hope you’ll check it out. https://www.etsy.com/shop/DesiredDiscipline

Whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day or not, I hope you find a special way to celebrate your love.couple on the beach silhouette


Need More Cow Bell?

Of course, who doesn’t? Right? Well, it’s not what you think. When we decided to open up a naughty shop, to go along with the Desired Discipline book series, our goal was to have fun. We didn’t intend to take ourselves too seriously. So, in that vein, we added some lighthearted nooses to the store today. If you’re curious, please check it out.



Desired Discipline

I often receive questions from my readers about the toys I write about. Most often, they want to know where they can buy them. Some have suggested I should start my own line of toys.

Fast forward to my friend’s bridal shower and my bratty personality. I decided to make her a naughty basket. I had a ball putting it together. I based it off of one of her favorite books of mine, Bondage Seduction. bondageseduction_800 I included a purple flogger, nipple nooses, clothespins, blindfold and feather.

It was so much fun, I decided to take the plunge and open a naughty store on Etsy. I’m still adding to the line, but if you’re curious please check it out. Just click on the hyperlink. Sales are pretty good for only being open a week. Who knew there were so many naughty people out there?

Crazy Month

February is shaping up to be a crazy month. I have three books coming out. Three! I still can’t hardly wrap my brain around that.

All Grown Up is book two from the Master’s Touch series. This one was sidelined for a long while because of editor issues, but that’s been resolved and it will be available at all the major E-retailers on Feb. 18th. I just loved Cat Tails. The club and it’s members were too much fun to stop with only one book. In this story, Steven, the club manager, is reunited with his first love. Sounds romantic and fun right? Not really, she ripped out his heart, shredded his confidence and financially ruined him. He wonders what she’s after this time.

Bondage Unlimited, the sixth book in the Desired Discipline series will be available for pre-order on Feb. 27th. This is Eva’s story and one of my favorites. She and Gio were awesome characters and I really had a lot of fun writing this one. I can’t wait for it to come out. This is also the last book slated for this series. I may revisit DiscipliNation at some time in the future, though.

Against the Rules is the first book in the new series, Bound for Justice. It’s also available for pre-order on Feb. 27th. These stories are a bit different and I’m really excited for the launch. Teague has been targeted by a drug cartel and he’s out for vengeance until Chantel lands in his lap. After that, his world is turned on its ear. He just isn’t sure if the fiery, redheaded submissive is his lifeline or his downfall.

If that isn’t enough excitement, our thirty-first wedding anniversary is 28th. What a month!

All-Grown-Up-mockup4 (1)bondageunlimited_800 (1)againsttherules_800

As the year of dreams comes to an end…

2014 began with dreams aplenty. My first book, Bondage Anniversary, was released to the public January 3rd. As the year comes to an end, five more have joined it on the book store shelves. My son, who turned twenty-one this year, has three on the market and two other series in the works. Our aspirations of following in EL James’s footsteps never came to fruition though.

Yet we continue to write, not to get rich, but because stories continue to fill our heads and demand to be put on paper…or computer screens as the case may be.

Reviews have been both uplifting and down right mean. I tell myself not to look, but I still do. Part of me is still that little girl who wants to be loved by everyone. Each time I get a less than favorable rating, I wonder what I could have done differently, but I don’t stop. Writing is a part of me and I hope it always will be.

But life is multifaceted and storytelling is only a small part of what makes the world go round. This year we’ve been blessed with a new member of our family, a beautiful baby girl was born to my nephew and his sweet wife. Sadly we’ve lost others. Their deaths were unexpected and heart wrenching. We weren’t prepared to say goodbye so soon and there’s a void we can’t seem to fill.

It seems each year our jobs become a little more harried. Do more with less seems to be the running theme. Yet we persevere.

And when life gets a little too strong to handle alone, we lean on each other. Our family unit has been on a hell of a roller coaster this year. We’ve each faced personal challenges that seemed too difficult to manage and they might have been had we faced them alone. But we aren’t alone. We are a family. Through good times and bad we stand together. We have each other’s back. I know that like I know the sun will rise in the morning. It may at times be obscured by clouds, but it’s there.

I have no idea what 2015 has in store for us. I pray that it’s kind. I will say I face the coming year with a bit more trepidation than I had this time last year. One by one I watched our plans fizzle like a bad bottle rocket.  But whatever the new year brings, we’ll face it together.

From the Carson family to yours here’s wishing 2015 blows your socks off.

Look Who is on ARe Cafe!

They say, no two people ever read the same book. I think there is a lot of truth in that. I doubt if two people ever see the same picture or event unfold either. For my blog on All Romance ebooks Cafe I discuss how this impacted the characters in my latest book, Bondage Included. 




It’s been a long time since I posted an update. So much has been going on, I haven’t known where to begin.

I finished Bondage Unlimited. The edits went fairly smoothly and are completed also. It comes out December 26th on Totally Bound. I’m really excited for you all to read it. This is the sixth and the last in the series…at least for a while.

Right now, I’m knee deep in another project. The working title for the series is Bound for Justice and the first book, Against the Rules, is more than halfway completed. It’s a little darker story and little longer. No, doubt it is a departure from my previous work, but rest assured at the core of the story is a deeply in love D/s couple. Once I get it approved by the publisher, I’ll be able to share more.

On the home front, my husband and I have adjusted quite nicely to our empty nest. While I miss Erik and I wish I could still bounce ideas off him, I do enjoy only washing dishes twice a day. 🙂 Not having to worry about being quiet or private, is a sweet bonus too.

Earlier this week, we went up north for a naughty picnic. I’m sure the adventure will work its way into a book in the near future.

If you haven’t joined our Facebook discussion group, please consider it. It’s a secret group–which means your family and friends cannot see your posts, comments or likes unless they are members as well. To join just friend me on Facebook then message me asking to join.

I’d better get back to work. I’m hoping Against the Rules can make it out in the first quarter of 2015. I promise to be better about updates so check back often.


Making Progress

It’s been a really productive week. Today alone, I wrote a little over five thousand words. More importantly, I got past a scene that had been dogging me and the end is in sight.

Today, I also received the author copies of Desired Discipline Volume II, the paperback version of Bondage Wedding and Bondage Seduction. I was also notified that Totally Bound has included Bondage Anniversary in an upcoming promotion. They only chose three titles. I’m so excited that mine was included.