Just about ready

My husband and I read through each manuscript aloud from start to finish, before I send it to the publisher. As you can imagine, it takes a bit of time and privacy. Reading the books in front of our kids, though they are adults, would be too gross to consider. Thankfully, our son lives with his headphones on while he is writing and his deadline is fast approaching.

So many things came up during the writing of All Grown Up, I was beginning to fear it would never been completed, though I’ve enjoyed writing it.The characters are fun and engaging. I will be a bit sad to say goodbye to them.

Luckily, I have one more story in this series to write so I’ll be able to visit a bit more with them in the third book. Brett and Alexis, the main characters in book three of the Master’s Touch series, are becoming very demanding. They’ve been interrupting my dreams at night and invading my showers with their story. Unfortunately, we still have to finish reading through All Grown Up, then address the content edits for Bondage Seduction before I can begin on their book. They will have to be patient a bit longer.

Getting Closer…

The deadline for All Grown Up is only a couple of days away and I’m still far from finished. I’ve never missed a deadline before. It isn’t a good feeling, but I don’t want to turn in something I’ve rushed…

I’ve never written a reunion story before and it was definitely harder than I anticipated. As so often happens, the characters took it in a direction I hadn’t initially considered.

On a positive note,  Bondage Seduction, is done and ready to submit. Once I complete the paperwork, hopefully tomorrow, I will be able to turn that one in–ahead of schedule. Yes, I know there is something wrong with my planning. I had originally thought Bondage Seduction would be the difficult one to write, so I completed it first. Oh well. Live and learn.