Interesting Times

Though my husband has been off all week and we’ve been having a wonderful time together, I snuck away for lunch with a dear friend. We were talking about everything under the sun and getting caught up on all the latest gossip…I mean news, when she asked me about a particular scene in Bondage Anniversary. She asked if there was a specific hotel that I used as my inspiration for that book.

Now my husband travels a lot and we’ve spent more than our fair share of time inside hotels. Those are business trips, for the most part and the rooms are functional. The hotel room I wrote about in Bondage Anniversary was more upscale than our usual haunts. It was a suite we’d rented for a get-away weekend. When our children were little, we would often send them to their grandma’s house to visit and we would take the weekend to relax and enjoy each other’s company. It was one of those trips that we discovered the hotel I used as inspiration for Bondage Anniversary.

It has become a favorite of ours and we try to go there at least three or four times a year. Usually during the summer when the rates aren’t quite as shocking 🙂

Now that our son is moving out and we will have the house to ourselves again for the first time in twenty-four years, I wonder if we will ‘get-away’ as often. When we were younger, going to a hotel was an adventure. The resort setting, beautiful grounds and luxurious amenities were appealing. At this point in our lives, I like our home. It’s quiet, comfortable and there are no strangers to intrude on ‘special’ moments. I look into the future and wonder where we’re headed. I’m both excited and a little nervous.

I’m curious what you think. Do you feel it’s important for couples to ‘get away’ or do you think simply setting time aside to be alone together, without the daily hassles, is sufficient?