We’ve all had encounters, scenes, sessions – whatever term you use – that went better than others, but have you ever had one so spectacular that even the date it occurred stands out in your mind?

Yeah, me neither. I’m not a date person. I didn’t remember the actual date that my husband and I first went out. I remember everything else though – how he held my hand, the callouses along his palm and the strength as it engulfed mine. I remember how his scruff felt along my cheek as we nuzzled and how his thigh muscles were rock hard. I remember my eyes being drawn to the package between those thighs and my curiosity warring with my common sense. I also remember the look of disbelief when I told my mom (at age 15) I had met the man I was going to marry.

My love, on the other hand, is a date person. He remembered the date he walked up to me while I sat with a gaggle of friends eating my lunch in the high school cafeteria and asked me to go skating with him. He also remembered the date of our first kiss. Dates matter to him. He calls them milestones and they’re important to him.

This morning he asked me, “Do you know what today is?”

Let’s see… Our wedding anniversary is next month. We just celebrated our daughter’s 27th birthday and our son’s 24th isn’t until July. Damn. Fresh out of ideas. Since I don’t lie to my guy, even if I know he’s going to be disappointed,  I answered honestly. “No.”

“It’s the anniversary of our first ____________. Ten years.” (I’m leaving it blank because it has nothing to do with the point of this post. Use your imagination. Tee he he)

“Really? Wow!” While I didn’t remember the date, I sure remember my heart pounding in anticipation. I remember his hands were chilly and his voice was deep and commanding. I remember he didn’t use a ball gag because he wanted my feed back. I also remember we spent the hours afterward spooning and talking. I remember looking like a raccoon from the tears that fell down my cheek ruining my mascara. I remember the emotions that passed between us. It was a pivotal moment in our relationship and something I’ll never forget.

“Guess what we’re doing tonight…”

Holy shit! “I can’t wait.”

Beautiful Day

I finished book three, Bondage Wedding, today! If you’ve been following my blog, you know I love these two characters. I’ve smiled ’till my jaws ached and spilled a few tears along their journey. No doubt, I will miss James and Amanda.

It is such a wonderful feeling to complete a book, especially one you’re very proud of. And to think, it’s my birthday too! Definitely a great day.


My second book, Bondage Celebration, is finished and off to the publishers for the last time. I won’t see it again until it hits the market. Elation is the best word I can come up with to describe how good it feels.

I shared the news with a long time friend. Yikes, long time is right–over thirty years we’ve known each other…Anyway, he commented that he couldn’t remember a time when I seemed happier.

It got me thinking (dangerous that : ). There have been times in my life when I’ve been happier, the birth of my children and mile stones in their lives definitely trump personal success. So, why do I feel more content and relaxed now than ever before? In my opinion, and since I’m the one feeling it–mine is the only one that counts, it is the absence of stress.

It’s funny how some of the best times of your life are also some of the most stressful. New job, getting married, buying a house, new baby, all great times, but stressful.

I’m going to try something new. I’m not going to psycho-analyze my happiness away. Instead, for the first time in my life, I’m just going to bask in it.


Bondage Anniversary is finished! After completing the edits, I was so excited I called a dear friend of mine and shared the news. She asked me if I felt a sense of sadness to have worked so hard to bring these characters to life and now have to move on to another story. Honestly, I felt quite a few emotions, but sadness sure wasn’t one of them.

I understand where she was coming from, though. Think about the holidays. So much planning and energy goes into making the event as perfect as possible — then poof! it’s over. No matter how great it was, there is still a sense of the doldrums that it’s over.

Thankfully, I’m still riding a crest of excitement. I’ve finished the rough draft for book two (tentative title Bondage Celebration) and I’m working the kinks 😉 out of book three (tentative title Bondage Wedding). I suspect when the series is finished, I may feel the sense of sadness my friend predicted. For the moment — life is good!