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Against the Grain is now available for early download through Totally Bound 

Sam hunts a black widow. Will he untangle the web of lies and deceit or will he be her next victim?

Two men, in the prime of their lives, are now dead. The only link is the beautiful, but deadly, Eliza James. Sam Rivers must follow the cold trail of a murderer. His instincts lead him away from the rich widow, though why he couldn’t say. All the evidence points to her guilt. Is he falling into her trap as his fellow agents warned? To unravel the secrets from years gone by, Sam must listen to a voice long dead—one that challenges his view of the mysterious and sexy widow.


Eliza finds the handsome diplomat too good to be true. He reawakens a desire within her that she thought had been lost. Yet their time together has a stopwatch ticking. Knowing that every moment counts, she accepts his bold proposal to explore her sexuality. Through pleasure and pain mingled together, she discovers a hidden strength that could mean the difference between life and death.

Together they must sift through lies and betrayals to unearth the truth before time runs out.

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One of those talks…

Yesterday we were running around completing errands before we go on a trip. It started innocently enough, just an absentminded comment spoken off the cuff, without malice or forethought. Yet, it bloomed into an all day discussion. Emotions ran high as the conversation turned from mundane to life changing.

Hours, literally hours, went by as the discussion evolved. A decision was needed – about an issue that hadn’t been an issue (or so we thought) before the simple comment was uttered.

We’d found ourselves at a crossroads. Our paths to the fork in the road had been traveled separately, each wandering through the daily minutia alone, yet together. As in times past, we found we were both leaning toward the same conclusion.

In our relationship, my Love has the final say. His word is law. Now, it isn’t quite as one sided as that sounds. He asks my opinion and I believe he takes my wishes and desires into consideration before he makes his decision. I haven’t always agreed with him, but I’ve understood the underlying reasons and I support his choices.

The game plan for moving forward hasn’t been finalized. We’re still sorting through the ramifications and developing a timeline for changes. It’s exciting and nerve-wracking.

It always surprises me how intertwined my life is with the characters in my books. Against the Tide, which will be book four in the Bound for Justice series, is almost done. I’m probably three-quarters through the rough draft. Yet, just yesterday my Love and I found ourselves in the same boat as Mandy and Chase. Sure the topics were different, but the precipice was the same. The knowledge that once we take this step – there’s no backing out. You can’t un-ring the bell.

I’m confident that Chase and Mandy will find their happy ever after and so will we.


New Year, New Goals, New Priorities

I’ve never been one to make a new year’s resolution. The clock striking midnight on a specific day of the year means nothing to me. The same hassles I had the night before were still dogging me in the morning. On the flip side the same blessings I had the night before were still by my side as the sun peeked through the window.

The first couple of days went by with both good and bad results. Daily stuff and bigger stuff, it’s always there. One issue gets resolved and another takes it’s place. It all boils down to same shit different day.

The only thing I can change is how the shit effects me. Do I roll around in it and complain about the stink or do I use it as fertilizer and plant some flowers or maybe some vegetables?

From here forward, I’m going to give farming a shot. I’m going to narrow my focus. I can’t change other people. I can’t make decisions for anyone, but myself. I’ll be a sounding board to friends, but I’m done trying to till their soil. I can’t find them a job or keep them from being let go. I can’t choose their partner or choose how they’re treated. My own plot needs tending and that will be my goal.

Against the Grain is coming out in March. I have a new book, Against the Tide, due to my publisher the end of February and it sounds like they’re open to more. The series was included in a recent promotion and more importantly I enjoy writing it. My husband is proud of my stories and is anxious to read more. He’s encouraging me to branch out.  We’ll have more information on that later. The bottom line is instead of trying to fit my writing in, I’m making it a priority again.

Not for 2017, but from here on out. Friends – I’m here. If you need me, reach out. Otherwise you’ll find me with my sleeves rolled up, gloves pulled on and dirt a-flying as I tend my own crops.0e2f29f1252346b0d7111f5ecb8c7c7d1

Crazy Beginnings

2017 is off and running. You may not be aware, but I’ve been in a dispute with one of my publishers. I’m so pleased to say it’s been resolved. I now own the rights to my Master’s Touch series once again. It’s such a huge relief to have that settled. I’m considering self-publishing those three or possibly re-releasing them with the publisher of the Desired Discipline and Bound for Justice series. I’ll make a decision soon and get them back on the market. I promise.

During the holidays, my brother went through a pretty rough patch. We feared we were going to lose him. I was more than a little pissed that 2016 was going to claim another sibling before we rang in the new year. Today, he’s doing better. We’re not out of the woods, but he’s at home and that’s a huge plus.

I’m excited about 2017. Right now I’m working on the fourth book in the Bound for Justice series, Against the Tide. It’s about a Navy Seal sniper turned NBIA agent. You first meet him in Against the Grain which comes out in March. I’ll get the specific information out as we draw closer.

Hope the new year is treating you well.

Moving Forward

I don’t know about you, but I’m really glad to have Thanksgiving in my rear-view mirror. I hosted this year and for the first time ever, there were more strangers than family. Everyone seemed to have a few friends of friends with nowhere to go and of course we welcomed them. No one should be alone at the holidays. They’re tough enough to get through when you are surrounded by people you love. Going through this time alone is twice as tough.

Unfortunately, it didn’t go as well as I’d hoped. We live in a rural community and we have large dogs as house pets. Since my kids are adults and moved out, they’ve become my babies. And I love them. However, I won’t say they are the most well adjusted animals on the planet. They’ve never been around children, especially squealing, jump-on-the-furniture, type children.

When my 100+ pound pups took an interest in these poorly behaved mini humans, I left my post in the kitchen and spent the remainder of the dinner on the patio with my dogs. If I hadn’t, they would have barked non-stop and ruined everyone’s day.

My absolutely wonderful husband and kids took over. They finished the meal and served it as gracious hosts. I’m so proud of them. They handled everything beautifully.

My dad came out and visited. He shared that even my daughter’s boyfriend stepped up. He doesn’t know it, but it earned him plenty of brownie points.

Now that Thanksgiving is over and we’ve decorated the house for Christmas, it’s time to finish the edits for Against the Grain.




Sunsets and New Beginnings


Living in the Sonoran Desert is a mixed bag. The scenery is spectacular. The sunsets are absolutely amazing. The people are kind and down to earth. But beneath the beauty lies a never ending struggle for survival.

With an average yearly rainfall of eight inches, plants and wildlife are forced to adapt. A lot of our flora have the ability to lie dormant for months at a time just biding their time until conditions are such that they can thrive once more.

I think humans are like that too. We go through life with nominal output. One foot in front of the other, watching the clock, getting by – barely – until something happens to wake us from our stupor.

Sometimes we don’t even notice our slow descent into dormancy. It isn’t until a storm passes through our lives bringing the needed wind and rain to clear the cobwebs that allow us to see the gifts we have around us.

Storms can take many forms. Perhaps it’s a loss. Losing a job is terrifying when it hits, but the world is often a brighter place once the gale passes.

Perhaps it’s finding a new love. When Teague met Channy, in Against the Rules, he had no idea she held the missing ingredient he needed to break free from his self-imposed hibernation. She brought him rain. While it was needed, he still fought hard against it. He’d learned to shove his emotions behind a concrete reinforced dam. It didn’t faze Channy. She whittled away at his defenses.

During the summer here in the desert, the clouds will try to bring their life sustaining moisture. In the afternoons, they’ll build and boil off in the distance. As they make their way toward the sun-scorched plants, the sun blasts them to pieces. The very ground that needs the water so badly radiates heat and helps hold the storm at bay. But just like Channy, the clouds refuse to give up. Night after night they continue their assault. At first their success is nothing more than dirtied windshields, but as the humidity grows the sun’s wall of heat is breached. The rain will come in buckets and sheets.

Imagine Teague’s surprised when a tiny, red-headed ball of fire shatters his complacency. She brings him that one integral piece of the cycle of life that he’s missing. Oh it isn’t smooth going, by any stretch of the imagination. The storm named Channy tosses his world into utter chaos. Before long though, Teague learns it’s better to fight beside Channy than against her.

Together they thrive in a way they never could have alone.

If you’d like to learn more about Teague and Channy click on the links below.

Totally Bound



If you’d like to check out more sunset pictures, go to my Facebook page. I post a few once a week or so.

Having Fun

Stress can suck the very life out of you if you let it. One of my best coping mechanisms for dealing with life’s trials is writing. When the real world gets too intense, I’ll slip into a world where I have control over…everything. It’s very addictive. I’ve published 11 books so far.

My latest series, Bound for Justice, is dark. Dealing with the loss of a friend and two siblings struggling with cancer, has sent me into a tumultuous place. It isn’t the happy fuck-fest of my previous two series, Desired Discipline and Master’s Touch. Bound for Justice is primarily a criminal suspense story, although you wouldn’t know that from the snippet I’m sharing today 🙂

I’m definitely having fun exploring some of the darker recesses of my psyche. Take a peek!

A teaser from Against the Grain, the third in the Bound for Justice series. (work in progress- not edited)

Taking her nipple between two fingers he pulled and squeezed until his knee, positioned between her legs, was wet from her juices.
“This tender little peak is jealous. It wants to be in my mouth too, doesn’t it? It wants to feel the pressure of my teeth biting into its sensitive skin. It wants the pain.” He looked into Eliza’s eyes. “Pain that’s just a little more than erotic. Pain that hurts until you’re not sure you can take it, but you don’t want it to stop either. You need that don’t you, Eliza?”
“Oh God, yes.”
That was all he needed to hear. He drew her tender peak into his mouth and slowly bit down. He watched her face and knew exactly when the hurt became real, when her body sent the shot of adrenaline coursing through her. He held still allowing her to live in the moment. Tears formed in her eyes, but her expression grew soft. He gave her a few more seconds of bliss before he released her. Once the pressure was gone, the blood would rush back to the surface and the pain would spike. To redirect her attention, he shifted his knee out of the way and swatted her pussy at the same time that he released her nipple.
Her scream was music to his ears. He swatted her again and again until she was writhing. He thrust two fingers into her tight pussy and reveled in the spasms of her orgasm. He wanted to be inside her so badly, he shook with need, but he reveled in that too. He felt alive. Screams from Eliza sent him into Dom space faster than anything he’d ever known.


February is the month of love…

February is one of my favorite months. We don’t usually do much for Valentine’s Day. My love has an issue with ‘made up’ holidays. He once told me he doesn’t need anyone to tell him when to express his love and appreciation.

We began dating February 28th, 1981. He approached me at lunch while I was sitting with my friends in the high school cafeteria. I felt a presence behind me and turned to see what was going on. I remember looking up, way up and seeing his deep blue eyes gazing down at me. He had an easy smile, beach blonde shaggy hair and a very fit body. His chest was thick and his arms were huge. It took some effort not to melt onto the litter strewn floor.

With supreme confidence, he asked me on a date for Saturday night. Little did we know that was the beginning of something really special.

By the time Valentine’s day rolled around on the calendar, I knew my love. I’d already been showered with cards and gifts – some he handmade, some purchased on a whim. He wrote me poetry and long letters during boring classes or at night when our parents were using the phone. (Our kids never had the torture of one phone line per household). When we discussed his dislike for ‘Hallmark’ holidays, I knew he wasn’t vying to get out of a special evening or purchasing a gift. Even at 16, my guy went his own way and didn’t give a damn about societal pressures.

After we’d graduated and we were choosing our wedding date, he bucked the norm again. He was adamant that we marry on the anniversary of our first date. By then it was 1984 and February 28th landed on a Tuesday. Tuesday is not the first day you think of for a wedding, but the date mattered to him. We were already catching flak from both families. Both of us had siblings that had married young and failed. Our loved ones didn’t want us to face the same fate. They argued, they bribed, but eventually they gave up and supported us. They even took off time from work to attend our Tuesday wedding.

This year we celebrate 32 married years together. Our love is stronger now than I ever imagined possible. And if you promise not to tell a soul, I’ll divulge a secret – our love is hotter too. Time hasn’t dampened the flame. Nor have we slipped into what others have described as a comfortable partnership. Oh, we are partners, no doubt about that, but the idea that marriage will evolve into a mostly celibate friendship is absolutely abhorrent to us. I need to be with my love intimately as often as our crazy life will allow.

Of course, his creativity and romantic nature always keeps it fresh and exciting. He was always a kinky guy who actively sought knowledge. About fifteen years ago, he learned about D/s. We’d been heading that way naturally, but now we had a name for it. A term to describe our emotions and tendencies.

The more he learned, the more we talked, the hotter sex became. I suppose it only makes sense that the stories I write are D/s. I’m happier than I thought possible and I want to share that with others. (Before the hate mail pours in – believe me I know D/s isn’t for everyone and I’d never suggest it is. It’s one of the reasons why I try to make sure the back cover of my books mention BDSM or D/s so consumers know what they’re getting if they read a story of mine.)

It’s crazy to think I now have three book series on the market. Eleven, hot, Dominant men who meet and eventually capture the hearts of their subbie. Six of the men are from the Desired Discipline series, three from Master’s Touch and two so far from the Bound for Justice series. They are available from most retailers, but you can find the entire collection easily at

After being asked by several readers where they could buy nipple nooses with bells that tinkle and other fun toys, I guess it wasn’t a huge jump that we opened an erotic shop. We add new products all the time. If you’re so inclined, I hope you’ll check it out.

Whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day or not, I hope you find a special way to celebrate your love.couple on the beach silhouette


Are pets important to you?

You’ve probably seen memes like this one.


After the experiences Alexa, the heroine from Against the Odds, has had, she feels much the same way. While she has a soft spot in her heart for all animals, she finds a kindred spirit in a rescue horse.

When Coffee Time Romance invited me to write a blog, I knew I had to share a bit more of her story. If animals are near and dear to your heart, click on the link below and learn more.

Today’s the Day!

Woo hoo. Against the Odds, second book in the Bound for Justice series, is now available at all major book sellers. This is a very different type of book than the Desired Discipline or the Master’s Touch series.

The Bound for Justice series

The NBIA, National Border Interdiction Agency, is a black budget organization charged with keeping the country and its citizens safe. The agents take their jobs very seriously. As the nation’s guardians, they are dedicated to protecting those unable to defend themselves both within and outside our borders. These agents have been specifically selected and well-trained. Dominant men and women who are passionate and have a strength of will beyond the ordinary. Whether pursuing a terrorist or the love of their life, they will stop at nothing until they have subdued and secured their objective. These natural leaders faithfully serve both their country and their loved ones. Through honor and integrity these warriors earn the nation’s respect each and every day.


Sid is a master at solving cold cases. His mind thrives on the challenge. He has a knack for finding elusive clues and piecing the puzzle together, until he starts on the trail of a privileged teenage debutante who in a fit of rage burned down her design studio and brutally murdered her closest competitor.

As the years go by, the case becomes an obsession. Using age progression techniques, he knows the girl has grown into a beautiful woman. He wonders how many others have fallen into her web of deadly deceit.

Sasha is a brilliant interior decorator. Her designs are coveted by the rich and influential. She has a mysterious air. No one knows about her murky past and she’s determined to keep it that way. She survives by relying on no one and avoiding all personal connections. After a break-in at her office brings unwanted police attention, she feels the noose tightening. She must choose between escape and making a stand. To break free, she’ll have to do the unthinkable. She’ll have to learn to trust.

Want to know more?


Totally Bound