Books are a healing force

My last post was far from uplifting. Sadly, this week hasn’t gotten any better. On Sunday, we were told my sister’s cancer has progressed to Stage four and is untreatable. We haven’t been on the best of terms over last few years and there’s a whole lot of emotions I’m trying to work through. I’m the youngest of six and she’s the oldest. She moved out and joined the Air Force the year after I was born. To say we aren’t the closest of siblings is an understatement. Yet, she’s still my sister.

The day after receiving that devastating news, my friend I wrote about in the previous post passed away. A mere four days after she was told she only had a few weeks. Modern medicine has a plenty of room for improvement.

Honestly, it’s too much for me to handle right now. I need to take it in bits and pieces. I’m trying to look at the big picture, but my brain lacks the appropriate panoramic lens to take it all in.

So, I’m doing what I always do when reality gets to be too much, I dive head first into my work. I create characters that can be bigger than me, better adjusted and able to take the high road.

The female lead in my next book is dealing with two recent deaths. One looks like an accident and the other natural causes, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they turn out to be murder. The hero helps her to come to terms with her loss. Right at this moment, I’m not sure how he’s going to do it. Pain is swamping her, though she’s trying to bury it enough to go through her day to day activities.

He (Sammy from Against the Rules and Against the Odds) has his work cut out for him. If it’s murder, he’ll have to protect her while he hunts for the predator(s) that’s haunting her life.

One things for sure, at the end of my book the bad guy, unlike cancer, won’t be able to come back and destroy other innocent lives.

Movin’ On Up!!!

It’s cheesy I know, but I can’t even type that phrase without thinking of the theme song to the Jefferson’s. Anyway, Bondage Anniversary is at 29 on the All Romance ebooks bestseller list. I can’t stop smiling.

Today is the last day for the 99 cent promo and tomorrow it will return to the normal cost. If you’ve been thinking of getting it, you might want to do so now to avoid the higher price tag. Like so much of this process, I have no control over the pricing.  My son tells me the sales are going to drop like a rock when the price goes up.*shakes head and smiles* That’s his way of keeping me grounded. Silly man, I have enough fears and insecurities to do that all on my own.

What I also hear in his voice of reason is that he is concerned about the success of his own book. He is worried that his roller coaster ride will end in failure. Since I”m his mom any reassurances are blown off. I know only time will tell…for both of us really…but I am grateful we are together in this.

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Bondage Seduction and Monster

It’s been a great day for my family. My son’s publisher gave him the release dates for his second book, Monster. It will be out May 16th.  While bouncing around like idiots with him, my phone dings. My editor said she loved Bondage Seduction and she sent me the paperwork to start the publication process on it.

Bondage Seduction is the fourth book in the Desired Discipline series. It was a tough one for me to write. The male lead, Ted, wasn’t talking to me for a large chunk of the story. He didn’t want a relationship and he fought it every step of the way.

Meri, the female lead, fell hard and fast. Knowing the attraction was mutual, she refused to give up. Smart girl.

This was also a book I wrote without much input from my husband. His work has been consuming his time lately.While we were in NY, he did read the final product and helped me edit it enough to submit to the publisher. I was relieved when he liked it and was hopeful that the publisher would as well. Getting confirmation that it is, in fact, good is as much a relief as it is exciting.

Now to get All Grown Up completed before the edits come through for Bondage Seduction. I’m almost there. The characters have figured out what the real problem is and are working to correct it. Wish me luck!