Author’s Copy

I received the author’s copy of my first book, Bondage Anniversary. I’m definitely excited and trying to keep the focus on the positive. This has been a crazy adventure. I have certainly learned a lot about the publishing industry and about my loved ones. My inner circle of friends and family has been shuffled to say the least.

Some friends who I wouldn’t have expected to stand by me, have stepped up and become some of my loudest cheerleaders. Surprisingly, it’s brought me closer to my in-laws. I would have bet the moon and stars that never would happen and yet it has. For that alone, I’m grateful.

My extended family (sigh)…well suffice to say they love me, even though they are disappointed. Their hearts are in the right place and I’m going to keep my focus there.

My family is tight. We specialize in unconditional love in our home. The kids (now adults) were raised to know that no matter what–they were loved by us and they give it back to us in return.

We have many more bumps in the road ahead. As the books come out, I expect some uncomfortable moments will surface. Once my son’s book is released, a whole new set of hurdles will be thrown out there. Some, find his genre even less appropriate than mine. One thing is for sure, we will be there for each other.


Beautiful Day

I finished book three, Bondage Wedding, today! If you’ve been following my blog, you know I love these two characters. I’ve smiled ’till my jaws ached and spilled a few tears along their journey. No doubt, I will miss James and Amanda.

It is such a wonderful feeling to complete a book, especially one you’re very proud of. And to think, it’s my birthday too! Definitely a great day.


My second book, Bondage Celebration, is finished and off to the publishers for the last time. I won’t see it again until it hits the market. Elation is the best word I can come up with to describe how good it feels.

I shared the news with a long time friend. Yikes, long time is right–over thirty years we’ve known each other…Anyway, he commented that he couldn’t remember a time when I seemed happier.

It got me thinking (dangerous that : ). There have been times in my life when I’ve been happier, the birth of my children and mile stones in their lives definitely trump personal success. So, why do I feel more content and relaxed now than ever before? In my opinion, and since I’m the one feeling it–mine is the only one that counts, it is the absence of stress.

It’s funny how some of the best times of your life are also some of the most stressful. New job, getting married, buying a house, new baby, all great times, but stressful.

I’m going to try something new. I’m not going to psycho-analyze my happiness away. Instead, for the first time in my life, I’m just going to bask in it.


After my publisher accepted Bondage Anniversary, I started discussing the possibility of writing a series with my editor. She asked me to submit a proposal and she would let me know. To my absolute astonishment they not only liked the five books I had submitted, but asked me if I thought I could write a sixth. After I picked myself up off the ground, I hastily agreed.

The first two were no problem and the characters in book three were waking me up at night wanting me to hurry up and write their story.  I do so love, James and Amanda! But as their story comes to end, I started worrying because the next couple had been silent. They haven’t invaded my showers (one of the best places to think through plot challenges) or my dreams.

Finally, while driving to the store it hit me–I was looking to the wrong character for help. Ted had no intentions of speaking to me. He isn’t looking for love. It’s Meri who is the force driving this relationship. She is such a schemer and poor Ted doesn’t know what’s about to hit him…