Home sick today

But I’m putting the time to good use. I’ve written a couple thousands words in my new story for the Master’s Touch series. Here’s a small excerpt.

“I want to strip you bare then spank and crop your ass. I’ll flog your back and shoulders until they’re striped a rosy pink. Then fuck you. Right out here in the open where everyone can see your glistening wetness drip from my cock as I pound in and out of you.”

Pretty bold statement considering he just met Nikki less than an hour ago. Tyler is shaping up to be a very interesting character. I can’t wait to see where he takes this story!

Finding the new norm

We lost our Great Dane a short time ago. He was my constant companion and I’m still devastated. We’re spending a ton of time with our one remaining pup, Duncan. He’s actually my son’s dog, but my son has moved on and Duncan is still here, so…

Duncan misses his big brother. He’s a corgi mix and loved to live underneath my Great Dane. I used to call them my high-boy and my low-boy. They were quite a pair.

We’re all adjusting. I’m throwing myself into training Duncan and writing. Since I regained the rights to my Master’s Touch series, I’ve been working on restoring them to the way I had wanted them. The first two are out – The One and Only and All Grown Up. I’m working on His To Own.

My soon to be son-in-law created the book covers. I love the design. He does such great work. If you’re in the market for web design, help with your brand or anything like that – check out his website at katz-concepts.com or shoot him an email at ryan@katz-concepts.com IMG-20180602-WA0000

Once I’ve got His to Own finished, I’m going to start on a new project – Tyler Jones’s story. He first appeared in The One and Only and made a brief appearance in All Grown Up. He’s a police officer just beginning to explore the lifestyle. He meets his honey at the new member orientation for Cat Tails, an exclusive BDSM club. As they go through the classes together, their relationship builds. She’s a complicated lady, a good friend, but pretty naive. She trusts when she shouldn’t and definitely needs a lesson or two in enemy recognition. I’m excited to start writing!

When reality starts weighing too heavily on me, I always escape to a world of my own. It gives me time to find a way to deal with everything. Thankfully, my Love understands and encourages me.




Looking for something to read?

After a long fight with my publisher, my rights have been restored and the author’s edition of All Grown Up is now available!
Can lightning strike twice? Steven isn’t sure he wants it to. When Belle left him, his life crumbled to pieces. He’d lost his job, his place and worst yet his confidence. That’s something no Dom could afford to lose. After he’d exhausted his resources and still couldn’t find her, he’d moved on.

Now, Belle’s back and she’d come searching for him. Steven wonders if her plan is to ruin him for good.

Cover by Katz Concepts

Check out his website at katz-concepts.com or shoot him an email at ryan@katz-concepts.com


Happy Dancing all over the house!

It’s time. There were days when I wondered if it would ever happen again. The One and Only is available for sale. After an incredibly long dispute with the original publisher, I own the rights again. I also put the book back to the way I had wanted it in the first place.

I’m done with editors who don’t understand a single thing about the lifestyle telling me how to ‘correct’ my story. I could write a 10k page book on some of the absurd changes I’ve been told to make over the years. My family and friends duck for cover when it’s editing time. I’ll stare my computer and scream random phrases – What do you mean that’s impossible? Have you ever had sex before? Independent body part? Eff you! It’s written in her POV for heaven’s sake. On and on it goes until ‘my editor’ is as frustrated with me as I am with them and then they turn me over to a group that is supposed to look for only the grammatical errors. Of course, you’ll get one or two of them that have to comment on the content and the fun starts all over again. By the time it’s done my head is ready to explode.

This one is all mine. For better or for worse.  amazon.com/author/toricarson


The cover was done by my soon to be son-in-law. I absolutely LOVE his work. If you’re publishing a book, please consider working with him. Unlike my previous art designers, he actually listens to my ideas. I wanted something elegant, romantic and a touch dark. I wanted the Dom to be the focal point. We discussed the story line and plot of each book. After that, I turned him loose and hoped for the best.

He came up with the series design and matched each cover to the individual stories. Small details, I hadn’t noticed at first, such as the type of plants that run along the top are specific to plot elements. I am very impressed with his work. The covers are amazing and I couldn’t be happier. He’s awesome. If you’re self publishing – give him a shot. You’ll love him.

Check out his website at katz-concepts.com or shoot him an email at ryan@katz-concepts.com




Available Now!

Sam hunts a black widow. Will he untangle the web of lies and deceit or will he be her next victim?

Two men, in the prime of their lives, are now dead. The only link is the beautiful, but deadly, Eliza James. Sam Rivers must follow the cold trail of a murderer. His instincts lead him away from the rich widow, though why he couldn’t say. All the evidence points to her guilt. Is he falling into her trap as his fellow agents warned? To unravel the secrets from years gone by, Sam must listen to a voice long dead—one that challenges his view of the mysterious and sexy widow.


Totally Bound


One of those talks…

Yesterday we were running around completing errands before we go on a trip. It started innocently enough, just an absentminded comment spoken off the cuff, without malice or forethought. Yet, it bloomed into an all day discussion. Emotions ran high as the conversation turned from mundane to life changing.

Hours, literally hours, went by as the discussion evolved. A decision was needed – about an issue that hadn’t been an issue (or so we thought) before the simple comment was uttered.

We’d found ourselves at a crossroads. Our paths to the fork in the road had been traveled separately, each wandering through the daily minutia alone, yet together. As in times past, we found we were both leaning toward the same conclusion.

In our relationship, my Love has the final say. His word is law. Now, it isn’t quite as one sided as that sounds. He asks my opinion and I believe he takes my wishes and desires into consideration before he makes his decision. I haven’t always agreed with him, but I’ve understood the underlying reasons and I support his choices.

The game plan for moving forward hasn’t been finalized. We’re still sorting through the ramifications and developing a timeline for changes. It’s exciting and nerve-wracking.

It always surprises me how intertwined my life is with the characters in my books. Against the Tide, which will be book four in the Bound for Justice series, is almost done. I’m probably three-quarters through the rough draft. Yet, just yesterday my Love and I found ourselves in the same boat as Mandy and Chase. Sure the topics were different, but the precipice was the same. The knowledge that once we take this step – there’s no backing out. You can’t un-ring the bell.

I’m confident that Chase and Mandy will find their happy ever after and so will we.


Crazy Beginnings

2017 is off and running. You may not be aware, but I’ve been in a dispute with one of my publishers. I’m so pleased to say it’s been resolved. I now own the rights to my Master’s Touch series once again. It’s such a huge relief to have that settled. I’m considering self-publishing those three or possibly re-releasing them with the publisher of the Desired Discipline and Bound for Justice series. I’ll make a decision soon and get them back on the market. I promise.

During the holidays, my brother went through a pretty rough patch. We feared we were going to lose him. I was more than a little pissed that 2016 was going to claim another sibling before we rang in the new year. Today, he’s doing better. We’re not out of the woods, but he’s at home and that’s a huge plus.

I’m excited about 2017. Right now I’m working on the fourth book in the Bound for Justice series, Against the Tide. It’s about a Navy Seal sniper turned NBIA agent. You first meet him in Against the Grain which comes out in March. I’ll get the specific information out as we draw closer.

Hope the new year is treating you well.

Moving Forward

I don’t know about you, but I’m really glad to have Thanksgiving in my rear-view mirror. I hosted this year and for the first time ever, there were more strangers than family. Everyone seemed to have a few friends of friends with nowhere to go and of course we welcomed them. No one should be alone at the holidays. They’re tough enough to get through when you are surrounded by people you love. Going through this time alone is twice as tough.

Unfortunately, it didn’t go as well as I’d hoped. We live in a rural community and we have large dogs as house pets. Since my kids are adults and moved out, they’ve become my babies. And I love them. However, I won’t say they are the most well adjusted animals on the planet. They’ve never been around children, especially squealing, jump-on-the-furniture, type children.

When my 100+ pound pups took an interest in these poorly behaved mini humans, I left my post in the kitchen and spent the remainder of the dinner on the patio with my dogs. If I hadn’t, they would have barked non-stop and ruined everyone’s day.

My absolutely wonderful husband and kids took over. They finished the meal and served it as gracious hosts. I’m so proud of them. They handled everything beautifully.

My dad came out and visited. He shared that even my daughter’s boyfriend stepped up. He doesn’t know it, but it earned him plenty of brownie points.

Now that Thanksgiving is over and we’ve decorated the house for Christmas, it’s time to finish the edits for Against the Grain.




So hard to believe!

The past eight months have been rough. We’ve lost four people we held dear. Not all at once. No, not a single tragedy. Each one lost their battle with a medical issue.

I’ve found my concentration drifting. I haven’t been able to write much and what I did write I wasn’t happy with. It’s been a struggle. My husband was upset. He didn’t know how to ‘fix it’. If you know a dominant man, you understand how frustrating that is to them. He takes my happiness very seriously.

No one can heal grief no matter how hard they try, but he did something better. He created posters of each of my book covers and hung them on the wall in my office. He went through my press promotions and gathered all the articles I’ve written for various magazines and hung those on a different wall.

When you walk into the room you’re surrounded by my work. He thought it would be inspiring. And it is. Not because my publishers like my work, but because HE does. By going to all that trouble, I see how proud he is (whether it’s warranted or not) and I’m humbled.


You may notice the bottom right is blank. It’s my work in progress, Against the Grain. I will finish it.

Don’t worry babe, it won’t be empty for long. I’ve got this. With your support, I can do anything.