Right on!


His to Own is an All Romance Bestseller.



After escaping a controlling and abusive husband, Angela has vowed never to date or marry again. She joins Cat Tails, a BDSM club that seems like the perfect place to explore her submissive urges in a controlled environment without expectations of a relationship. She’s instantly attracted to a Dom named Brett, but he’s looking for love and marriage. Since she’s sworn off both, she is reluctant to play with him at the club.
Brett is immediately drawn to Angela but she doesn’t seem to know he exists. When she gets into trouble with an errant Dom, Brett’s protective impulse kicks in. The more he learns about her past, the more he is determined to be her future. He knows it will take time and a masterful touch to break through her barriers and make her his forever.
Reader Advisory: This story has graphic sexual language and scenes—no closed bedroom doors (or other rooms) here!

What a way to start the week!

I woke up this morning a little blurry eyed. It was a whirlwind weekend where I accomplished very little work, but enjoyed time with my family. This morning I need to hit the book hard and get Brett and Alexa to their happily ever after. While I was making breakfast for my husband and packing a few healthy snacks for him to munch on throughout the day, I was surfing the web. What do I find? Both Bondage Wedding and Erik’s book, Night, have hit the bestseller list!

Night is at number three on the M/M list and Bondage Wedding has debuted at eighteen. I was checking the list because I suspected my son had made it. We knew from the Amazon sales ranks, he was kicking butt. However, I was floored to see Bondage Wedding on the M/F list. It hasn’t even hit the major markets yet. It goes out to Amazon, Barnes and Noble and the likes on the twenty-first.

I’m so excited. If you were following my blog when I wrote James and Amanda’s story, you know I loved them both. They were a persistent pair, constantly invading my thoughts. I didn’t have a single moments peace, but I like that. I remember going to Williams, Arizona on a day trip with the family. The whole way there, I had my laptop out and was writing. At lunch, I had my notebook in hand jotting down more ideas. While the kids were in the woods tossing a football around, I was laying under the shade of a tree working. The kids still tease me about it.

To those of you who have already bought the book, I thank you. You’ve certainly made my dreams come true!

Movin’ On Up!!!

It’s cheesy I know, but I can’t even type that phrase without thinking of the theme song to the Jefferson’s. Anyway, Bondage Anniversary is at 29 on the All Romance ebooks bestseller list. I can’t stop smiling.

Today is the last day for the 99 cent promo and tomorrow it will return to the normal cost. If you’ve been thinking of getting it, you might want to do so now to avoid the higher price tag. Like so much of this process, I have no control over the pricing.  My son tells me the sales are going to drop like a rock when the price goes up.*shakes head and smiles* That’s his way of keeping me grounded. Silly man, I have enough fears and insecurities to do that all on my own.

What I also hear in his voice of reason is that he is concerned about the success of his own book. He is worried that his roller coaster ride will end in failure. Since I”m his mom any reassurances are blown off. I know only time will tell…for both of us really…but I am grateful we are together in this.

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Highs and Lows

Boy, yesterday was an emotional day. If you’ve been following along you know my son received the cover art for his second book, Monster and I was notified that I made the bestseller list for ARe. We went out to dinner to celebrate and I ran into a friend of mine. This lady and I have been through some pretty rough times together. We worked side by side for close to ten years. Throughout those times we’ve laughed, cried, and celebrated together. When I shared my news with her, the comment I received in response was–Just proves smut sells. Ouch.

I know she isn’t in the lifestyle and she is a strong proponent for women’s rights. In her eyes, the two are opposite. I can respect her view, though obviously, I don’t share it. Silly me, I didn’t expect that response to my news. I’m sorry to say I allowed it to color my ‘celebration dinner’.

Once we got home, I was playing a board game with my son and his friends when my brother called. This is the same brother that thought telling my family about my books would be a good idea. He thinks I should be writing something less naughty and never misses a chance to argue his position. I was steeling myself for another such call and I went to my room to speak to him in private. To my very pleasant surprise, he told me how proud he was of me and that he was envious. I returned to my family with tears in my eyes again, but this time for a much better reason.

I wish I could get to a place where other people’s opinion, whether it be positive or negative, wouldn’t have such an affect, but knowing me it will be a lifelong journey. Right now, I’m chalking it up to live and learn.