Fabulous February!

This is quite the month for our household. Bondage Celebration will be available on Amazon and all the major sellers on Friday. Bondage Wedding will be available through Totally Bound the following Friday, the 21st, and my son’s first book, Night, will hit the major markets the week after that on the 28th. Plus it’s our 30th wedding anniversary. What’s not to love about February?

I’m feeling a bit like a slacker. My editor for the Desired Discipline series, was asking me what my plans were for after the series is completed. I didn’t really have an answer. Several ideas have been floating around my brain. I’ve enjoyed writing these stories and have considered extending it beyond the six books currently slated for publication. I also have another story line in mind. The focus is less sexually based, more romantic suspense. I’ve even considered a paranormal series, but I think I will leave that to my son.

One thing is for sure, a year ago, I never dreamed I’d be having that discussion at all. I don’t think I’ve fully come to grips with it. Over the weekend, I had an amazing experience. My family and a bunch of friends went to a local Renaissance Fair. One of the ladies in our group was asking me something about the books and our discussion was overheard. It turns out one of the women a table away from us had read the book. She asked for my autograph. Well honestly, my brain went offline. I never expected to have such an encounter. She was bubbly and sweet. I know she spoke to me for several minutes, but I have no idea what she said. The whole time I kept thinking, she must have me confused with someone else. Someone more worthy. When she handled me the program for the fair and asked if I’d sign it, I completely froze. I thought, if I sign my name she’s going to get home and realize I wasn’t who she thought I was and will be upset I ruined her program.

My friends had a wonderful time teasing me the rest of the day. Although my family assured me that she knew the names of the characters and really was talking about my book, it still seems surreal. to me. I may have made her day, but she blew my mind.