Sunsets and New Beginnings


Living in the Sonoran Desert is a mixed bag. The scenery is spectacular. The sunsets are absolutely amazing. The people are kind and down to earth. But beneath the beauty lies a never ending struggle for survival.

With an average yearly rainfall of eight inches, plants and wildlife are forced to adapt. A lot of our flora have the ability to lie dormant for months at a time just biding their time until conditions are such that they can thrive once more.

I think humans are like that too. We go through life with nominal output. One foot in front of the other, watching the clock, getting by – barely – until something happens to wake us from our stupor.

Sometimes we don’t even notice our slow descent into dormancy. It isn’t until a storm passes through our lives bringing the needed wind and rain to clear the cobwebs that allow us to see the gifts we have around us.

Storms can take many forms. Perhaps it’s a loss. Losing a job is terrifying when it hits, but the world is often a brighter place once the gale passes.

Perhaps it’s finding a new love. When Teague met Channy, in Against the Rules, he had no idea she held the missing ingredient he needed to break free from his self-imposed hibernation. She brought him rain. While it was needed, he still fought hard against it. He’d learned to shove his emotions behind a concrete reinforced dam. It didn’t faze Channy. She whittled away at his defenses.

During the summer here in the desert, the clouds will try to bring their life sustaining moisture. In the afternoons, they’ll build and boil off in the distance. As they make their way toward the sun-scorched plants, the sun blasts them to pieces. The very ground that needs the water so badly radiates heat and helps hold the storm at bay. But just like Channy, the clouds refuse to give up. Night after night they continue their assault. At first their success is nothing more than dirtied windshields, but as the humidity grows the sun’s wall of heat is breached. The rain will come in buckets and sheets.

Imagine Teague’s surprised when a tiny, red-headed ball of fire shatters his complacency. She brings him that one integral piece of the cycle of life that he’s missing. Oh it isn’t smooth going, by any stretch of the imagination. The storm named Channy tosses his world into utter chaos. Before long though, Teague learns it’s better to fight beside Channy than against her.

Together they thrive in a way they never could have alone.

If you’d like to learn more about Teague and Channy click on the links below.

Totally Bound



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Time to get moving…

Since my sister passed away in May, I’ve been in a holding pattern. I haven’t been able to write much of anything and what I have written I’ve erased a few days later.

When Totally Bound announced that Against the Rules was going to be included in their partnership with WHSmith, I thought finally…something to get my head out of the clouds. This will give me the push I needed to get writing again.

Nope. The desire was there, but nothing would pass from my fingers to the keyboard.

Friday I got a message from my publisher. They want Against the Grain. They want to know what to expect after Against the Grain. I’ve been putting them off since I lost my friend in November. I’m now eight months late. Against the Grain is about half finished.

Saturday I sent my editor a message saying I’m trying. Please have patience with me.

I think about the story all the time, but for seconds instead of the hours that it needs to be. My concentration is shot. I feel like a butterfly flittering from one thought to the next. My focus is gone.

Yesterday my husband and I spent a lovely afternoon together. We cooked and read to each other. We were able to spend several hours of couple time. No projects, work, or children interrupting us. I feel more like my old self than I have in a months. It was much needed. For both of us.

Today I’m going to write. Eliza and Sam have been bouncing around in my head all morning. They’re telling me it’s time to get moving. They want their story written.

Wish me luck!

10:30 PM – Today was one of my best writing days ever. 5202 words. Thanks everyone for your well wishes. I can’t tell you how much it means to me.

A Hard Kept Secret

can finally be revealed. Man, it was tough not sharing the news. I’ve been biting my tongue and sitting on my fingers for months now.

A dream of mine has finally come true. At WHSmith stores across the UK you’ll find one of my books proudly on display. When Totally Bound (my publisher for both Bound to Justice and Desired Discipline) partnered with WHSmith, I was one of only 40 authors they included in this first launch. I’m truly touched and honored.

If only we lived there. I would love to walk into a brick and mortar store and see my work. Oh well, just knowing that it’s there is enough to bring a tear to my eye.

For those of you that live in the UK, please check it out one of their 96 stores. If you’re so inclined, take a picture for me! As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Whether you’re able to check it out in person or not, let me know what you think of the new cover for Against the Rules. I love it. It’s been so hard not to post it and share it with all of you.


Having Fun

Stress can suck the very life out of you if you let it. One of my best coping mechanisms for dealing with life’s trials is writing. When the real world gets too intense, I’ll slip into a world where I have control over…everything. It’s very addictive. I’ve published 11 books so far.

My latest series, Bound for Justice, is dark. Dealing with the loss of a friend and two siblings struggling with cancer, has sent me into a tumultuous place. It isn’t the happy fuck-fest of my previous two series, Desired Discipline and Master’s Touch. Bound for Justice is primarily a criminal suspense story, although you wouldn’t know that from the snippet I’m sharing today 🙂

I’m definitely having fun exploring some of the darker recesses of my psyche. Take a peek!

A teaser from Against the Grain, the third in the Bound for Justice series. (work in progress- not edited)

Taking her nipple between two fingers he pulled and squeezed until his knee, positioned between her legs, was wet from her juices.
“This tender little peak is jealous. It wants to be in my mouth too, doesn’t it? It wants to feel the pressure of my teeth biting into its sensitive skin. It wants the pain.” He looked into Eliza’s eyes. “Pain that’s just a little more than erotic. Pain that hurts until you’re not sure you can take it, but you don’t want it to stop either. You need that don’t you, Eliza?”
“Oh God, yes.”
That was all he needed to hear. He drew her tender peak into his mouth and slowly bit down. He watched her face and knew exactly when the hurt became real, when her body sent the shot of adrenaline coursing through her. He held still allowing her to live in the moment. Tears formed in her eyes, but her expression grew soft. He gave her a few more seconds of bliss before he released her. Once the pressure was gone, the blood would rush back to the surface and the pain would spike. To redirect her attention, he shifted his knee out of the way and swatted her pussy at the same time that he released her nipple.
Her scream was music to his ears. He swatted her again and again until she was writhing. He thrust two fingers into her tight pussy and reveled in the spasms of her orgasm. He wanted to be inside her so badly, he shook with need, but he reveled in that too. He felt alive. Screams from Eliza sent him into Dom space faster than anything he’d ever known.


Today’s the Day!

Woo hoo. Against the Odds, second book in the Bound for Justice series, is now available at all major book sellers. This is a very different type of book than the Desired Discipline or the Master’s Touch series.

The Bound for Justice series

The NBIA, National Border Interdiction Agency, is a black budget organization charged with keeping the country and its citizens safe. The agents take their jobs very seriously. As the nation’s guardians, they are dedicated to protecting those unable to defend themselves both within and outside our borders. These agents have been specifically selected and well-trained. Dominant men and women who are passionate and have a strength of will beyond the ordinary. Whether pursuing a terrorist or the love of their life, they will stop at nothing until they have subdued and secured their objective. These natural leaders faithfully serve both their country and their loved ones. Through honor and integrity these warriors earn the nation’s respect each and every day.


Sid is a master at solving cold cases. His mind thrives on the challenge. He has a knack for finding elusive clues and piecing the puzzle together, until he starts on the trail of a privileged teenage debutante who in a fit of rage burned down her design studio and brutally murdered her closest competitor.

As the years go by, the case becomes an obsession. Using age progression techniques, he knows the girl has grown into a beautiful woman. He wonders how many others have fallen into her web of deadly deceit.

Sasha is a brilliant interior decorator. Her designs are coveted by the rich and influential. She has a mysterious air. No one knows about her murky past and she’s determined to keep it that way. She survives by relying on no one and avoiding all personal connections. After a break-in at her office brings unwanted police attention, she feels the noose tightening. She must choose between escape and making a stand. To break free, she’ll have to do the unthinkable. She’ll have to learn to trust.

Want to know more?


Totally Bound



Adios 2015!

As the year comes to a close, I’m a little apprehensive to see it go. It has had a few high points. My son graduated from college and his career is taking off. I picked up a part time job that I have really enjoyed. I’ve made some dear friends and I’m happy working there. But mostly 2015 has been a bad news year.

Cancer reared its ugly head. It took a friend of mine and has latched its teeth into two of my siblings. My brother is making a little progress in his battle. His last scan showed improvement, but a cure isn’t the cards. The best he can hope for is to slow its growth and maintain his current quality of life. Unfortunately, my sister’s battle is nearing the end. She’s in stage four and they’re striving to make her comfortable. As is so often the case, the family drama has kicked into overdrive. It would be nice if attitudes and egos could give it a rest.

I’ve seen many posts on Tumblr and Facebook touting 2016 as a clean slate. I wish that were the case. Unfortunately, we drag a lot of baggage into the new year with us. While attitude and good spirits can take you pretty far, some circumstances will remain the same. The battle my siblings endure will not suddenly disappear as the clock strikes twelve.

On a different note, my comfy job is coming to an end as well. There’s a hiring freeze and a ceiling limit on employees. In the current state of affairs, a part time employee counts the same as a full time employee. Our  work load has increased significantly, but as it stands now, they aren’t allowed to add to the head count. Therefore, my part time position is going full time. They want me to stay on, but there’s a big difference between 24 hours and 40.  Needs of the business dictates the change and I understand and even empathize, but I don’t like it. My position will be posted at the beginning of the year. I have to decide whether to step aside or step up to the plate. I am exceedingly blessed to be given the option. I do realize many people are not so fortunate, but for me, it’s a big pill to swallow.

On a more positive note, I have a book coming out the first Tuesday in January. Against the Odds is the second book in the Bound for Justice series. The editor and I went a few rounds over that book. It was the most heated editing session I’ve ever been through and I’m anxious to hear what you think of the final product. If you don’t like waiting, it’s available now through the publisher’s website. Click here to check it out.


I’m hard at work on book three, Sammy’s story, Against the Grain. I’m hoping to send it to the publisher in February.

Be good to us 2016.

Another Five Star Review :)

From the very first page, this story had me hooked. Tori develops an intricate and believable world of suspense, one which weaves together a drug cartel, secret agents, a teacher, and a serial killer, all while keeping a romance in the forefront. The main characters are well-developed and personal, human beings with flaws like you and I, and I grow to care so much about them.


Chantel is a teacher, a sweet and funny woman, but she is no push-over. She can take care of herself. She is a warrior, one who is ready for love. She wants so badly to give of herself, but she’s also cautious. She knows a bit about the darkness in the world.

Teague is a protector, a man with a huge heart, one which places the well being of others before himself. He’s a bit lost – he can’t trust anyone and has been burned before. Constantly on the run and sleeping with one eye open makes for a life of little connection or personal fulfillment. He yearns for more.

When the two meet, two worlds seemingly collide. They are inexplicably drawn to one another. After a hot, romantic weekend together, both are forever changed. He finds himself wanting things he’s been afraid to want and her eyes are opened to love in new ways. Her deepest desires are awakened, which leaves her questioning her ideals and belief system at its core. The sex scenes are deeply intimate and steamy and help give so much insight into the both characters.

Amidst kidnappings by a serial killer and a drug cartel, the two remain drawn to one another, only deepening their connection. The plot takes unexpected twists and turns which kept me on the edge of my seat, all the while pulling for Chantel and Teague to find the love they so desperately deserve.

This was an amazing read and I can’t wait for book two in the series! I highly recommend it.

Against the Odds Pre-order

Once their paths cross, their fates are sealed.


Sid is a master at solving cold cases. His mind thrives on the challenge. He has a knack for finding elusive clues and piecing the puzzle together, until he starts on the trail of a privileged teenage debutante who in a fit of rage burned down her design studio and brutally murdered her closest competitor.

As the years go by, the case becomes an obsession. Using age progression techniques, he knows the girl has grown into a beautiful woman. He wonders how many others have fallen into her web of deadly deceit.