Bondage…On Sale!

Now that I have your attention 🙂 let me tell you what the publisher has agreed to do to celebrate the release of Bondage Included. This week only, they are offering Bondage Anniversary, the first book in the Desired Discipline series, for free from the Totally Bound website and for only 99 cents on Amazon. Please help spread the word!



Early Download of Bondage Included Now Available

André would do just about anything to please Adriana, but the one thing she needed, he couldn’t give.


Adriana has it bad for André, a consummate bachelor. He owns a kink club and often jokes he’ll die single with a flogger in one hand and a whip in the other.

Their instant spark turns into a smoldering fury when she learns he has three live-in trainees. She has no intentions of being one of many. She is a one man kind of girl and she demands the same in return.

André is equally intrigued by the black haired beauty. Though he has three women, ready and willing to please his every whim, he can’t stop fantasizing about Adriana. She invades his thoughts and dreams. He enjoys their crazy, non-sequitur conversations. He looks for ways to make her smile. Despite his desire, André knows he can never be what Adriana needs.

When a situation arises and Adriana suddenly has André all to herself for nearly four months, she’ll stop at nothing to land her man.  Though she lacks his experience, Adriana has more than one surprise up her sleeve. Will she be the woman to curb his bachelor ways?

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Bondage Anniversary is finished! After completing the edits, I was so excited I called a dear friend of mine and shared the news. She asked me if I felt a sense of sadness to have worked so hard to bring these characters to life and now have to move on to another story. Honestly, I felt quite a few emotions, but sadness sure wasn’t one of them.

I understand where she was coming from, though. Think about the holidays. So much planning and energy goes into making the event as perfect as possible — then poof! it’s over. No matter how great it was, there is still a sense of the doldrums that it’s over.

Thankfully, I’m still riding a crest of excitement. I’ve finished the rough draft for book two (tentative title Bondage Celebration) and I’m working the kinks 😉 out of book three (tentative title Bondage Wedding). I suspect when the series is finished, I may feel the sense of sadness my friend predicted. For the moment — life is good!