A home invasion leaves one man dead. Can the KCPD track down the killer before anyone else is murdered?



What is one thing your storyteller got right?

The instant attraction between me and the man I now share my life with. From the first moment I walked into Hewlett Pawn, I fell into a deep case of lust with one of the owners, Rob Hewlett. His eyes, his lips, his long ponytail…my mind did not want to stay on the case I was working. In fact, and I’ll deny this if you repeat it, but I probably got a little distracted from my case because of the immediate attraction Rob and I shared.

Excluding your own, what is your favorite book?

Must admit I enjoyed Dixon’s Duty, about my friend at the KCPD Dix. Oh, and NYPD Heat by Jenna Byrnes. That one rocked!

Pick a scene in your story. What song is playing in the background?

When Rob stops by the police department to drop off my stuff—This Ain’t Goodbye by Train

Who would you want to play you in a movie-retelling of your story? Who would play your love interest?

I’d go with Alex O’Laughlin for myself and Bradley Cooper for Rob. Drooling already!

Your storyteller told some pretty embarrassing tales about you. Is there any secrets you’d like to share about them?

Oh yeah!  Jenna can’t keep a secret worth a damn. She really didn’t need to tell that I’d like to have mirrors on my bedroom ceiling. Or that I cry when I get emotional. That was intrusive, to say the least! So I’ll just let you know here and now, she cries watching Little House on the Prairie, even the episodes she’s seen a hundred times.

What is your favorite chapter of your story?

The epilogue. It’s not giving anything away because Jenna always writes happy endings. But I freaking love that ending.

What is a quote you live by?

It’s one Jenna uses in her bio: Be careful who you hate. It may be someone you love.

Want to learn more?

I knew you did. Check out this blurb froPeyton’s Pursuit by Jenna Byrnes

This is book two in the Kansas City Heat series.

A home invasion leaves one man dead. Can the KCPD track down the killer before anyone else is murdered?

Detective Nick Peyton lands a homicide case involving stolen property. He finds himself with the tedious task of visiting pawn shops, showing photos of jewelry and other missing items. When he meets store owner Rob Hewlett, Nick suddenly feels like this is the best job he’s ever had.

Nick and Rob share an immediate attraction and act on it without much thought. With his mind on other things, Nick exchanges only the most basic information with the hot stud who has captivated his heart and soul. He soon comes to realize how little they know about each other and that, sometimes, secrets can be deadly.



About the Author

Jenna Byrnes could use more cabinet space and more hours in a day. She’d fill the kitchen with gadgets her husband purchases off TV and let him cook for her to his heart’s content. She’d breeze through the days adding hours of sleep, and more time for writing the hot, erotic romance she loves to read.

Jenna thinks everyone deserves a happy ending, and loves to provide as many of those as possible to her gay, lesbian and hetero characters. Her favorite quote, from a pro-gay billboard, is “Be careful who you hate. It may be someone you love.”

Website: http://www.jennabyrnes.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/authorjennabyrnes

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