The One and Only


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Jeep Diva Review

How can Sean, a kink club owner, convince his soulmate love isn’t just overzealous lust, and he really is her happily ever after?

Michelle is intrigued by Sean Jameson, a sexy businessman that frequents her diner. Though he haunts her dreams, she assumes he is out of her league, until he makes her an offer she can’t refuse.

Sean was immediately attracted to Michelle. Her vibrant smile and expressive eyes draw him back time and again. After he discovers she is in the market for a new job, he seizes the opportunity.

The hours and pay are outstanding, but when she finds out she’d be bartending at a BDSM club, she is both curious and repelled. Sean uses every weapon in his arsenal to win her over.  Although the club’s beauty and the chance to explore Dominance and submission with a true Master are appealing, it’s the opportunity to be with Sean that tips the scales.

Little does he know, the fight to get her in the club is nothing compared to the battle he’ll have to wage to win her heart. Michelle is as cynical as she is passionate. Once she wears his collar, the stakes turn deadly. Michelle isn’t the only woman interested in Sean. To claim her Master, Michelle will have to learn the true meaning of love.






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