Character’s Perspective with Detective Nick Peyton from Peyton’s Pursuit by Jenna Byrnes.

A home invasion leaves one man dead. Can the KCPD track down the killer before anyone else is murdered?


What is one thing your storyteller got right?

The instant attraction between me and the man I now share my life with. From the first moment I walked into Hewlett Pawn, I fell into a deep case of lust with one of the owners, Rob Hewlett. His eyes, his lips, his long ponytail…my mind did not want to stay on the case I was working. In fact, and I’ll deny this if you repeat it, but I probably got a little distracted from my case because of the immediate attraction Rob and I shared.

Excluding your own, what is your favorite book?

Must admit I enjoyed Dixon’s Duty, about my friend at the KCPD Dix. Oh, and NYPD Heat by Jenna Byrnes. That one rocked!

Pick a scene in your story. What song is playing in the background?

When Rob stops by the police department to drop off my stuff—This Ain’t Goodbye by Train

Who would you want to play you in a movie-retelling of your story? Who would play your love interest?

I’d go with Alex O’Laughlin for myself and Bradley Cooper for Rob. Drooling already!

Your storyteller told some pretty embarrassing tales about you. Is there any secrets you’d like to share about them?

Oh yeah!  Jenna can’t keep a secret worth a damn. She really didn’t need to tell that I’d like to have mirrors on my bedroom ceiling. Or that I cry when I get emotional. That was intrusive, to say the least! So I’ll just let you know here and now, she cries watching Little House on the Prairie, even the episodes she’s seen a hundred times.

What is your favorite chapter of your story?

The epilogue. It’s not giving anything away because Jenna always writes happy endings. But I freaking love that ending.

What is a quote you live by?

It’s one Jenna uses in her bio: Be careful who you hate. It may be someone you love.

Want to learn more?

I knew you did. Check out this blurb froPeyton’s Pursuit by Jenna Byrnes

This is book two in the Kansas City Heat series.

A home invasion leaves one man dead. Can the KCPD track down the killer before anyone else is murdered?

Detective Nick Peyton lands a homicide case involving stolen property. He finds himself with the tedious task of visiting pawn shops, showing photos of jewelry and other missing items. When he meets store owner Rob Hewlett, Nick suddenly feels like this is the best job he’s ever had.

Nick and Rob share an immediate attraction and act on it without much thought. With his mind on other things, Nick exchanges only the most basic information with the hot stud who has captivated his heart and soul. He soon comes to realize how little they know about each other and that, sometimes, secrets can be deadly.


About the Author

Jenna Byrnes could use more cabinet space and more hours in a day. She’d fill the kitchen with gadgets her husband purchases off TV and let him cook for her to his heart’s content. She’d breeze through the days adding hours of sleep, and more time for writing the hot, erotic romance she loves to read.

Jenna thinks everyone deserves a happy ending, and loves to provide as many of those as possible to her gay, lesbian and hetero characters. Her favorite quote, from a pro-gay billboard, is “Be careful who you hate. It may be someone you love.”


Character’s Perspective with Viv from N.J. Nielsen’s Family Connections

Ray and Viv realise love isn’t always what they expect it to be, but learning to deal with the road ahead can be worth the heartache.

TCC 1 - Family Connections

 Welcome Viv. Glad you stopped by. Please tell us, what do you hope readers take away from this retelling of your story?

To be honest—I hope that they just get it. That the story makes sense and touches them in some way. I’ve never been one to put myself out there on the line until that line was forced on my by interfering friends and family. I want the readers to see that no matter how this started out and even though I may have been a bit of an arse in the beginning things eventually worked out in the end. I also want them to see how happy I am.

What is one thing your storyteller got right?

She listened to what I had to tell her, and even though she sided with Ray more often than not she still managed to show the real me. Insecurities and all.

What is one thing your storyteller misrepresented?

Probably how easy it was for me to switch sides in who my desired lover should be. I mean, I was straight. I’d always been straight and then she kind of pushed Ray right into my line of sight—I never believed in insta-love, so in reality I think it would have been stretched out a little more.

If you could have changed one of your actions – just one – what would it be, and why?

I would have never have let Grace into our lives. I would have…actually I don’t know what I would have done. They say all things happen for a reason. Mistakes sometimes get made and Grace Kennedy is my biggest mistake that I will regret until my dying day.

Who would you want to play you in a movie-retelling of your story? Who would play your love interest?

Shane Brolly—the guy who played Kraven in underworld…NJ says he was the role model for my looks… so I guess he’s as good a guy as anyone.

What is a quote you live by?

Life is like an ice-cream cone – when you think you have it licked – it drips all over you.

Excluding your own, what is your favorite book?

David Eddings: The Diamond Throne—Sparhawk is the best character ever written.

What would you have named your story?

My Knight in Tarnished Armor, but too many people thought it would make people think it was a historical instead of being set in the here and now… Ray once told me I was his night in tarnished armor and I jokingly told him he was my damsel in disgrace. So yeah. I would have called it that.

What event in your life would make a wonderful short-story addition to your story?

If you want something romantic then maybe my wedding day—or, more so my inner thoughts of everything that was happening.

Was there anything your storyteller left out that you’d like your fans to know?

Honestly. I think for people to understand me, they need to see the younger me. Surviving my mother and step-father… it would be sad, maybe even a little scary… but it would go a long way in explaining why I am the way I am.

Were you reluctant to have your story told?

No…Yes… Oh Hell, I was a little apprehensive about people learning all there is to know about me and realising I’m not at cool, calm, and collected as I like people to think I am. It was a little daunting to know the readers were going to see the real me—warts and all, but other than that I was kind of excited for everyone to see that—hey, it really does get better. All you have to do is take that first step.

If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?

I would like to be more open and honest with the people who are important in my life. I try to be but sometimes I catch myself standing back and watching from the sidelines. Ray is so much better at all this stuff than I am. Most times he sees the whole picture while I just see the part I’m standing in.

Did your storyteller take any artistic liberties? If so, please set the story straight.

Yes… NJ made me more together than I usually am. When reading through the story of my life I sometimes found myself wishing that I was that guy. I was at first reluctant to put myself on display for the world to see—so sometimes NJ needed to give me a little kick in the arse.

In what setting would you have preferred your story to have taken place?

Well, don’t tell anyone but I really am a bit of a sci-fi geek… I would have loved for us all to have lived on a space station. The setting in our story is real—Grandma really did let us move in and take over her house. I know she’d share my vision of living on a space station—it’s never mentioned, but Grandma is a secret Star Wars fan. Her and I have spent a few afternoons watching the movies.

Your storyteller told some pretty embarrassing tales about you. Is there any secrets you’d like to share about them?

I will deny I ever said this if she finds out, but… NJ once went screaming bare-arsed naked up the street when a huge spider jumped on her in the shower. She had the shower curtain in her hand as she ran 4 doors down demanding her friend get the spider off of her. True story I tell you—one of her neighbours said those that were home and in the yard gave her a standing ovation. She has never lived it down…Did I mention she is terrified of spiders?

Retell your story in a haiku.

I’m not good at this sort of thing but here goes.

Crazy filled life

Finding true love

Lasting forever and a day

I’d just like to add that I’m a researcher, not a poet…

Sounded great to me! Let’s pretend your story is being made into a musical. What’s the name of your song?

Don’t Ever Let It End—by Nickelback.

Pick a scene in your story. What song is playing in the background?

The scene where Ray walks in on me and Grace in the office. Maybe this is just me be spiteful, but this song is aimed at Grace and not Ray or myself… Theory of a Deadman’s: The Bitch Came Back.

Great songs! What is your favorite chapter of your story?

Chapter 3, because it’s where Ray’s and my story really began. If Girly and Dan hadn’t decided to interfere than we wouldn’t be sitting here having this chat today.

If price was no consequence, what gift would you buy your love interest?

Anything he wanted. Ray deserves it all.

What first attracted you to your love interest?

His crooked smile.

What surprises you most about your love interest?

His heart and how much capacity he had to love everyone in his life

At what moment did you know you were in love?

When I was sitting on the plane and I said the words out loud, and for the first time it finally clicked that they were no longer just words. I wasn’t playing a game anymore—for me it was scarily real.

If you could watch your love interest’s childhood as a film, would you?

Only if he wanted me to. I know there are some things in his past that are painful and better left where they are. I know I’d love to see a montage on all the gigs they’d played over the years.

What is one moment in your love interest’s life – before you met – you wish you could have experienced?

I wished I could have been with him the day he found out his sister had left him as guardian of his niece. Ray and Girly are really close. He’s a great father but I would have liked to have been there for the early years. I know the time wasn’t all roses and candy that there were some hard things and I wish I could have been the one to support him—thank God he had Grandma.

Put three items in a time capsule you will open in 25 years. What are your items?

  • Our first family photo. To show people our story is real.
  • A David Bowie CD, so everyone else gets a chance to listen to a legend.
  • A beer glass with the Declan’s logo. As my nightclub is where I first laid eyes on Ray.

Thank you so much for being here today, Viv! I’m sure my readers are excited to read your story!

Let’s learn a little bit more about N.J. Nielsen

NJ needs to write like she needs to breathe. It’s an addiction that she never intends to find a cure for. When you don’t find NJ writing about the wonderful men in her stories you find her reading work by others who she greatly admires. NJ lives in the SE of Qld, Australia with her family who all encourage her writing career even if she does occasionally call them by her character’s names. NJ thinks that anyone taking the time to read her stuff is totally awesome.





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Character’s Perspective with Jorja Lovett’s Jonah Hamilton from First Floor: Cosmetics

Welcome to this weeks Character’s Perspective. I’m honored to have Jonah Hamilton with us today.

Take one younger man, add some illicit outdoor sex, and Maggie Fenton is inclined to forget she’s the oldest cosmetics girl at Kelsey’s Department Store.



What do you hope readers take away from this retelling of your story?

I guess we want people to realize they don’t have to live their lives according to how other people think they should. It doesn’t matter how old, or young, you are, if you’re unhappy in your situation, do something about it.

If you could have changed one of your actions – just one – what would it be and why?

Ah. I can’t tell you the part of the story where I threw my toys out of the pram because Jorja would kill me for giving away too much. Let’s just say, I reacted very badly to some news and it was the one time the age difference between Maggie and I became apparent.

What event in your life would make a wonderful short-story addition to your story?

Well, as you know, I’m a bit of a free spirit. I think the journal I kept during my travels might make for an interesting read…

In what setting would you have preferred your story to have taken place?

Let’s be honest, a department store in rainy Belfast wasn’t the most glamorous setting! Given half the chance I’d have preferred to meet Maggie at a beach bar on a sun-drenched island.

What is your favourite chapter of your story?

I’m not going to lie, chapter three stands out <grins> Not only does Maggie agree to go out with me for the first time, but things get hot and steamy pretty quickly. What? I’m a guy, give me a break!

What first attracted you to your love interest?

It’s no secret that Maggie is stunningly beautiful, and there’s something sexy about a sophisticated older woman. But there was also an air of sadness around her and I really wanted to be the person who could make her smile.

At what moment did you know you were in love?

I probably fell for Maggie that same night but I didn’t realize it until she told me it was a mistake. I should’ve been happy when she tried to make it work with her husband, because up until then I didn’t do commitment. But, I couldn’t get her out of my head, and friendship simply didn’t seem enough. You have no idea how hard it was to lie in bed comforting her and not make a move on her. Pun intended!

What is one moment in your love interest’s life – before you met – you wish you could have experienced?

I should’ve been there to stop her from making the biggest mistake of her life in marrying that eejit, Peter. Although, I would’ve been, like, ten, so any grand declaration of my love then would’ve seen me laughed out of the church. In the end, fate knows what it’s doing.


The Department Store #2

First Floor: Cosmetics


Take one younger man, add some illicit outdoor sex, and Maggie Fenton is inclined to forget she’s the oldest cosmetics girl at Kelsey’s Department Store.


From the outside, it looks as though Maggie Fenton has it all. The glamorous head of the cosmetics department lives a life of luxury, but money definitely hasn’t bought her happiness. In reality, she’s married to a serial cheat who has made her life a misery for over a decade. With her husband chasing younger women, and her teenage co-workers’ catty comments ringing in her ears, Maggie’s resigned herself to being on the scrap heap. Until Jonah Hamilton puts temptation in her way and reminds her she’s still a red-blooded woman.


Commitment is a four letter word as far as Jonah is concerned. He has no intention of settling down when he has the whole world at his feet. The only reason he takes a summer job at Kelsey’s is to fund his travels. Well, that, and the sexy older woman he can’t help flirting with over the makeup counter. Maggie soon becomes a good friend and someone who shows him how good love can be.


The chemistry between them is undeniable but is a fling enough to satisfy their desires, or is it simply the start of something bigger?

Available to buy from August 15th



All Romance


Author Bio:

Jorja Lovett is a British author with both Irish and Scottish roots, which makes for a very dry sense of humour. Writing since she was old enough to wield a pen, it wasn’t until she joined her crit group, UCW, that she pursued her passion seriously.

Now, with Joe Manganiello as her permanent muse, if she can leave the pause button on her Magic Mike dvd long enough, she hopes to spend the rest of her days writing steamy romances.



Character’s Perspective with Rique Fuentes from Ashley Ladd’s Cooking Up a Storm

Brooks and Rique desperately want to win a coveted chef’s job offered by an eccentric millionaire in paradise. Even more, Rique desperately wants to stay alive.


Thank you so much for coming today. Please introduce yourself. What is your name and what makes you intrinsically you?

Thank you, Ashley! I’m so glad to be here, and by “be here”, I also mean to be alive. That was a close call.

I’m Enrique “Rique” Fuentes, co-head chef for Jonah Verleun on his private Caribbean island.

I live to cook, to create new and wonderful dishes to delight my boss’s palate.

I’m from the Louisiana bayou and although I’ve been taken out of the bayou, the bayou is still a big part of me.

What is your secret guilty pleasure(s)?

I love to read erotic romance and watch erotic movies. The more flesh, the more lovemaking, the better.

Me too! Have you ever been arrested or done anything else you’re ashamed of? Please tell us all about it/them.

I’m ashamed of my gambling addiction. It got so bad while I was working in Las Vegas that I became indebted to the Eddie Carlucci, mobster. I almost got myself killed over it, and not just me, but my new love, Brooks.

Have you ever done something really wonderful? What was it?  It’s okay to stand up and take a bow.

Right after Hurricane Katrina hit in Louisiana, I helped several of my neighbors to escape their houses right before they washed away. We barely got out of that storm alive. Unfortunately, that seems to be becoming a pattern.

What was the most traumatic thing that ever happened to you? How did you recover from it (or have you recovered)?

It’s a tossup between surviving Hurricane Katrina and being hunted by the mob. Both almost got me killed.

What are the top three or four things on your bucket list that you’d still like to accomplish?

I’d love to win my own TV cooking show on a big network. I want to be the next Julia Child or Gordon Ramsey.

I want to write a cookbook, or a series of cookbooks, and see them published. I don’t mean merely published, but a big ass print run, like millions of copies. I want to write the Harry Potter of cookbooks!

I want to get up the nerve to wrestle an alligator. Coming from the bayou, it’s in my blood.

What is your greatest fear? Why? Have you ever had to face it? If so, please tell us about it.

Coming face to face with an alligator is pretty high on my list. Once when I was still living in the bayou, I came home drunk late at night and I wasn’t as careful as I should be, I almost tripped over one of those monsters that had crawled out of the swamp. Those suckers are a lot faster than they look. I barely got into my house with my skin still intact.

Fright would have killed me on the spot! What was your most embarrassing moment?

My mother set me up with her best friend’s daughter. When she came onto me, I pushed her away—in front of my mother and the girl’s mother. That was one hell of a way to come out of the closet to my family.

What are your credentials for the job you’re doing now?

I’m a distinguished graduate of Le Cordon Bleu chef’s school. Since then, I’ve held several chef’s positions in some of the best hotels in New Orleans and Las Vegas.

Do you have a good relationship with your family? How would you describe your family and your relationship with them?

It hasn’t been too good since I embarrassed my mother in front of her best friend. I could have handled telling her I was gay better. Of course, I was only 20 at the time. I’d handle it much better now.

Who is your best friend? Do you stay in close contact with him/her?

Billy Ray “Bubba” Devereau back in the bayou is the best friend I ever had. We still email and talk on the phone but not as much as I’d like. His bride, Emmy Jo, isn’t too thrilled with my gambling or my (ex) man-chasing ways.

What is your favorite breakfast? Dinner? Snack?

I love a good beignet for breakfast. I like food too much to have one favorite dinner but a juicy well-cooked steak is always welcome.

Snacks? Chocolate ice cream. Red velvet cake.

Who was the one that got away? Tell us a bit about him/her and how they got away.

J.O. He’s married to a woman now so I don’t want to cause trouble for him by stating his name. It broke my heart when he decided he wasn’t gay, that I had just been an experiment that didn’t work out. I know I shouldn’t blame myself because he decided he liked women, but I should have been able to spot it, to protect my heart better.

If you were to change careers, what else would you do?

I used to dream of being a secret agent for the FBI, but after running from the mob, getting shot at and almost losing my life, I’m not so sure.

Is there anything about your hero/heroine that you would like to change? What is it and why?

Brooks is perfect. Sometimes he gets a little silly, but most of the time, he makes me laugh and I really need that.

Is there anything else you’d like to tell us or your author?

Thank you for introducing me to the two most important people in my life, for giving me true love.

Let’s learn a little more about Ashley.

Ashley Ladd bio

Ashley Ladd lives in South Florida with her husband, five children, and beloved pets. She loves the water, animals (especially cats), and playing on the computer.

She’s been told she has a wicked sense of humour and often incorporates humour and adventure into her books. She also adores very spicy romance, which she weaves into her stories.

Can’t wait to dive into Cooking Up a Storm?

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All Romance Ebooks:

Totally Bound:

Character’s Perspective with Miranda from Willa Edward’s Valentine Next Door

This week I’d like to welcome Miranda from Willa Edwards Valentine Next Door
Jeremy’s not about to let a few numbers get between him and the woman he’s dreamed of since high school. Can Mrs Valentine do the same?
What do you hope reader’s take away from this retelling of your story? 
That it’s never too late to live the life you want to. After my first husband died I thought my 
life was over, that I would just wither away in my house like one of the Bronte sisters. But by 
opening my heart to someone I never expect, my lovely Jeremy, I’ve received everything 
I’ve ever dreamed of and more. 
Excluding your own, what is your favorite book? 
That’s way too hard a question to ask a librarian. But if I had to pick one, it would probably 
be Pride and Prejudice. I probably reread that story at least once a year. 
What first attracted you to your love interest? 
I’ve always loved Jeremy’s easy way with people. He makes everyone feel comfortable 
around him. Even when he was a kid he had the charm. I also love his sense of adventure. I 
certainly need more of that in my life. 
What surprises you most about your love interest? 
Jeremy is more old fashioned than many people realize. He’s very focused on being a 
good provider, a good husband and hopefully soon a good father. He seems like a 
carefree kid sometimes, but he takes the important stuff very seriously. 
What event in your life would make a wonderful short-story addition to your story? 
I don’t know if it would make a good short story, I’m not much of a writer, but telling 
Jeremy’s parents we wanted to get married was certainly an eventful conversation. 
Considering I’d been friends with them for over fifteen years and they knew my first 
husband, they had some reservations. But they’re coming around. 
Also, Jeremy and I are scheduled to spend this summer in the Andes. He’s been 
commissioned to take some photographs of some rare birds, so that might be a hoot to 
hear about. 
If price was no consequence, what gift would you buy your love interest? 
A red Mustang. He’s always wanted one, but since he lived in New York City for the past 
ten years he never bought himself one. I’d love to give it to him. Something special, that just 
for him, to show him how much he means to me. But he would never let me purchase one 
for him. It wouldn’t fit a car seat. 
Were you reluctant to have your story told? 
Certainly. My relationship with Jeremy isn’t exactly traditional, and though most people 
have accepted us being together, I know there are many out there that might look down on 
the age difference between us. Allowing my story to be told opened us up to a lot of 
Also I was concerned about how my previous husband’s family would feel, reading about 
me with another man. I just want to state for the record that I love my previous husband very 
much, and I have no doubt that it he were still alive we’d still be married. He was a fantastic 
man. Unfortunately life didn’t work out that way.  
What is your favorite chapter of your story? 
My favorite part of my story is what’s happened since the book ended. What happens after 
Happily Ever After is so much better than the buildup. 
Put three items in a time capsule you will open in 25 years. What are your items? 
A kindle full of great books. A thumb drive full of Jeremy’s amazing photos. And a family 
album, full of pictures of our beautiful family and all the great adventures we’ve had. 
Thank you so much for stopping by and reading my interview. I hope you’ll check out my 
story, Valentine Next Door. Now available with Totally Bound Publishing. 
Want to learn more? Check out the blurb…
 Jeremy Callahan has been in love with his next door neighbor, Miranda Valentine, since he
was fifteen years old. As a teen he used to watch her, fantasising about how he could make her his.
But he never acted on it. Miranda was older, married and out of his league. Forced to return home
ten years later after being injured on a photo shoot, all those old feelings return, and this time
there’s no reason to keep them at bay. She might be a decade older than him, but Jeremy’s
not about to let a few numbers stand in his way.
Since her husband’s death, Miranda’s been left with a big hole in her life. Never able to fulfillher dream to be a mom, Miranda isn’t sure what do with herelf. She certainly isn’t expecting to find the most gorgeous man she’s ever met next door. She can’t believe Jermey Callahan is that sexy younger man, or that he’s had a crush on her for years. When he kisses her, all bets are off.Jeremy’s young, gorgeous and makes her feel more than anyone has before.
But she knows he can’t want the same things she does. He can’t be ready to settle down and start a family, but she’s running of time. Will her dream of being a mother keep her from the man she loved?
Or can they find some middle ground where they both can get everything they want?
Miranda hastily climbed the porch steps, balancing the cake in one hand while 
pushing the doorbell with her left index finger. If she was lucky, the Callahans would be in the middle of dinner and she could just drop off the cake and head back home. She was already looking forward to settling down in front of the television to watch the latest romantic comedy Netflix had sent her, something about finding love in the wilds of Africa. That and the carton of ice cream that wouldn’t be taking up space in her freezer for much longer.
The door slid open and one of the most gorgeous men she’d ever seen stood in the doorway. 
His dark hair was cut short. His chocolate-colored eyes focused on her and she swallowed. He looked at her with such intensity her skin tingled. His red T-shirt club to a chiseled chest, and a pair of dark sweats bunch up around the cast molded to his right leg.
“Jeremy?” This couldn’t be little Jeremy Callahan standing before her. The man holding the door open was very different from the boy who had left home.  
But he has to be. How many men could the Callahans have wandering around their house with a broken leg?
He smiled at her with the same boyish grin he’d given her that first morning she and Leo had moved into the neighborhood. She still remembered him standing in his driveway playing basketball with one of his buddies a few weeks before his first days of high school.
Jeremy had always been tall, but as a kid he’d been skinny and lanky. He’d definitely grown into his height. His chest was now broad and solid. His biceps flexed as he dropped the doorknob, crossing his arms along his chest. Even his waist was thick with muscle, the kind that would be defined beneath that red T-shirt. 
“Hi, Mrs Valentine.” 
She cleared her throat, gripping the cake container a little tighter in her sweaty hands. “Please, Jeremy. You’re not in school anymore. You don’t have to call me Mrs Valentine. Miranda is fine.”
“Okay. Hi, Miranda.”  
She liked the sound of her name on his lips. It took her a second to realize she’d never heard him say it before.
He’d always been a very polite boy, always respectful. But she was starting to like the man a lot better.
“Well, I…uh, made this for you and your folks. Just a little I-hope-you-feel-better cake.” She handed the dessert to Jeremy, forcing herself to stop rambling.
He grabbed the Tupperware container with quick hands that looked much bigger than they used to.  
“Thank you.” He glanced down at the Bundt cake. “Is this mocha fudge?”  
She nodded.  
“Good. I always loved that cake.” He leaned forward a little, as though to tell her a secret, his mouth moving toward hers.
His woodsy, masculine smell wafted to her across the space between them. His heat and strong 
presence calling her like a moth to a flame. 
“I’ve always had quite a sweet tooth.” He grinned at her. Her mind flashed to what else he could 
do with those teeth. Those lips. That mouth. 
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Character’s Perspective with Rosalie Stanton’s Dante from Lost Wages of Sin

Working for Lucifer is the best job in the universe, until the day it’s not. Then you’re on your own, with Hell at your heels.
What do you hope reader’s take away from this retelling of your story? 
 Honesty. Best fucking policy there is. Things woulda gone a lot different for me if I’d been upfront from the start. ’Course on the flip side, and there’s always a flip side, I think of how things are now between us. Me and Ava, I mean. I wouldn’t change a thing about where we are now. That I could’ve had it all along smarts like a bitch, but if it wasn’t like this all along, I dunno if I’d change it.

But I’ll stick with it and say honesty. ’Cause even if I wasn’t completely honest with her until recent, being anything but that won’t do me any favors going forward…and I am not going to lose this.

What is one thing your storyteller misrepresented?

I seem to remember kicking more ass than she gave me credit for. Sure, my lady packs a harder punch than I do, but I’m not the type to go down in a life-or-death battle without taking three or four assholes with me, you know?

If you could have changed one of your actions – just one – what would it be, and why?

If I could be guaranteed nothing would change? After Ava left, the first time, I mean…I wouldn’t have let my other head do the thinking. Don’t much like to think about it, but there it is. ’Course, I don’t know what woulda come of it. She came back. I should’ve known she’d come back. Ava never walks off forever. If I’d waited, we might’ve been together a lot longer.

But she’d been dancing around me for so long, you know? Lots of flirting, sure, and she knew I was hers if she just…but she was scared. I should’ve seen it. I know her better than anyone, but I thought she was running from me rather than herself. Couldn’t help but take it personally. Knowing what I know now, I would’ve waited for her. She’s worth waiting for till the end of the world. What was a few more weeks? I was a moron.

 Who would you want to play you in a movie-retelling of your story? Who would play your love interest?

Well, I know what my storyteller would say. Colin what’s-his-face who plays Hook in that fairy show. And Ava would be played by that girl on American Horror Story. The redhead? The one who played the sexed up housekeeper? The young one, of course. Ava might be two thousand years old, but she doesn’t look a day over twenty-five. Personally, though, we should just play ourselves. No one knows our story better than us.

Were you reluctant to have your story told?

Only that the author wouldn’t capture me in all my glory. She coulda done a better job, but considering what a task that was, I suppose I can live with it.

 Your storyteller told some pretty embarrassing tales about you. Is there any secrets you’d like to share about them?

Well, it took her two versions and four years to get the story right. Mighty embarrassing for her, don’t you think? Shouldn’t have been in such a hurry the first time. We deserve nothing but perfection.

 Your story is being made into a musical. What’s the name of your song?

Demons Do It Better. Take that as you will.

 What first attracted you to your love interest?

If you knew Ava, you wouldn’t have to ask…but here, I’ll give it a go. Umm…Everything. She’s the strongest person I know, and I mean that every way you can take it. She doesn’t take shit, least of all from me. She didn’t need rescuing. Never has. When I first met Ava, she was saving my ass from being a holy man’s campfire. She didn’t hesitate. Didn’t bat an eye. Didn’t ask for a fucking thank you. Just went on saving the lot of us—there were a few demons there who were seconds from being thrown on the pyre, and she had no reason to get involved. The second I saw her, I knew she was special. Just took a few hundred years to figure out just how much.

What surprises you most about your love interest?

That she actually loves me. Fuck knows what I did to deserve it. But I’ll fight for it every day for the rest of forever.

At what moment did you know you were in love?

For me, it was the beginning. Right from the beginning. Every moment after that just showed me why.

Thank you so much for sitting with me today, Dante. I’m sure my readers are going to love your story.

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Character’s Perspective Duncan and Kenzi from the Baobhan Sith Trilogy

His thirst for vengeance. Her desire for his touch. Their chase through eternity.

“Kenzi” Katherine MacKenzie is being hunted by Duncan Munroe. For four hundred years he has searched for her, their immortal baobhan sith bodies immune to age, her crime against him driving his thirst for vengeance. His need to be free of the sith curse.

But what he discovers when he captures her—what they both discover in each other—upends their centuries-long chase into something far greater. Something frightening.

Something eternal.


Duncan: Kenzi, whose office is this? I thought we were meeting Charles and—

Kenzi: Oh, I know that scowly-face, big man. Now don’t be mad—

Duncan: Little one, what did you do?

Kenzi: —but I thought it was time we told our story a little more. You know your face might freeze that way if you keep frowning at me like that.

Duncan: Tell our story? To a human?

Kenzi: Tori isn’t just a human—

Duncan: She’s sith?

Kenzi: Oh goodness! Put the gun away, silly man! Of course she’s not sith. She’s— Ah, here she is now. Tori Carson, meet Duncan Munroe.

Tori: Whoa! You weren’t kidding when you said he was big, Kenzi!

Kenzi: Down, girl. Duncan, my love, met Tori Carson, our host for today. Now please stop frowning, darling man—this will be painless. Tori is a well-known author, and a good friend—she and I have been chatting on Facebook for awhile now. You can trust her.

Tori: Pleased to meet you, Duncan.

Duncan: Ms. Carson. Kenzi, are you sure—?

K: Of course.

T: Please have a seat, both of you. Though I’m not sure my couch will hold Duncan. Just how tall is he?

K: Six-four, two hundred fifty seven pounds. All of it rock-hard muscle. Yum!

T: You sound very proud of— Ah, you’re just going to sit in his lap, then, I see.

K: Whenever I get the chance—it’s a nice lap.

T: But do you need to wiggle?

K: Kinda.

T: Er, perhaps we should get started.

D: Ms. Carson—

T: Tori, please.

D: Very well. Tori. What is it you hope to gain from this today?

T: My readers are curious about the two of you, and want to know more about you. For example, what would you like them to take away from the story of your adventures?

K: That first of all, it was how Duncan and I met and fell in love. The pesky adventure part kept interrupting our fuc—

D: Little one!

K: Oops! Sorry! You know how we sith are, Tori—if it’s not blood-drinking, it’s sex. But Duncan gets a little uptight when I swear. For someone who’s done all the deliciously naughty things to me that he’s done—


K: Uh-oh, I’m in trouble now. I’m guessing I’m getting a spanking when we get home, my love?

D: At least one.

K: Don’t let his grumping fool you, Tori. Duncan is the sweetest, kindest, most loving man on the face of the earth. When he isn’t tearing the heads off of murderous sith to save humanity, of course.

T: Um, okay. Speaking of that, is there any one action that either of you would have changed if you could have?

K: Killing Demetrios, my love?

D: Killing Demetrios, sweetheart. Much, much sooner.

T: Who is Demetrios?

K: The most vile, most evil, oldest sith in existence. Our mortal enemy.

D: And your old Master.

K: Now you know I don’t think of him like that, Duncan Green-eyed Munroe. Vile, that’s how I think of him. Ick.

T: Speaking of green eyes—

D: Yes, Kenzi’s eyes are beautiful, aren’t they?

K: Stop, big man! You’ll make me blush.

T: But what color are yours, Duncan? They kind of give me the chills—

K: Azure. A shade you’ve never seen, I bet, Tori. Spooky, huh?

T: I’ll be seeing them in my dreams tonight, I think.

K: You should see them when they turn black. Usually right before he throws me on the bed and—

D: Kenzi.

K: Oh. Oops again. Now don’t growl at me, sweet man. Though you know what that does to me—

T: Moving on, quickly. How did you feel about having your story told?

D: Do you mean the archival record for the hunter Council? Kenzi, how does she know about that?

K: I told her. Oh, there goes that frown again. Duncan, my darling, I swore her to secrecy. You should hear some of her secrets.

T & D: Kenzi!

K: Uh-oh. I’m really going to get it tonight, aren’t I?

D: I may not wait that long.

T: Well, speaking of that archival record, did the archivist take any liberties with your story? Anything you’d like to correct?

D: I’m not quite as noble as I was made out to be—

K: You most certainly are, Duncan Munroe! If anything, the archivist underplayed your decency. Tori, did you know that he took a bullet for me? I mean that literally. He actually stepped in front of a bullet for me.

T: Wow. He seems okay now.

K: But it was close. I almost lost him.

D: Little one, please don’t cry. It’s over now.

T: Do you regret doing that, Duncan?

D: Of course not. I will protect Kenzi to my last breath, in whatever way she needs my protection.

K: I do wish I had been braver sooner, though.

D: My love, you were amazing all the way through. And especially when the time came—

T: What did you do, Kenzi?

K: Um, it’s kinda hard to explain. The archivist covered it pretty well at the end of the third archive record, though. Don’t you think so, big man?

D: That was where I thought I’d lost you.

T: What surprises you most about Kenzi, Duncan?

D: Her capacity for love.

K: Mmm-hmm. I’m blushing again. Tori, Duncan lived in a very dark world for more than four centuries. Every day he fought the sith, he and his men standing between them and the end of humankind. If anything, it’s his capacity for love that astonishes me. How he was able to find a place in his heart for me, when he had hunted for me for four hundred years for what I did to him, what I Made him into—

D: No tears, darling. You know I took one look at you, and could not behead you.

K: Yes, sweet man. Thanks again for not killing me that day.

T: Was that the moment you knew you were in love?

K: I knew it four hundred years ago.

D: The moment I looked at Kenzi— That was the moment my dark existence ended, and my true life began. She is my life. And she has my love and protection for as long as she wants it.

K: Which is forever. Ooh, I love it when you talk like that, big man.

D: You bring it out in me, little one.

T: The wiggling again. Okay, thank you two for coming in. I’m sure my readers enjoyed your— Now seriously, if you’re going to do that, at least give me a moment to leave the room. Sith! I mean, really.

Want to learn more?   I knew you did.   Check this out!

Here’s an excerpt from “Born of Desire and Blood: Book One of the Baobhan Sith Trilogy”, an erotic paranormal D/s romance with a variety of delightfully naughty perversions that Duncan and Kenzi–my hero and heroine–get up to.

In the following snippet, Duncan is giving chase across the Northern California hillsides on a moonlit night, and is about to capture an impish and naughty Kenzi.

And by the way, Duncan and Kenzi are special, in an immortal, nearly-invulnerable sort of way: they are baobhan sith.

Copyright © 2014 Corey Harper
Corey Harper Books

Kenzi rocketed up a hill in front of him, and the incline did not slow her at all. Duncan followed, again closing the gap. She wasn’t going to escape this time!

His erection strained at his jeans, and he longed to remove them and allow his brute complete freedom. But first, he would capture his prey and strip the remaining shreds of cloth from her glorious body.

He wanted to devour her. He wanted to slide his tongue across her throat, stopping at her pulsating vein, just long enough to make her wonder, Will he?, and then glide wet and hot across her graceful collarbone, down her chest, to her swollen breasts…

He was almost upon her.

“Hi, Kenzi,” he said from three feet behind her.

He heard her gasp, and she tossed a look over her shoulder. “No, you don’t!” she laughed. Like before, she darted to the side, but he was there.

And there.

And there!

Kenzi stumbled in confusion, but stayed on her feet, still running. He knew what she was wondering—how could he be in three places at the same time?

He would teach her the trick later, but now—

He waited, and she flitted to her right, away from one of the many Duncans that seemed to surround her. And right into his waiting arms.

“Hello, my darling,” he said, scooping her up into his arms and running towards the top of the hill, where a giant boulder lay half–buried in the soil.

Kenzi gasped a huge breath, her eyes locked on his in amazement as he carried her. Her heart, so relaxed during her run, now threatened to pound from her milky chest.

“How—?” she panted, not from exertion, but the excitement that he had captured her. She put her palms against his chest, pushing a little, but they both knew the chase was over. Her eyes shone in the moonlight.

“I have you, my darling,” he said, kissing her forehead as he slowed at the top of the hill. “You are mine.”

She shivered in his arms, and put hers around his neck, her hands fisting in his hair. “You don’t play fair,” she protested, resting her head on his broad chest.

“And I never will,” he said. “Not when it comes to capturing the girl of my dreams.”

She trembled again. “Promise?”


He reached the boulder at the top, sought the flattened part he knew was there, sat on it, nestling her into his lap. His land surrounded them; no one around for miles. No one to hear.

“Now what am I to do with my naughty little girl?” he wondered, looking sternly at her.

“Oooh,” she sighed, going limp under his darkening gaze. “Anything you want.”

Without warning, he flipped her over and threw her across his knees, her naked bottom upwards, her belly lying against his left leg, her heavy breasts hanging.

“What… what are you doing?” She half–giggled, half–trembled. But he could hear her heart race as he stroked his hand across the smooth skin of her buttocks, so he knew her fear was the kind she had sought from him.

“What happens to all naughty girls,” he said, deepening his voice, and she rewarded him with another shiver. He caressed her bottom more firmly.

“Will it hurt?”

“Do you want it to?”

She was silent a moment, then said in a small voice, “Yes.”


“Does that make me a slut?”

He bent forward and kissed her left ass cheek, then the right. He slid his tongue across both, then down the cleft between. He paused a moment at the tight rosette, gave it a flick with his tongue, and she jumped, then quivered like a trapped fawn.

“It makes you my slut,” he growled.

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Author’s Bio

Corey Harper writes erotic romance fiction, mostly paranormal, all with M/f D/s spice. (Spanking may be included.) And always with a HEA (Happily Ever After).
He writes characters that lead with their hearts, think with their brains, and explore their passions with everything else.
And yes, he is a Dom.

To learn more about him, and why a man like him writes erotic romance stories, read his Smashwords interview at:

Character’s Perspective with Syler from Erik Clarke’s Monster

I’m excited to have with me today Syler from Erik Clarke’s second novel in the Spellbound series, Monster.

Monster Cover Art

What is one thing your storyteller misrepresented?

Well, I’m actually the storyteller in this case, but apparently I “completely misrepresented” Max when I dared to say more than once that he “purred”. Fucker gave me loads of shit over that one—“I’m not a cat, I’m a wolf, we don’t purr, blah blah blah.” But yeah. Totally purrs. Don’t listen to him.

What is a quote you live by?

In the book, I say I live by the mantra “If you don’t like it, then fuck off”, and I really still agree with that. If you don’t like something, then leave. Don’t hate on shit, or suffer through something you don’t like. Just go, and leave it to the people who do.

What would you have named your story?

If I was feeling sappy at the time, I’d name it “I Missed You”. I told Max that eventually, but I definitely took my sweet ass time with it. He deserved to know a lot sooner than he did. If I wasn’t feeling so sentimental, I’d probably go with something along the lines of “Even Assholes Need Some Love”. It’d be pretty accurate.

What event in your life would make a wonderful short-story addition to your story?

The day that I met Max. It was first year of college, and I was still trying to get into the swing of things. We ran into each other at a party—within five minutes of meeting him, I hated him, and I’m sure he felt the same way. Thirty minutes later, we’re fucking in the bathroom, with the line of people going halfway out the house. Suffice it to say, by the time we were done, that bathroom needed remodeled, and I almost had to get a wheelchair. It was perfect.

Retell your story in a haiku.

Syler was a dick

Max showed there was more to him

But he’s still a dick

Does rhyming “dick” with “dick” in a non-rhyming form of poem get me bonus points?

Oh, absolutely! Pick a scene in your story. What song is playing in the background?

After the Vampire debacle, when Max finally gets me to hold still long enough to talk, and I tell him that I need him. Right Here, by Betty Who. It just nails it in this weird way, all the way down to that almost fleeting sense of reciprocation, like you just know that I’m gonna fuck it up soon, but right here, right now, things are perfect even though they won’t last.

What surprises you most about your love interest?

Max has always known that I was full of shit. Never even questioned it. Most people think that I’m really trying to be this hateful asshole, and they take the things I say so seriously. He brushes it off and fires back with just as much sarcasm and snarkiness, and that’s just what works for us. It’s always been that way—we never even had to talk about it. He’s one of the only people I’ve met like that, who just knew the kind of guy I was right off the bat.

At what moment did you know you were in love?

I’m not sure when it happened the first time we were together. It just sort of crept up on me naturally, without even really having to think about it—of course, I didn’t tell him that I loved him, even though he did tell me. But when we met up again after all those years, I realized I still loved him the moment that he told me he missed me, when we met up in his room that night. It made me realize how much I’d missed him too, had been missing him since the second I walked away.

Thank you so much for being with me today, Syler. It’s a pleasure, as always.

If you’d like to learn more about Syler and Max’s story, you check it out at the following websites.

Monster is available now for early download through Totally Bound. It will hit the major retailers May 16th.

Erik Clarke’s Bio

Erik Clarke is still trying to figure out how to balance work, school, writing, and the ever-elusive “social life”. He’s also still trying to figure out when the outlandish plots and crazy characters he’d scribbled into the margins of his notebooks for years somehow coalesced into an actual novel.

Born in Ohio and now struggling through the constant love/hate relationship that is living in the beautiful but sweltering Arizona landscape, Erik is thankful every day for the incredible, supportive family and friends that surround him—and for the sheer joy that writing two characters to their happily ever after can bring.

Erik Clarke

Character’s Perspective with Clare from C.A. Szarek’s Tartan

Hi! I’m Claire. I’m a normal chick. Texan by birth, I’m a romance novel addict who’s always been obsessed with Scotland. I finally saved up enough dough to visit the Highlands and ended up getting sent back in time.

Bad thing, right?

Not so much, since I met the man of my dreams and decided to stay! Now I’m a MacLeod.


What do you hope reader’s take away from this retelling of your story?

Claire looks thoughtful. That love is never wrong, no matter the obstacles that might be in the way.

What is one thing your storyteller got right?

Claire wears a cheeky grin.Um. That Duncan is, well, hawt.

What is one thing your storyteller misrepresented?

Misrepresented? Nah. C.A. is awesome, of course! Claire looks smug.

Excluding your own, what is your favorite book?

Hmmm, Ransom, by Julie Garwood. Pretty sure C.A. loves this one, too.

What would you have named your story?

Claire throws her head back and laughs. The same thing C.A. did. I told her that title, after all.

Were you reluctant to have your story told?

Nope. It’s not like anyone will believe it. Who things time travel is real, let alone Faery Princesses?

If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?

Claire tilts her head to one side.To not be so impulsive, even though Duncan loves that about me.

In what setting would you have preferred your story to have taken place?

I don’t see how it could’ve been told elsewhere. C.A. told my story as I told it to her. It was an accurate retelling of what happened.

Your storyteller told some pretty embarrassing tales about you. Is there any secrets you’d like to share about them?

She’s a huge geek. A Trekkie even. Claire winks.

What is your favorite chapter of your story?

I have two. Chapters 9 and 10. When you read it, you’ll know why.

If price was no consequence, what gift would you buy your love interest?

Well, it’s different here. Living in the past I mean. If I could bring the 21st century here I would love to buy him a laptop. Or a movie projector with an endless supply of movies. I think Duncan would be fascinated about our technology. When I talk about it, he says he can’t fathom it, and I wish I could show him.

Other than that, he has everything he wants and needs. One thing about this time, and the people I have grown to love. They’re content.

They work harder than anyone I’ve ever met, and I adore them.

What first attracted you to your love interest?

Claire laughs.Um. He’s hot. Gorgeous eyes. And his chest. Muscles.

What surprises you most about your love interest?

He’s gentle. Sweet and caring. Claire has a brilliant smile on her face.

 At what moment did you know you were in love?

Claire sighs dreamily.Honestly I’m not sure I can pinpoint it. He’s just…so Duncan. Perfect. It happened faster than I ever could have fathomed. Maybe when he looked at me the day we got married.

If you could watch your love interest’s childhood as a film, would you?

Absolutely. I would love to have seen him as what he’d call “a little lad.” But then again, Angus looks so much like Duncan, and his dad, Alex, I might be seeing him through Alex.Image


About The Author:

C.A. is originally from Ohio, but got to Texas as soon as she could. She is married and has a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice.

She works with kids when she’s not writing.

She’s always wanted to be a writer and is overjoyed to share her stories with the world.

To learn more, visit C.A. Szarek on her blog, on Twitter, Facebook, Goodreadsand website.

C.A. Szarek is also author of Collision Force, Chance Collision, and Sword’s Calland Love’s Call.

Excerpt 1:

“Who goes there?” A deep, accented voice made her jump.

Her MP3 player crashed to the sand, the wires from her headphones ripping over her shoulders as they flew away from her body, but she didn’t go after the devices.

Claire’s heart kicked into overdrive, and she shot her arm across her naked breasts. Plastered her palm over her bare sex.

“Okay, don’t like this dream anymore.” Her voice jumped up an octave.

Why can’t I wake up?

Maybe a touch of fright would make her wake the hell up.

“Ummm….hello?” Claire ventured even though her pulse pounded in her temples. She didn’t see the voice’s owner, but she was stuck now.

Not like I can run and hide.

She wasn’t fond of a stranger seeing her nude, even if gym time had given her a rockin’ body.

Claire smirked. Her sister would’ve declared her egotistical right then and there.

Three figures came into view, standing atop a grassy overhang and staring down at her. Two men and a boy.

“Lass?” One asked.


Okay, no more Scottish Highlander romance novels before bed for you, Claire McGowan. But at least she’d placed the accent.

All three were dressed in period clothing. Like—seventeen hundreds or something. The tallest one had a tartan kilt on.

The man who’d spoken was older, wearing a thick grey beard he was currently scratching, as if he was trying to figure her out.

Well, duh. Naked girl on the beach at the ass crack of dawn should do it every time.

The boy looked about ten. He scrambled down the incline, stopping about three feet from her and staring. Wide blue eyes. Dark, messy hair that needed a good cut.

Claire backed up, squeezing her eyes shut. “Seriously, wake up.” Though she should pat herself on the back for the vivid imagination—if she didn’t have to cover her tender parts—she would’ve so been on that.

This place looked and felt real.

“Are ye Fae?” The kid’s brogue was thick, but his voice was high, making him sound younger than she’d guessed.

“Wh-what?” Claire asked, taking another step back.

“Angus, hush.” The last man admonished. His voice was familiar; he’d been the one who’d called out first.

He jumped down to the beach with little effort.

Claire almost forgot to cover herself as she gazed up at him.

Had to be about six-five or six-six.

Definitely had a foot on her, for sure.

Blue eyes, like the kid. Long black hair that flowed in the wind. He was wearing a kilt, and had the same tartan pattern strewn across his body, shoulder to waist and held down with a belt, but no shirt beneath. A huge, defined pec peeked out and her stomach fluttered.

Good job, Claire. At least you dreamt up someone yummy.

The model on the cover of the book she’d been reading before bed had nothing on this guy.

“Lass? Are ye all right?” His voice was concerned, as was his expression. He spoke gently.


Way to go on the stutter, Clair-bear. Her sister’s nickname popped into her head with ease. It should’ve grounded her, but she still didn’t wake up.

“She talks funny, uncle!”

How can he tell?

She’d said two words, literally.

“Where am I?” Claire whispered. The sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach made her shift on her feet.

“Isle of Skye.” The boy jumped up and down. “We were supposed to go fishing. But I found ye, instead.”

“Hush, Angus MacLeod,” the man said, but there was amusement in his tone. However, he didn’t take his eyes off Claire.

A tremor slid down her spine when his gaze travelled her frame.

Still. Naked.

She wanted to sink into the sand, her earlier confidence about her body gone. Claire shivered, her teeth chattered.

“Jesu, lass. Yer freezin’.” The huge man unbelted the plaid from his waist and whipped it off his torso. It was a separate piece from his kilt, and now he stood before her bare chested. His accent was as thick as the boy’s, but she could make his words out clearer.

Sexy as hell.

“Yeah, kinda naked over here.” A nervous titter fell from her lips and made Claire wince.

“Is she Fae, uncle?” Angus asked.

“Ye’ve been spending too much time with my father. Da, stop clouding the lad’s head with faery tales,” the man called.

The old guy on the hill chuckled. “Och, then ye shouldna leave the lad with me when you go off.”

“Like I have a choice.”


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