How much can a Dom ask of his submissive? And how much of himself?


If you could have changed one of your actions – just one – what would it be, and why?

Tyler: I would have talked to Derek about our names. We talked a little bit about the meaning of Master in the scene, but I wish we had at least talked about it before we’d been playing for a day. It was the right decision, and I wouldn’t take it back, but I wish we had talked about it more.

Derek: Just one? Don’t get me wrong, I have no big regrets about anything, but there always small details that I might have done slightly different.

What event in your life would make a wonderful short-story addition to your story?

Tyler: The first time I got on my knees for Derek. It took us so long to get to that point, I wish that others could see it. We knew our dynamic by our third date, but it took a while to actually play.

Derek: That’s funny, but it’s exactly what I had in mind, but of course from another perspective. Asking another man I had fallen in love with so fast and do deep, to get on his knees for me wasn’t as easy as some might think. That would make for an interesting story.

Were you reluctant to have your story told?

Tyler: I was hesitant. This weekend was intense and private and so personal. What made up my mind was the opportunity to share how loving Derek is. I know our kinks are extreme, but it only deepens our love for one another, and I want the world to know.

Derek: What do you think? I know how judgmental people can be. Don’t you think I have my own doubts from time to time, about what I’m asking of Tyler? But then, I would be really worried if that voice in my head would stop talking to me.

Did your storyteller take any artistic liberties? If so, please set the story straight.

Tyler: I think they may have swept over the minutiae. I wasn’t in sub space the entire weekend, but it did get much more intense toward the end of the weekend.

Derek: I would be a strange if they hadn’t. Unaltered reality isn’t as exciting as some believe. They even understand that at so-called reality shows.

What surprises you most about your love interest?

Tyler: He loves Korean horror movies, but he can’t stand horror movies made in the US or England.

Derek: How dominant he is when we play rugby. Without him the Turing Machine’s wouldn’t have won as many games as we did the last couple of months. And he’s big and strong too, but that’s easy to see for anyone.

What is one moment in your love interest’s life – before you met – you wish you could have experienced?

Tyler: I wish I could have been with him during his first experience as a Dom. It wouldn’t have been clean or neat, but one of the things I love about Derek is how he adapts to meet my needs. I want to know who taught him that, and thank him.

Derek: His first kiss. Yeah, you can point and laugh at the hopeless romantic.

Want to learn more? Check out the blurb for A Weekend Unbound:

How much can a Dom ask of his submissive? And how much of himself?

For Derek and Tyler, Dominance and submission have been part of their love right from the first hello. But now Derek wants his submissive to go as deep as he is physically and emotionally able to. During two days and two nights, there are no safety words and very few limits. This is their chance to demonstrate their love for one another through the most extreme scenes they’ve ever played.

There is, however, one rule to trump all others for Tyler—to protect Sir’s most loved possession, even if it means disobedience or going against his own need to submit to his Master without question or complaint.

This weekend will open up levels of their relationship they’ve never dreamed of before.

Reader Advisory: This book contains intense BDSM scenes, strong pain-play, mild humiliation, fisting, pet-play and mild sensual torment. Please be aware of the twenty-four-seven Total Power Exchange dynamic between those two men.  

Like the sound of A Weekend Unbound? Buy it here: 

About S. Dora:

  1. Dora is the me writing m/m erotica, though I can imagine a m/f or f/f story might suddenly decide they want to get written too, somewhere in the future. The real me is also writing: novels and stories that don’t revolve around the down and dirty. And the non-writing me? Is it interesting to know I’m a woman, born in 1961? That my wife and I celebrate our 33th anniversary in October 2015? That we have two sons and five cats and live near Rotterdam? That I had a novel published in Dutch? And one in English? That Dora is because of the little mechanical typewriter I bought with money earned with my very first summer job? That I studied social history and done all kinds of jobs? I guess it actually is, if only because every story ever told is important to at least one reader.

About A. Moore:

I have been reading gay erotica for over 15 years now and I’ve been writing it for a little under ten years. I’ve always had an interest in Dominance and submission, and my writing reflects how my thinking about the scene has evolved. I live in the southern United States, an area not incredibly open to alternative lifestyles, and the internet has been my salvation. I spent about six months working on a website, designing tease and denial games, and it is still one of my biggest kinks.

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