Short Leash

“You’ve had a rough time, my pet. I’ve given you a long leash thinking that was what you needed, but I think I was wrong. A light touch didn’t work. We’re both floundering and it’s time for it to stop.”

She was kneeling at his feet gazing up at him, but the dishes in the sink and laundry in the wash called to her and made it hard to focus on him.

“I’m so stressed all the time. There isn’t enough hours in the day. Once this job mess gets settled, it will be better.”

“No, angel. Life doesn’t work that way. Once you climb one hurtle you find there’s always another waiting in the wings. We have to focus on us. Together those hurtles won’t seem so large or so important.”

She heard what he was saying and it sounded good, but she felt like she was drowning. Work sucked, seriously sucked and she couldn’t stop thinking about the politics and backstabbing crap going on there. It seemed impossible to push it out of her mind. Tears were perpetually a blink away. She was struggling just to keep her emotions in check. Now her Master found her lacking as well.

“I’m trying,” she whispers.

“I know you are, my love. You did nothing wrong. I made the mistake. I misread the situation. When you needed a firm hand the most, I gave you the opposite.”

“No, it’s not your fault I’m stressed. I can’t focus, Master,” she felt desperate that he understand. He couldn’t make demands on her. She already had more than she could handle.

“We’re going to fix that.”

He sounded so confident. So sure of himself. She wished she could feel that way again.

“Undress for me,” he orders.

The air rushes from her lungs. She couldn’t. She had too much to do. “I have to do the dishes.”

“No,” he said so sternly that she jumped. “You will follow my instructions or you will safeword.”

Needing to do the dishes or move the laundry wasn’t a good enough reason to safeword. She sighed. “I’m cold.” She’d take another tactic and delay.

“That’s a shame. Undress for me.”

Her pussy clenched. He wasn’t giving her any wiggle room. She pulled off her shirt and waited to see if that would appease him. After a few moments of staring into his strong, steady gaze, she stood and removed her shoes, socks and pants. Surely that would be enough. She really didn’t have time to get all hot and bothered right now. She had crap to do. She always had crap to do these days.

She went back down on her knees and placed her hands behind her back.

“I’m waiting.”

Her shoulders slumped. This wasn’t going the way she wanted. “Master…”

She waited a few moments, but he said no more. She was going to have to obey him. Reluctantly, she stood and removed the rest of her clothes. She noticed her pussy was wet and it annoyed her. She wasn’t in the mood for this.

“You kept me waiting, angel. We can’t have that. You need help getting into a submissive mindset.”

Crap. She knew that tone and knew better than to argue. It would just get her deeper into trouble. Tears threatened to pour down her cheeks. She was so frazzled. She just couldn’t take much more.

“You’re going to stand in the corner and you’re going to hold these two quarters,” he showed her the coins in his hand, “against the wall using your nipples.”

Stand in the corner? A tear escapes. She couldn’t. It was too much. Her emotions were over the top already. Before she could formulate a response, his big hand circled her arm and pulled her to her feet.


He dismisses her plea and leads her to the corner. She didn’t want to do this. A shiver ran through her as she tried to find a way out.

He stood to the side and held the two coins against the wall several inches below her breasts.

“They’re too low,” she grumbled.

“Bend your knees,” he explained calmly.

“What?” He couldn’t be serious. But one look at his face left no doubt to just how serious he was. Fuck!

She bent her knees and leaned forward toward the wall. Her Master took her breasts in hand, one at a time, and placed them on the coins. She had to tip her head and arch her back. It was a difficult position. Within a few moments her thighs felt the strain. “I can’t do this.”

“Of course you can. You already are. You’re stronger than you think.”

I’m strong? She hadn’t felt strong since she’d taken her damn job. She’d felt inadequate for months now.

“You’re not being punished my darling angel. I’m just helping you find yourself again. You’re intelligent and capable of anything you set your mind to. Because you’re confident of your abilities, you’re willing to submit to me.”

Tears rushed down her face cooling slightly before they splashed on her breasts and knees. She couldn’t move, the quarters would fall. She ached all over from the demanding position, but she realized she wanted to be there. She wanted to prove she could do it. She focused on his voice and pushed the discomfort from her mind.

“You’re submission makes us both stronger. I feel ten feet tall knowing that such confident woman, one who knows her worth, is willing to bend to my dominance.”

He ran his hand down her back then slapped her ass cheek. “Your skin shimmers. It’s so beautiful. Seeing you like this with your breasts jutting out and your ass curved and firm, makes me hot. I want to take you hard. To pound into that firm ass and bring us both a lot of pleasure, but it’s too soon. I’ve been taking the easy way out for months now.”

She heard the regret in his voice and she longed to make it better.

“It was my fault, but you’re the one who is going to pay the price. It’s unfair, but it’s the way our dynamic works. I know you hate standing in the corner. It’s why I chose it. I need to shake things up. Holding the quarters with your nipples gives you something to focus on besides cutting my dick off-which I’m pretty sure was your first thought.”

She giggled. You know me so well. The tears began to abate.

“I made it harder on you by lowering the coins and making you work for it. I like knowing you’ll take the pain, the humiliation simply because I want you to. That knowledge makes me hard enough to pound nails.”

He was killing her. She groaned or maybe it was a moan. She wasn’t sure anymore.

She saw something out of her peripheral vision. It was purple and she recognized it immediately. Oh fuck, no. She couldn’t take more.

“About now, you’re realizing why I wanted your knees bent. One more proof, you’re quick thinking and fucking amazing. It’s hard to stay one move ahead of you. I’m only able to do it because I have a sadistic streak and you don’t.” He chuckled.

“What you have is a need to submit to me. You know I love you more than life itself and I want to help you remember just how tough you really are.”

She couldn’t talk. She couldn’t formulate words. Everything hurt and he was going to shove that plug up her ass unless she safeworded. Dammit. Maybe she could take it for a minute.

“That’s why I’m taking it a step further.”

Further? What did that mean?

A scent she’d never smelled before wafted around them as he placed the blunt end of the plug against her opening. He maintained steady pressure until it was firmly in place. Within a moment or two her ass was on fire.

“Oh my, God. It hurts. It’s hot. I can’t… Take it out.”

He put his hand on around the nape of her neck. “Settle down, subbie.”

His tone was rough and it surprised her. She automatically stopped moving.

“You can take it. I know you can. It’s just a little ginger lube. Breathe for me.” He leaned down and scraped his beard across the taut breast. “Relax your butt muscles and the pain will lessen.”

Panic subsided as his voice flowed over her. He reached around in front and swirled her clit.

Oh my, God. Oh my, God. Oh my, God. She had no idea she was so close to coming. Her entire pussy throbbed and she was wetter than she ever remembered.

“That’s my girl. You’ve taken everything I’ve demanded of you, just like I knew you would. You’re stronger than you know and I’m done having you think otherwise. My subbie is amazing and she knows it. Don’t you?”

“Yes, Master,” her voice was strained, but she did feel stronger.

He picked her up and carried her to their bed. He tossed the pillows onto the chest of drawers and stripped. As he towered over her, he wrapped her hand around his cock. “See what you do to me?”

“This is all you, angel.” He climbed onto the bed, slid between her legs and gently pushed into her.

Her pussy was stretched to capacity. Her ass was tender from the ginger lube he’d coated over the purple plug, but the fire had calmed to a warm burn. His first stroke zinged her clit straight into overdrive. Holy fuck.

“I want to hear you, angel,” he instructed as he pinched her nipple. HARD.

She screamed and began to buck her hips as she flew into an orgasm. He pounded into her pussy lengthening her incredible release.

“Oh my beautiful, subbie, that was too easy.” He flipped her over and took her from behind. “I want another one, but this time you’re going to have to work for it.”

Hadn’t she? Her brain had turned to mush and she went along with his demands as if on autopilot. Part of her was still floating high above the clouds unwilling to come back to earth.

As her Master slammed into her again, she pressed her chest into the mattress.

“No, angel, I want full access.” He pulled her upward. Holding her with his left hand, he swatted her clit with his right. “You’re going to take more. And you’re going to take pain. In fact, you’re going to come from it. And tomorrow at work you’ll be thinking about tonight. As you tender ass causes you to squirm in your seat, you’ll remember the lube and how burned. How it sizzled your blood and made you hot. Made your clit hard and needy.”

He pinched her nipple until fire shot straight to her core. Her hips reflexively pumped against him.

“Tomorrow, as your abused nipples rub against your bra, you’ll remember how your mean, old Master made you come. Not once, but twice.”

She knew he spoke the truth. She would ache tomorrow and the knowledge spiked her need even higher. He continued to swat her pussy. It hurt, so fucking good.

“Come for me, angel.”

Swat after swat just kept taking her closer. Her nipples were tender and strained for more. Tighter and tighter. All she could think about was the demands he was placing on her body. She throbbed. She ached. She needed. Dear God, she needed.

He flicked her nipple. The sensation was shocking and painful. And just what she needed to send her into the orgasm of her life. She screamed and rode his cock as the world splintered around her.

In a daze, she felt her Master jerk and spasm inside her. Knowing she’d brought him the same pleasure that he’d given her, she let go completely.

The world slowly began to take shape again. She lay on her side with her Master curled around her.

“You’re my life, angel. Together we can work through anything. We need to stay a team. You and me against whatever life throws at us.”

She had no idea how long he’d been talking to her, but she knew deep in her bones that he meant every single word he was saying. It wasn’t her against the world. She had a partner, one that would never leave her side and together they would get through it all.

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