Weekend well spent

We’ve spent the last couple of weeks preparing for the Kink Karnival. We’ve never been a vendor at an event like that. We were nervous and unsure of what to expect.In years past, when tensions ran high, we’d snap at each other. History did not repeat itself. We pulled together and were a team. By the time our helper arrived, we had the booth together. She was able to help set up the Square and perfect the noose display.

The event organizers and fellow vendors were very courteous and kind. By and large it was more tame than I expected, but it was an indoor/outdoor event. It’s hard to be scantily clad when you’re freezing. The poor girl across from us was wrapped in a blanket most the day.

Overall, we had a blast. It was funny though, considering the venue-at first a lot of people weren’t sure what the nooses were for. They were trying to figure out how to wear them as earrings. After a few confused customers, we moved the adorned mannequins closer to the front. That helped.

Everyone was so nice. I’m not a public person, but I will admit I enjoyed visiting with everyone.  My heart went out to several of the men walking around in f*ck me heels. The club is over 10k square feet and the parking lot was used as well. By the gingerly way they were walking, Id say their feet were killing them. Hats off to those guys for enduring it though. I’ve been there a time or two and it isn’t easy.

It was a mixed audience age wise. A lot of the vendors were ‘seasoned’ as I like to put it, but the customers ran the gamut from 21 to ? Photo ID and a signed release were required by all.

Our helper and I went on a dungeon tour, while my Love ran the booth. I don’t think she noticed the needle play demonstration. She didn’t ask anything about the wet room either. I have no idea how she processed those kinks or if she was distracted and simply wasn’t aware. She has always been willing to ask questions when she had them.

I think she walked away with a different impression of the lifestyle. More than anything else, I think she was able to see the people more than the costumes or accessories. She’d been to parades and walks, but this event was a little different. She was able to interact with the customers. Many people stopped and chatted a while. If the conversation went beyond “cash or card” or “do you have…” she mainly listened. As the day progressed, the strain in her shoulders disappeared and her smile became genuine. She was definitely a huge help and I appreciate her spending her Saturday with us very much.

We were approached by several people who organize similar functions and we were invited to be vendors at those as well. I hadn’t anticipated that, but it’s welcome. A lot of people had never seen a noose before and they were intrigued. Sales were good. We had fun. What more can you ask for? I’d definitely do it again.


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