The world lost an Amazing Woman today

and I was lucky enough to call her my friend. She had a beautiful smile and a zany personality.  She accepted people for who they are. She loved that I’m a writer and she’d tease me unmercifully about the genre. She was going on vacation one time and wanted a book to read. I gave her Against the Rules. She gave me all kinds of hell about the book. She said she wanted something dirty, not scary and she questioned how in the world I even think of half the stuff in there. I couldn’t help but laugh at the way she carried on.

Next, I gave her Bondage Anniversary. That was more like what she was after. Still at each chapter break she’d kibitz about the characters. She never liked drama. All she wanted was a happily ever after story with tons of sex. I’d complain that it wasn’t realistic. There’s always drama in a relationship and she’d remind me that it’s fantasy. I’d come back with, ‘it’s realistic fiction’. On and on the banter would continue until we were both laughing.

We laughed a lot. So much so, her boss put a wall between us thinking that would stop us. Silly woman. Her nastiness just gave us more to laugh about. We’d plot ways to tick her off without getting either of us in trouble. We were pretty inventive at times.

There’s one more star in heaven tonight shining brightly for all to see, but I’m going to miss you, Linda. Take care, lady. Love you!


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