Happy Day!

It’s an exciting day for our family. Our daughter is officially engaged. Her sweetheart is an amazing man and we couldn’t be happier.

I remember planning our wedding and having way too many cooks in the kitchen- if you get my drift. I’ve promised myself that I’ll be supportive without being intrusive and my Love is going to help remind if/when it slips my mind. Tee he he.

She’s found a good man and I know he loves her. His family is pretty different from ours.  I worried our brand of crazy would be too much for him – let’s face it every family has it’s own special craziness – but he dove right in.

I got a bit misty when he asked my husband for permission to marry her. It’s so old fashioned. And respectful. I loved it.

His proposal was romantic and meaningful to their relationship – he asked my opinion as he was planning it – how sweet is that? He wanted to make sure it was something she’d like.

We are definitely adding a wonderful man to the family. Welcome!


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