Long Hot Summer

It’s been a long and sometimes truly frightening day. Shortly after lunch, there was talk around the office of a wildfire nearby and headed toward us. It had already closed two highways and was spreading fast. It was a slow day for me so I decided to head home. Thank goodness. At times, the flames were six to eight feet from my car. I called back to the office and told them they needed to leave. And leave now. Within minutes they closed and my coworkers joined the conga line of traffic trying to reach safe roads and a clear route home. Airplanes were flying overhead dropping retardant. Smoke made it difficult to see.

As I write this, my son has made it home, but my husband is still mired in traffic from the closures. Shortly after I got home, another highway closed making passage in our out of our rural area extremely difficult. The last news updates said the fire was growing fast. It jumped from three acres to fifty in what seemed a blink of an eye. I have no idea its current size.

Temperatures have been staying around 117-119 this past week. My heart and prayers go out the firefighters. I can’t imagine working outdoors in those temperatures, add to that the heat and danger of the fire… Scary stuff.

Here’s hoping the fire departments have the resources to deal with what surely lays ahead.


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