Roller Coaster

Wednesday was a great day. When our daughter received a well deserved promotion and a huge raise we were certainly cresting the top of the ride. As is always the case on a roller coaster, the drop was just around the bend.

Thursday I had a pretty severe reaction to a medication I was taking. It wasn’t a fun day and it scared the hell out of my Love. Poor guy. Being a dominant it is very difficult for him to sit idly by while something is happening to me.

Friday was better. I was still in a fog from everything, but our son had an interview. They liked him so much they’re tailor making a position for him. Again, the ride began to ascend to the top.

Saturday was good. Sunday better still. I was feeling stronger and the kids came for lunch. It was a very pleasant weekend.

Today, I had another reaction. It wasn’t as severe, but it sapped my strength again. I want to curl in a ball and sleep until summer hits and my immune system is back to normal. My pup didn’t help any. He let his instincts get the better of him this morning and he took down a rabbit. All in all, I’d like a redo.

Tomorrow promises to be another good day though. Against the Grain comes out on Amazon and as well as all the major retailers. It’s available in both print and digital.


Totally Bound




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