One of those talks…

Yesterday we were running around completing errands before we go on a trip. It started innocently enough, just an absentminded comment spoken off the cuff, without malice or forethought. Yet, it bloomed into an all day discussion. Emotions ran high as the conversation turned from mundane to life changing.

Hours, literally hours, went by as the discussion evolved. A decision was needed – about an issue that hadn’t been an issue (or so we thought) before the simple comment was uttered.

We’d found ourselves at a crossroads. Our paths to the fork in the road had been traveled separately, each wandering through the daily minutia alone, yet together. As in times past, we found we were both leaning toward the same conclusion.

In our relationship, my Love has the final say. His word is law. Now, it isn’t quite as one sided as that sounds. He asks my opinion and I believe he takes my wishes and desires into consideration before he makes his decision. I haven’t always agreed with him, but I’ve understood the underlying reasons and I support his choices.

The game plan for moving forward hasn’t been finalized. We’re still sorting through the ramifications and developing a timeline for changes. It’s exciting and nerve-wracking.

It always surprises me how intertwined my life is with the characters in my books. Against the Tide, which will be book four in the Bound for Justice series, is almost done. I’m probably three-quarters through the rough draft. Yet, just yesterday my Love and I found ourselves in the same boat as Mandy and Chase. Sure the topics were different, but the precipice was the same. The knowledge that once we take this step – there’s no backing out. You can’t un-ring the bell.

I’m confident that Chase and Mandy will find their happy ever after and so will we.


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