New Year, New Goals, New Priorities

I’ve never been one to make a new year’s resolution. The clock striking midnight on a specific day of the year means nothing to me. The same hassles I had the night before were still dogging me in the morning. On the flip side the same blessings I had the night before were still by my side as the sun peeked through the window.

The first couple of days went by with both good and bad results. Daily stuff and bigger stuff, it’s always there. One issue gets resolved and another takes it’s place. It all boils down to same shit different day.

The only thing I can change is how the shit effects me. Do I roll around in it and complain about the stink or do I use it as fertilizer and plant some flowers or maybe some vegetables?

From here forward, I’m going to give farming a shot. I’m going to narrow my focus. I can’t change other people. I can’t make decisions for anyone, but myself. I’ll be a sounding board to friends, but I’m done trying to till their soil. I can’t find them a job or keep them from being let go. I can’t choose their partner or choose how they’re treated. My own plot needs tending and that will be my goal.

Against the Grain is coming out in March. I have a new book, Against the Tide, due to my publisher the end of February and it sounds like they’re open to more. The series was included in a recent promotion and more importantly I enjoy writing it. My husband is proud of my stories and is anxious to read more. He’s encouraging me to branch out.  We’ll have more information on that later. The bottom line is instead of trying to fit my writing in, I’m making it a priority again.

Not for 2017, but from here on out. Friends – I’m here. If you need me, reach out. Otherwise you’ll find me with my sleeves rolled up, gloves pulled on and dirt a-flying as I tend my own crops.0e2f29f1252346b0d7111f5ecb8c7c7d1

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