Eyes Open

My husband and I recently returned from a short adventure. We traveled to an area where we had once lived and met with a few readers of the Desired Discipline and Bound for Justice series. It was an interesting trip in many ways. While promoting the books, I’ve had the privilege of getting to know a host of people from across the world. A few, I’m even lucky enough to now call friends.

I had the good fortune to also meet with two such friends during our four day odyssey. It was truly a pleasure. I’m honored that they took time out of their busy lives to sit down, share a meal and speak with me. It meant a lot and was definitely the highlight of the trip.

We also spent a few hours with family and visiting the area where my Love grew up. This time, we saw through adult eyes. Funny how nothing is as it was remembered. Buildings seemed smaller. People seemed…ordinary. They no longer had the heroic gloss that only childhood memories could paint.

It’s amazing what a few years of life experiences can do to open a person’s eyes.

In my books, I try to illustrate the personal growth of the main characters. Romance is often knocked for being formulaic. I’ll admit there maybe slices of truth to the complaint. In it’s simplest form, romance is about people meeting and then falling in love, but it’s what happens in between that keeps us coming back to the genre. In my opinion, it’s the interaction and growth of the characters, and the way they overcome obstacles to get to their happily ever after that is the backbone of a true love story.

I guess this past weekend, was just one more chapter in our story.

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