What do we need to do?

Those few words reduced me to tears yesterday and reminded me that I’m married to the most wonderful man in the entire world.

We moved into our ‘dream home’ about 13 years ago.We bought a custom spec home right on the outskirts of the Tonto National Forest. It was perfect except for two things. The master bathroom and the kitchen cabinets. The house has a rustic feel so the knotty alder cabinets fit the motif. I hated them when we moved in, but we chose to focus on more important things. Over the years, the finish has taken on an orange tint making an ugly set of cabinets far worse.

While I was working full time and taking care of the kids, they annoyed me. Now that the kids are gone and I’m working primarily from home, I have no distractions. I stare at the cabinets day after day and the resentment grows. Finally, I’d hit a breaking point.

Now I fully admit I have worst timing known to mankind. My husband was knee deep in another huge project. His was time sensitive. Mine had already waited 13 years…It wasn’t going anywhere.

I went to him anyway and explained my plan. Like I child asking for a pet – I assured him I’d do 90 percent of the work. With an indulgent look on his exhausted face, he agreed. He set me up with wood putty and sanding blocks and away I went.

My genius idea 😉 was to fill in the hideous knot holes and paint the cabinets dark grey, the walls a light grey, update the lighting, and get stainless steel handles. It would tie in perfectly with the grey, silver and black counters. We’d have a modern, chic kitchen for a reasonably low price and not a ton of work.

Sounded great to me. I went on the internet and found the hardware. Went to every home improvement store in the area and searched lighting and paints. I found what I believed to be the perfect combination.

My Love spent a weekend and six gallons of paint transforming our great room. The color managed to suck every last drop of warmth right out of the room. My son, who loves everything grey, wasn’t even a fan. The windows toss weird shadows all around the room as the sun moves across the sky. It was a big mistake.

We gave it a few days hoping it would grow on us. My Love worked long grueling hours on the other project, while I filled the knot holes and sanded the area smooth.

By father’s day, we’d had enough. With another round of paint in hand, he climbed the ladder again and began the arduous task of eliminating the grey.  By the end of the day, we both breathed a sigh of relief that it was gone.

We discussed the problem of the cabinets. Now that the walls were a soft cream and beige color, dark grey wouldn’t have the same effect. Not to mention, we had a bad taste in our mouths over the grey walls.

Even though we’d spent a nice chunk of change on paint that was custom mixed and therefore not returnable, we decided a deep chocolate was a better way to go. Back to paint store…

Now, enough time has gone by that he’s finished his project and being the sweetheart that he is, he agreed to put his next one on hold to help me with mine. You know…the one I was going to tackle all by myself. 😉

He spent his Sunday morning removing all the doors and sanding the crown molding that I couldn’t reach without risking life and limb.

Finally, the time had come. Bye bye orange, bye bye knot holes.

He applies the luscious paint to one long section. And you guessed it. I HATE it. Absolutely, unequivocally hate it.

I’ve destroyed the finish on the doors. He’s spent hours and hours prepping the wood and removing the doors and drawers. Tons of money on wasted paint. And I hate it.

As he starts to move onto another section I stop him. “Honey, you need to stand back and look at it. I don’t think it works with the counters. It’s not at all what I envisioned.”

My wonderful husband didn’t yell. He didn’t act or even look frustrated. He simply stood up and asked, “What do we need to do?” That’s it.

And that’s why I love him. No matter what, I can count on him. He stands by me even when it sucks.

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