Sunsets and New Beginnings


Living in the Sonoran Desert is a mixed bag. The scenery is spectacular. The sunsets are absolutely amazing. The people are kind and down to earth. But beneath the beauty lies a never ending struggle for survival.

With an average yearly rainfall of eight inches, plants and wildlife are forced to adapt. A lot of our flora have the ability to lie dormant for months at a time just biding their time until conditions are such that they can thrive once more.

I think humans are like that too. We go through life with nominal output. One foot in front of the other, watching the clock, getting by – barely – until something happens to wake us from our stupor.

Sometimes we don’t even notice our slow descent into dormancy. It isn’t until a storm passes through our lives bringing the needed wind and rain to clear the cobwebs that allow us to see the gifts we have around us.

Storms can take many forms. Perhaps it’s a loss. Losing a job is terrifying when it hits, but the world is often a brighter place once the gale passes.

Perhaps it’s finding a new love. When Teague met Channy, in Against the Rules, he had no idea she held the missing ingredient he needed to break free from his self-imposed hibernation. She brought him rain. While it was needed, he still fought hard against it. He’d learned to shove his emotions behind a concrete reinforced dam. It didn’t faze Channy. She whittled away at his defenses.

During the summer here in the desert, the clouds will try to bring their life sustaining moisture. In the afternoons, they’ll build and boil off in the distance. As they make their way toward the sun-scorched plants, the sun blasts them to pieces. The very ground that needs the water so badly radiates heat and helps hold the storm at bay. But just like Channy, the clouds refuse to give up. Night after night they continue their assault. At first their success is nothing more than dirtied windshields, but as the humidity grows the sun’s wall of heat is breached. The rain will come in buckets and sheets.

Imagine Teague’s surprised when a tiny, red-headed ball of fire shatters his complacency. She brings him that one integral piece of the cycle of life that he’s missing. Oh it isn’t smooth going, by any stretch of the imagination. The storm named Channy tosses his world into utter chaos. Before long though, Teague learns it’s better to fight beside Channy than against her.

Together they thrive in a way they never could have alone.

If you’d like to learn more about Teague and Channy click on the links below.

Totally Bound



If you’d like to check out more sunset pictures, go to my Facebook page. I post a few once a week or so.

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