So hard to believe!

The past eight months have been rough. We’ve lost four people we held dear. Not all at once. No, not a single tragedy. Each one lost their battle with a medical issue.

I’ve found my concentration drifting. I haven’t been able to write much and what I did write I wasn’t happy with. It’s been a struggle. My husband was upset. He didn’t know how to ‘fix it’. If you know a dominant man, you understand how frustrating that is to them. He takes my happiness very seriously.

No one can heal grief no matter how hard they try, but he did something better. He created posters of each of my book covers and hung them on the wall in my office. He went through my press promotions and gathered all the articles I’ve written for various magazines and hung those on a different wall.

When you walk into the room you’re surrounded by my work. He thought it would be inspiring. And it is. Not because my publishers like my work, but because HE does. By going to all that trouble, I see how proud he is (whether it’s warranted or not) and I’m humbled.


You may notice the bottom right is blank. It’s my work in progress, Against the Grain. I will finish it.

Don’t worry babe, it won’t be empty for long. I’ve got this. With your support, I can do anything.

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