Update on What Does Love Look Like

In my blog post titled What Does Love Look Like To You?  https://toricarson.com/2016/03/22/what-does-love-look-like-to-you/ I detailed how my husband decided to completely remodel the boat of his dreams into a boat more to my liking.Mere words can’t describe how large of a project this was. I’m still in awe that he would do something this massive simply to make me happier.

Here are a few pictures to illustrate the project.FB_IMG_1459176625656

This is what the boat looked like after he’d restored it. As you can see the back seat area is very small. There’s no real cuddle room. When I admitted that I missed our previous boat’s lounge space, his first response was, “let’s sell it.” I really didn’t want him to do that. He’d been looking for a boat like this for years. I asked him to please reconsider. After a few days of soul searching, he decided to remodel it instead. The first step was to rip out the freshly reupholstered interior and take a saw to the aft deck.


Pretty scary right? Nah, he’s amazing!

20160226_111546Not only did he redesign the cap, reapply the fiberglass and gelcoat, but the addition made it necessary to reupholster the interior. Because no project ever goes smoothly, we hit a roadblock. One of the fabrics used during the first restoration was no longer available. This made it necessary to completely redo everything including the dash, front seats, and gunwales.


The new interior colors necessitated new pin striping as well.

20160514_085648_001The project took on a life of its own, but it’s nearly completed. Only the grab rails need to be reattached. You’re seeing months of work captured in just a few snapshots.

When fellow boaters see us at the dock, they will probably only notice a well cared for older boat. They’ll never know all the hours and hours and outpouring of love that went into this project. They’ll never know this beautiful boat is really a physical symbol of one man’s intense love for his wife. A symbol that my guy didn’t just say “I love you, angel,” he proved it.

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