Another Five Star Review :)

From the very first page, this story had me hooked. Tori develops an intricate and believable world of suspense, one which weaves together a drug cartel, secret agents, a teacher, and a serial killer, all while keeping a romance in the forefront. The main characters are well-developed and personal, human beings with flaws like you and I, and I grow to care so much about them.


Chantel is a teacher, a sweet and funny woman, but she is no push-over. She can take care of herself. She is a warrior, one who is ready for love. She wants so badly to give of herself, but she’s also cautious. She knows a bit about the darkness in the world.

Teague is a protector, a man with a huge heart, one which places the well being of others before himself. He’s a bit lost – he can’t trust anyone and has been burned before. Constantly on the run and sleeping with one eye open makes for a life of little connection or personal fulfillment. He yearns for more.

When the two meet, two worlds seemingly collide. They are inexplicably drawn to one another. After a hot, romantic weekend together, both are forever changed. He finds himself wanting things he’s been afraid to want and her eyes are opened to love in new ways. Her deepest desires are awakened, which leaves her questioning her ideals and belief system at its core. The sex scenes are deeply intimate and steamy and help give so much insight into the both characters.

Amidst kidnappings by a serial killer and a drug cartel, the two remain drawn to one another, only deepening their connection. The plot takes unexpected twists and turns which kept me on the edge of my seat, all the while pulling for Chantel and Teague to find the love they so desperately deserve.

This was an amazing read and I can’t wait for book two in the series! I highly recommend it.

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