Instant replay

If you’ve been following the saga of my matchmaking attempts, you know that the first meet fell short of the fourth of July style fireworks I’d hoped for.

After listening to the Monday morning quarterback versions from each friend, I have to admit I may have jumped to the wrong conclusions. It seems all is not lost. There was some attraction going on from both sides. I can see why instant replay was invented for sports events. I obviously had my head turned away from the action a time or two and missed the play entirely.


Since I haven’t been on a date in 35 years, I’m convinced I’m not qualified to referee the dating game.It’s so much easier in a book where you can get into the head of one or more characters and know what’s really going on. Better still, if you’re the author and you have a modicum of control.

There’s no date for the second scrimmage. If and when it occurs, I’ll give you my game summary–flawed as it may be 🙂

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