Round One…

A couple of weeks ago, I opened my big mouth and found myself in a matchmaker role. I’m not an outgoing, social person and this was far outside my comfort zone.So,  I enlisted my husband’s help. I asked him to speak with a friend of his and find out if he would be willing to meet a co-worker of mine. The catch is, she interested in exploring a D/s relationship.

Because he loves me and spoils me rotten, he set his reluctance aside and approached his friend. He’d never discussed our lifestyle with this gentleman and it was a lot for the guy to take in. He said he’d have to think about it. A few days later, he admitted he knew very little about the lifestyle, but he was willing to meet her and see where it went from there.

Today was the meeting. Everything went wrong. A storm blew in making our rural area almost impassible. My husband had an emergency at work and had to drive half way across the state leaving me to facilitate the lunch alone. The restaurant was a poor choice. No one was pleased with the menu, but it was quiet and we were able to talk in a pleasant setting.

There were a few awkward moments. Music and travel are important to both of them, unfortunately they didn’t agree on either.One likes to travel by car, one likes to fly. One likes jazz and one prefers rock and roll. About the only thing they both agreed on was dogs were better than cats…but neither have animals of any sort.

I can honestly say, fireworks didn’t go off for either of them. My husband’s friend sounded like he was willing to meet again, but I haven’t heard one way or another from my friend.

I think next time, I’ll just keep my mouth shut and leave the dating game to those more qualified.


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