Movie Night!

movie night

Okay, I’ll confess, I’m not a movie person. In the last five years, I’ve probably sat through less than a handful of movies. It just isn’t my thing. My mind will wander and I’ll start thinking of all the things I still need to do that day. The dusting, laundry, dishes, whatever, will start whispering to me, demanding I finish them.

My Love is pretty patient with me, but he’d appreciate it if I’d chill out and enjoy a movie with him from time to time. He decided The Secretary would be a good flick to watch together. He’d read several reviews, all good, making it sound like a better choice than FSOG. I have no idea who wrote the reviews, but they live on a different planet than we do. The first opening scenes with the heroine were tough to get through, but it was the hero’s (and I use that term very loosely) behavior that set my teeth on edge.

I don’t want to get into the specifics of the story. Suffice to say, I’m NOT recommending it. After the first ten minutes, I was pissed I’d wasted the three dollars to rent it and thrilled I hadn’t spent the 12 bucks to own it.

During this show, my husband paused the movie every time I got up. I really wish he hadn’t. This time it wasn’t my mind refusing to settle down. Nope, it was definitely focused on the movie. I was just so angry at storyline I couldn’t sit there and watch it. I needed a diversion to keep for shouting out at the screen. As it was, a few snarky comments may have escaped in a moment of weakness. J

So the search continues for both a D/s movie that accurately portrays the lifestyle and for a flick, of any genre, that I can sit through from start to finish without wanting I could fast forward through eighty-five percent of it.

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