Editor’s Choice

Woo Hoo! Against the Rules was chosen as Editor’s Choice at Totally Bound publishing. As the first book in the Bound for Justice series hits the market, I couldn’t be more pleased.

This one is a bit longer than my other books at slightly over 300 pages. It’s darker too. I doubt anyone will consider it a ‘sweet read’ as some of my other stories have been labeled. In some ways, I’ll be honest, it’s disturbing. The antagonist has a way of popping into your head when you least expect it.

This week only, it’s on sale for $3.99. After the 14th it will be back at $6.50m so if you’re into criminal suspense and romance check it out soon.

Bound for Justice series

The NBIA, National Border Interdiction Agency, is a black budget organization charged with keeping the country and its citizens safe. The agents take their jobs very seriously. As the nation’s guardians, they are dedicated to protecting those unable to defend themselves both within and outside our borders. These agents have been specifically selected and well-trained. Dominant men and women who are passionate and have a strength of will beyond the ordinary. Whether pursuing a terrorist or the love of their life, they will stop at nothing until they have subdued and secured their objective. These natural leaders faithfully serve both their country and their loved ones. Through honor and integrity these warriors earn the nation’s respect each and every day.



Totally Bound

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